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Category: Newspaper Reports
Date 7-jan-2003
Article Title Chiropractor helps Liz get her hearing back
Author Kerrie O'Connor
Main Condition/ Disease  Hearing Disorders - Menieres Disease
Source Illawarra Mercury, Page 5, Tuesday January 7th 2003- Australia
Summary This is another case resulting from the work of Robert Cowin an upper cervical chiropractor in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. See the other newspaper article this section 'Hearing’s not such a pain in the neck now'.
This is the story of Liz Drummond who regained hearing in her right ear after chiropractic sessions with Dr. Cowin. Ms. Drummond suffered from Meniere's syndrome which includes hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus for years following a car accident. She could correlate the incidents of Meniere's attacks with bouts of neck pain. Dr. Cowin monitored her condition and treated her over a period of 7 years. According to the article Ms. Drummond says that "her hearing and quality of life have dramatically improved, and symptoms have abated". In the article she goes on to say that "she has not been cured but believes the disease's progression has been substantially halted". Further according to the article, in Cowin's study it was shown that "severe and mild episodes of ear and neck symptoms repeatedly and rapdily abated after neck adjustments." This case was documented in the study by Cowin and Bryner[1]. See a summary of the study at this site at
References 1. Cowin R, Bryner P (2002) Hearing Loss, Otalgia and Neck Pain: A Case Report on Long-Term Chiropractic Care that Helped to Improve Quality of Life, Chiro J Aust, 32(4):119-130 (Appendix D)
Keywords Menieres disease; tinnitus; vertigo; upper cervical; atlas

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