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Anecdotal Evidence:
based on personal observation, case study reports, or random investigations rather than systematic scientific evaluation.

Following is a list of anecdotal feedback from both patients who have experienced Upper Cervical Care and doctors who have delivered Upper Cervical Care. Whilst I appreciate that these accounts have not been verified scientifically, there are just too many of these events for them to be ignored. Even though anecdotes and testimonials are not regarded as scientific they can be used as a pointer for more rigorous scientific studies.

I have always argued that in the face of overwhelming anecdotal evidence that these events should be investigated further scientifically. It's amazing to me how some so called 'experts' argue that such evidence should be ignored and considered as being irrelevant. Then I watch a medical doctor on a morning news show argue that because they had 5 people respond positively to a new Parkinsons drug therapy, and even though this is anecdotal evidence, it just means that they have to look at it and study it further. My point exactly! He's got 5 anecdotal cases and upper cervical doctors have literally thousands. Don't discount anecdotal evidence because it competes with what you have learnt over many decades. Use such evidence, to support further scientific investigation into the phenomenon at hand.

Billions of dollars has been poured into research in the pharmaceutical industry but not many cures for anything have been discovered. "Medical treatments often lengthen the duration of the expression of a chronic disease without necessarily altering the eventual outcome"[1]. Time to look outside the box and investigate other potential cures rather than putting all of our eggs and money! into one basket. It just makes sense.

Upper Cervical 'specific' chiropractic care, as opposed to general chiropractic, is one of those approaches which deserve the directing of research funds from governments and other organizations into scientific evidence to validate the 'Power of Upper Cervical' care http://www.thepowerofuppercervical.com/.

The following is from a patient of Dr Drew Hall, Blair upper cervical doctor extraordinaire in Los Angeles http://www.upperneck.com/. It describes her frustration with the current medical system.

"Should I have had Upper Cervical care after my injury on 7-3-1984, perhaps I could have been spared years of physical pain, head concussion and trauma symptoms, upper & lower back disabilities, loss of mobility, loss of dexterity, loss of self-esteem, years of muscle spasms and pain throughout my body, and the loss of a career as a successful Systems Analyst/Programmer Analyst and Master-degree musician.

The last 24 years of trying to survive the corrupted Work Comp System resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent for drugs, two lumbar surgeries (including an unsuccessful lumbar laminectomy and later a lumbar interbody fusion), and multiple costly required Work Comp disability evaluations (some at $2500 per "legal report" visit cost to the Work Comp "For Profit" "Industry") and many, many consultations with Work Comp MD's, DC's, QME's, AME's, Neurologists, Orthopedists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Physical Therapists, Physiatrists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Alternative Medicine Specialists (including Homeopathic, Oriental and Chinese Practitioners), Lawyers, Mandatory Conference Hearings, Settlement Hearings, two adjudicated Trials where I was awarded lifetime future medical and a 100% PD Pension (which was rescinded because of legal technicality by the corrupted 2003 Workers Compensation Defense-Stacked Appeals Board), Social Security Disability Evaluations (which provided my only permanent disability pension), Memory Loss and other usual Head Trauma symptoms including light sensitivity, 9 years of wrong physical therapy modalities (Orthopedic-surgeons' prescribed Physical Therapy, Posture Therapy, and Pool Therapy for the Disabled), unsuccessful and excruciatingly pain Acupuncture sessions, Tens machines, Vertical Body Traction, Neck Traction, Back braces, Neck Collars, guided exercise programs the inability to speak, the eventual diagnoses of Fibromyalgia, Candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis caused by trauma, myofascitis, myalgia, neuralgia, neuritis, compulsive obsessive disorder, brain stem compression, obesity, diabetes, depression, head concussion, prescribed appliances such as Canes, Crutches, Wheelchair, all culminating in the eventual complete loss of my court awarded life-time Workers Compensation Pension due to my inability to handle my situation after my first attorney retired, and my second attorney died!

Upper Cervical specialists do not make ordinary random bone manipulations. They are highly specialized, precision-oriented, skilled professionals. They have an enlightened understanding of the vertebral spine, and the Blair Advanced x-ray technique is far superior to any ordinary films offered in other media (including x-rays, CT-scans, and MRI's) traditionally used by other reputable medical professionals. Upper Cervical Specialists are capable of removing neurological interference to the spinal cord (which can occur to any of its trillions of nerves should a subluxation occur) based on precision films and computerized thermographic testing techniques.

