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Category: Newspaper Reports
Date 10-mar-2003
Article Title Cardiac function, SIDS, and the upper cervical spine
Author Christopher Kent, D.C., FCCI
Main Condition/ Disease  SIDS
Source The Chiropractic Journal – January 2003, Page 31 “Research on Purpose”
Summary In this article Dr. Kent refers to some evidence provided by Koch et al [1] in relation to cardiac function in infants being affected by suboccipital strain, with radiographs showing abnormalities in the occipito-atlantal articulation region. The children also showed “deficits in neuromuscular steering as well as asymmetry”. About 40% of the 695 children in the study showed a decrease in heart rate following chiropractic therapy utilising a gentle thrust to the suboccipital area. The chiropractic adjustment proved to be a successful technique for use in treatment of cerebral motor disturbances. It is reported that 20,000 children have been treated without serious complications. Koch et al suggest doing further research to determine the relationship between asymmetry in the atlantooccipital region and SIDS. Kent also describes a paper by Schneier et al [2], which concludes “Relative measurements suggested that a correlation existed between instability in the atlanto-occipital articulation and sudden infant death syndrome.” For further information and research on the occipito-atlantal joint and its possible relationship to SIDS I refer you to a book by Wehrenberg et al [3] which I have reviewed on my website in the Book Review section of the Research tab.
References 1. Koch LE, Koch H, Graumann-Brunt S et al: “Heart rate changes in response to mild mechanical irritation of the high cervical spinal cord region in infants.” Forensic Science International 2002;128:1682. Schneier M, Burns RE: “Atlanto-occipital hypermobility in sudden infant death syndrome.”3. Wehrenberg C, D.C., Mulhall-Wehrenberg T, D.C., “The Best – Kept Secret to Raising a Healthy Child …and the Possible Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)”, Specific Chiropractic, New York. 2000
Keywords SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, occipito-atlantal, chiropractic, cardiac function

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