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Details  (ID=167)
Date: Sunday, 8 July 2007
Name:  Tracey Howard
Date: 8-jul-2007
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Vomiting - chronic
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  This story is about my son Xavier. He is now 15 months old. When we had our first visit to the Upper Cervical Chiropractor he was 8 months old. Going to the Upper Cervical Chiropractor did not just improve our babyís health, it saved his life. This is Xavierís story.

Xavier was born by caesarean section in April 2006, a very healthy, beautiful baby boy. While we were in hospital he vomited a lot and I was told that it was normal for caesarean babies to do this in the first few days after their birth. We accepted this and just got on with enjoying our baby. Unfortunately the vomiting did not stop after the first few days. Xavier's vomiting continued, 15-20 times every day (no, I am not exaggerating Ė we actually kept a record). Everything else seemed to be fine - he slept well, he had no problems feeding, he achieved all developmental milestones within normal limits. However, I was still concerned about his vomiting as it seemed pretty excessive to me. I told the paediatrician, the GP, and the child health nurse on several occasions. Each time I was asked, "Does it seem to bother him, does he experience any pain with the vomiting?" When I replied that he didn't seem to have any pain, that he just vomited without any obvious distress, the standard response was, "he is just a 'happy chucker' so don't worry about it". So, I went along with it, thinking that the vomiting wasnít a problem as he was generally a happy child. In hindsight I feel like a complete idiot. After all, what part of vomiting is normal? It was surely a sign that something was wrong but I was reassured by several health professionals that he was fine so we just continued as we were. I guess I just kept hoping that it would stop soon so I buried my head in the sand a little bit (the guilt will stay with me always).

In spite of all the vomiting Xavier continued to grow and develop within the normal limits for the first six months. He was such a good feeder, but all along my poor little boy must have been so very hungry. With an appetite like his he shouldíve been a big, chubby baby but he was very lean. At about six months old Xavier became a lot more active as he started to crawl and pull himself up on furniture. It was then that we really started to notice a deterioration in his physical condition. His weight gain slowed down to the point that he was no longer registering on the weight charts. Over the period of about a month he started to look very poorly, with loose skin hanging off his body and his ribs showing. I then took him to the GP who referred me back to the paediatrician. Now, they were concerned about the vomiting. My husband and I worried and prayed about him constantly, but we tried to remain positive that a resolution would be found. The paediatrician thought that there may have been something wrong with Xavier's digestive tract so he was referred for a Barium Swallow. We waited two weeks for the procedure and it was one of the most horrendous experiences of my life. To assess what is happening in the digestive tract the Barium must be swallowed while the person is under the x-ray machine. Well, this would have been simple if we could've just told Xavier to lie down and have a drink, however, being 8 months old at the time, he really wasn't that cooperative. So, there we were, Xavier lying on the x-ray table, one nurse holding his legs down, me holding his arms down, one nurse force-feeding the Barium to him, and the Doctor working the x-ray machine. Xavier screamed and screamed and when he wasn't screaming he was choking and spluttering. My tiny little boy lying there, fighting for all he was worth. It broke my heart.

Fortunately the Doctor was able to ascertain immediately that there were no abnormalities in his digestive system. I took my little boy home from the hospital feeling grateful that the tests had not found any abnormalities, but also feeling quite lost about what we would do next.

To this day I don't really know what made me think of it but I suddenly decided that I was going to take Xavier to a Chiropractor. I guess there must have been something in the back of my mind because a few months prior I had received some mail from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor who was establishing a practice in my area. I had kept the fridge magnet which had been sent so I called New Era Chiropractic. Well, that had to be the best decision of my life (and Xavierís). Fortunately when I called New Era Chiropractic, Dr John Brubaker answered the phone. I spoke with him about what was happening with Xavier and he was certain that Upper Cervical Chiropractic would be able to assist. We booked an appointment for that afternoon.

When I met Dr John I immediately knew that he was someone we could trust. He was calm, confident, knowledgeable, and most of all, he really cared. He examined Xavierís neck, focussing on the Atlas (the vertebra at the very top of the spine). When he gently put pressure on the area Xavier flinched. It became obvious that Xavier was experiencing pain. Dr John adjusted Xavierís neck with his adjusting tool (I donít even know if it has a particular name). He then again gently felt Xavier neck, applying pressure and this time Xavier didnít react at all. I couldnít believe my eyes. He had obviously been experiencing pain before the adjustment and the pain had now gone.

I noticed a difference in Xavier within hours of his first adjustment Ė he burped! It was only when he burped that I realised he had never burped in the entire 8 months prior to our visit to Dr John. A very natural part of life, particularly for babies, and I hadnít even realised it. That weekend was the best we had had in a long time. Xavier seemed a little more settled and the vomiting even seemed a little more manageable (I think I was just feeling so hopeful that things were about to improve). Following another adjustment a few days later Xavier seemed even more at ease. Over the next few weeks we returned to Dr John weekly and Xavier did not need any further adjustments in that time Ė thankfully the adjustment was holding and our beautiful little boy was starting to feel a lot better. We had been recording Xavierís vomits for quite some time and we continued to do so. The first week after the initial adjustment things stayed pretty much the same (Dr John had warned us that he may even get worse for a time as his body adjusted to the new messages that were now able to get through his nervous system). The vomiting then decreased over the next couple of weeks until finally on 24 December Xavier had the first day in his life that he did not vomit at all. What a great Christmas present.

Xavier is now putting on weight and is happy and healthy. He occasionally has to return to see Dr John for an adjustment and together we will ensure that he has one of the best kept spines around!! Whether he likes it or not, Dr John has become an honorary member of our family. We thank God every day for guiding us to him. I canít even think what may have happened to Xavier had we not found Dr John. I am sad to say that it was sheer desperation that brought us to Dr Johnís door. I hope that for anyone reading this story a visit to the Upper Cervical Chiropractor becomes your first step and not your last resort. Iím sure it will be worth it.

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Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr John Brubaker
Practice:  New Era Chiropractic
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  70-72 Loudon Street
Suburb/City:  Sandgate
State/Province:  QLD
Postcode/Zip:  4017
Telephone:  07 3869-4930
Fax:  07 3269-0954
Email:  john@newerachiropractic.com.au
Web Site:  www.newerachiropractic.com.au
Chiropractic Technique:  Atlas Orthogonality
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