Of course, in my case, the normal MRI's showed ruptured discs, and all the Myelograms, and EMGs, and traditional medical tests were all positive. The 2mm to 4mm "protruding" C5/6, C3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, L3/4, and T7/8 discs all show up on the MRIs, but not one ordinary specialized standardized medical film nor practitioner could show the CAUSE for the protruding discs: The C1/C2 Subluxation Vertebral Complex, caused by my fall on stairs and the blow to my head when it and my body were twisted, only showed up on the specialized Blair Upper Cervical Films, finally TAKEN 8 years after my initial injury showed that Specific C1/C2 Subluxation, and only the Blair Upper Cervical Specialist has been able to correct that subluxation.

All funding resources, including Medicare, Insurance, & Work Comp should be available to support Upper Cervical Care. It is, after all, far superior to drugs, surgeries, and spinal manipulations. It is saving lives, where no other medical procedures can successfully tread. It is time to START with Upper Cervical Diagnosis, Films, & Treatment instead of it being funded as the Treatment of "Last Resort." Now THAT idea could manifest a truly healthy society and enlightened civilization". S. Carol Rosso

You’ve got to love this wonderful piece from Rafael Campo; “Anecdotal Evidence: Why Narratives Matter to Medical Practice” ….


“Our patients' stories too, if only we could listen to them less critically and cynically, might similarly inspire us to the more practically important discoveries of what truly ails them.”

“Whether we choose to admit it or not, the anecdote continues to be an important engine of novel ideas in medicine.”…. Rafael Campo

Enjoy reading the A-NECK-DOTES following .....

An Upper Cervical doctor had a 9-year-old child who'd been diagnosed with "occipital epilepsy" brought in by her parents. She'd lost consciousness two times and her left eye blinked involuntarily 3-4 times a minute. Following dissatisfaction with medical suggestions her parents chose upper cervical care. The blinking diminished after the first atlas adjustment and after 6 weeks the symptoms are GONE!

A 29-year-old woman who had excruciating teeth and jaw pain, ear pressure, cervicalgia, and crushing headaches was referred by a TMJ specialist who told her that she needed “Upper Cervical Care, prior to undergoing his treatment.” There was facial numbness and at the beginning of this year following some dental work, the teeth have had a constant feeling of a “spoon hitting her teeth!” After her first atlas correction, the pain has dramatically abated.

A 27-year-old woman had chronic neck pain and headaches. Her most significant symptom happens to be severe depression. Following a correction to an atlas subluxation, not only have the neck pain and headaches resolved, but also, she is totally off her antidepressants and thrilled to have her life back!

A 50-year-old male had neck and low back pain. He was on 3 antidepressant drugs and has had daily suicidal thoughts for almost 15 years! A huge subluxation was found on x-ray. Since the first atlas correction, the suicidal tendencies are GONE and he is now down to one antidepressant. His glassy eyes are now clear and he is communicating with people for the first time in ages.

An anchor for a national television network had been on disability for 6 months as a result of a whiplash-induced pain, loss of feeling, and a 40% loss of function on her left side. The patient described a sensation of a HOT WATER FEELING down her spine following the atlas correction. The patient now has all feeling and function back. Now the parents want their child to be a trained as an upper cervical doctor!

A young mother brought in her 2 year old son who has been hyperactive and chronically constipated. After care his hyperactivity and constipation resolved! It is very common to find bowel disturbances, insomnia, mood swings, in young children when their atlas vertebra subluxates.

A 73-Year-old male with chronic asthma since World War II and left ear hearing deficit was adjusted and 10 minutes after the adjustment, he could hear foot steps in the hallway. His hearing has since been restored.

A 66-year-old female with chronic sciatica and low back pain following a fall in which she slipped and fell on the left side of her face. The pain has been present for 3 years; lower back manipulations and physical therapy only caused short-term reduction in pain. She also experienced severe mental fog and was unable to concentrate long enough to hold a job. After receiving one upper cervical adjustment she had a 40% reduction in sciatic pain and had immediate mental clarity.

A 32-year-old construction worker awoke with neck pain and could not completely rotate his head. The pain spread to his upper back and caused him to have breathing problems. His face was also pale. Immediately after his adjustment the color in his face returned to normal and within 15 minutes his upper back pain was 70% better. He returned 5 days later and had no pain at all.

