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State/Province: Antwerp
Practitioner Type: Chiropractor ID: 2389
Name: Ben Corthier
Status of UpC technique Certification: Up to Date 15 Aug 2014
Please check with technique owner for current status
Practice: Ben Corthier Upper Cervical Specific
Address: Sint-Antoniuslei 51
Antwerp, BELGIUM  2930
Tel: +32 3 283 72 50 Fax:
Mob: Other Tel:
Email: bencorthier@hotmail.com
Upper cervical approach/technique used: HIO Toggle Recoil
Instruments: Neurocalorimeter (NCM)
Takes precision upper cervical x-rays: No
Additional Comments: In Belgium we are not allowed to take x-rays by law, even though chiropractors are worldwide fully qualified with a Doctor of Chiropractic qualification to do so. Therefore, we combine history taking, observation, palpation, leg length analysis, muscle strength tests, muscle tonicity, neurocalorimeter measurement, blood pressure measurement, heart rate measurement, dynamometer grip strength, weight distribution, pelvic measurement, as well as the technique I personally developed 'Primary Subluxation Localisation Technique' to locate the primary subluxation and to evaluate full body functioning pre- and post the adjustment.
Practitioner Type: Upper Cervical Chiropractor ID: 2776
Name: Mr Geoffroy Van Innis
Status of UpC technique Certification: Up to Date 1 Apr 2022
Please check with technique owner for current status
Practice: Chiropractor Van Innis BV
Address: Eedstraat 7
Antwerp, BELGIUM  9750
Tel: 0487562470 Fax:
Mob: Other Tel:
Website: www.vaninnis.com
Email: chiropractor.vaninnis@gmail.com
Upper cervical approach/technique used: Blair Upper Cervical
Takes precision upper cervical x-rays: Pre Upper Cervical Only
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