A 25-year-old patient was in a cheerleading accident at age 17 in which she fell from a pyramid landing on her head. A host of symptoms have evolved since, including stomach problems that prohibit her from sleeping on her back, chronic fatigue, left knee pain, and insomnia. She was adjusted in the atlas area and all of the above-mentioned symptoms have abated.

A 52-year-old female presented with low back pain, bilateral hip pain, and blood pressure-measuring 160/105 (High). She had a ¾” functional short right leg. After an upper cervical adjustment her muscle tone immediately relaxed, lower back and hip pain resolved and blood pressure dropped to normal. [See Journal of Hypertension Study and results using Upper Cervical chiropractic care].

A patient had a fracture in her neck, which left her paralyzed from the neck down with no feeling. Following an upper cervical correction she now has feeling all over her body for the first time since her injury! The feeling has been working its way down from her hips to her thighs to the knees.

A patient stated that he could not sit or stand in one position for longer than fifteen seconds. He has intense lower back and left hip pain with numbness and excruciating pain down the posterior left leg to the foot. His left calf was also swollen and had muscle weakness. He has been on disability for several months. Strong pain medications were of no value and physical therapy intensified the pain. After an adjustment he could immediately stand for 3 minutes without pain. After 3 weeks of care he was back to work pain free.

A Vietnam veteran in his late 50's suffered for 30 years from panic attacks (which did not allow him to sleep for more than an hour at a time), low back pain, deafness in an ear (from a mortar explosion near his head), extremely high blood pressure (200/100), and had not driven for 19 years. After an adjustment his back pain had gone away and the next day he drove into the upper cervical doctor office. The patient said, “If I only have one day of feeling this great, it was all worth it!”

A Patient after a horrific car accident had grand mal seizures averaging about 8 - 12 per day varying from 30 seconds to one hour. After seeing nine neurologists the patient was told that nothing could be done for her, not even medications could alleviate her symptoms. After her first upper cervical adjustment she did not have a seizure for 4 months!

A patient presented with Trigeminal Neuralgia, excruciating face pain that hurts so bad that the patient could not speak or use any facial muscles. The patient was ready to a surgery performed that would cut the nerve in her face that has a high chance of losing all facial function and cause numbness. After four treatments she was out of pain and laughing.

A scoliosis patient had an “S” curve in her spine, which measured 42 degrees at both angles, which required immediate surgery. A day before the surgery she received an upper cervical adjustment and then had pre-surgical x-rays taken by her surgeon. The x-rays revealed a decrease in the curves and it was considered that she did not need the surgery.

A patient had cosmetic Botox injections that immediately caused her to have shooting pains down both of her arms then progressed to her legs leading to tingling, cramping, and curling of her hands. She also had a fogginess feeling in her head and daily right nostril bleeds. Two neurologists performed tests which were all negative for any findings. After she received her first adjustment most of the symptoms resolved and only return when she is out of alignment. Now after 3 months of treatments her symptoms have completely resolved.

A one year old baby had torticollis, a tightening of the neck muscles which causes tilting of the head to one side. Pediatricians said that she would outgrow it. One year later the child still had her head at a 45-degree angle. Two days after her first upper cervical adjustment her head is now straight.

An air force pilot reported that instruments in the cockpit started to become fuzzy on landing. On his next flight he started to have double vision. He reported this information to his Neuro-opthalmologist and was diagnosed with an incurable disease. He sought out upper cervical care and had his double vision resolved after 7 months of treatment.

A patient was a drug addict and had taken LSD 10 years ago and had been fuzzy headed and confused ever since he had taken the drug. After the first week of being adjusted the patient's head was cleared and he feels as wonderful as he did prior to the drug incident.

A patient had knee pain for 20 years and had been seeing multiple medical professionals and other chiropractic doctors. One day after her upper cervical chiropractic adjustment her knee pain was gone!

An 11-year-old patient had a large curve in her spine, migraines, rigid neck muscles, poor coordination, and after doing an orthopedic test she had a violent spasm and fell to the floor. Two days after her first upper cervical adjustment she was able to stand on her own and could easily perform the orthopedic test without any problems.

A 2-year-old patient, who never crawled, had not slept for more then 2 hours a night since birth rarely eats, could not talk, irritable and cries all the time. After two upper cervical adjustments the child now sleeps 8 hours every night, is calm, happy, has pleasant demeanor, speaking, and eating.

A patient who has had near fatal allergic reactions to latex (similar to patients who are allergic to peanuts who need immediate medical care) presented with complaints of migraines, low back pain, and neck pain. Following Upper Cervical care her symptoms cleared up quickly. Recently after attending a trade show she accidentally fell on a latex display. She only developed a slight rash on her cheek that quickly went away.

A 22-month-old child was unable to use his right arm since birth and had been under professional care for delayed speech development in which the child was 8 months behind in development. After his first upper cervical adjustment the parents noticed on their car ride home that the child elevated both arms and started to clap. He was tested for speech development and is now 2 months ahead of other children in development.

A 13-year-old patient was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and depression. She also had constant vocal and eye tics since she was 3 years old. After 3 adjustments the vocal tics are gone and the eye tics have greatly diminished and she is delightful to be around.

A patient who has mood swings and aggressive tendencies started to receive upper cervical care. After a few adjustments the patient was able to control his anger. Whenever he is out of alignment the mood swings return but quickly resolve after an adjustment.

A 2 ½ year old child's head was tilted to one side, had a lazy eye, 15 pounds under weight, lethargic, constipated, and was scheduled for surgery to get his head back on straight. Two days after an upper cervical adjustment the child's head was straight, lazy eye cleared, stools loose, and had a voracious appetite.

A patient had hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, right foot pain, daily headaches, low back pain, allergies, and her nose was clogged. After three adjustments all of her symptoms were gone and her hearing was back to normal.

A 17 year old patient had polycystic ovaries and she was told by the gynacologist that she will never have a menstrual cycle on her own without medications and she'd be unable to have children. After being under upper cervical care for 9 months she had two menstrual cycles without the aid of medications.

An 82-year-old patient was on Prozac, Effexor, and experimental Alzheimer drugs. Two days after the first upper cervical adjustment the patient reported that she feels like she is 20 years old again and is clear headed for the first time in decades.

A patient fractured her spine in a whiplash incident and is paralyzed with no function below her chest. There is no feeling below her chest and she has no bowel or bladder control. After her first adjustment her hearing came back, she slept better, and started to get a little feeling back in her buttock area. One year after her treatments she can move her hips and has bowel and bladder function.

A patient presented with irritable bowel syndrome, 5 episodes a day. He also had shoulder pain, chest pains, and panic attacks in crowds and totally disorganized. After his first adjustment he only has one bowel movement a day, shoulder and chest pain are gone and he states that “his mind is 10 times clearer then it has been in years.”

A patient had intense sciatic pain down her right leg to her big toe. She was diagnosed with degeneration of one of her low back vertebra. She was recommended strong drugs and surgery. Immediately after her adjustment she had minimal back pain and her leg pain was gone.

A patient diagnosed with multiple sclerosis had been seen by multiple doctors. One of her symptoms with chronic constipation. 45 Seconds after her first atlas adjustment she ran down to the restroom!

A patient developed Parkinson's like symptoms such as tremors with facial twitches one hour after taking a prescribed medication. When the patient was told to discontinue the prescription, the symptoms worsened. After being under upper cervical care for one month her symptoms have decreased by 50% and are progressively getting better.

A patient had broken his leg in an elevator that had fallen a few stories. Six weeks later he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and lost his ability to move or feel his arms and legs. After being wheel chair bound for 8 years the patient went under upper cervical care. After a precise atlas adjustment the patient is getting feeling back in his legs and can lift his left arm over his head!

A patient was in three rear end car accidents in one year in which the last one left her neck in full extension were she could not bend her head down enough to see the floor. She would have periodical violent neck spasms. Just a few weeks into her upper cervical care she was able to bow her head and the violent spasms completely stopped!

A former professional bike racer broke his femur and tibia (leg bones) when he was 14 years old. Doctors told him that his legs would be 7/8ths of an inch short for the rest of his life and that he would have to wear heel lifts in all of his shoes. After 13 treatments under upper cervical care he does not need the heel lifts anymore!

A patient had daily heart atria fibrillations and could not turn his neck more than 15 degrees from side to side. After a few upper cervical adjustments the patient can now fully turn his head and for the first time in years his atria fibrillations are gone!

A patient immediately following knee surgery suffered two strokes and Bell's palsy (facial drooping). The stroke was thought to be due to using too much anesthetic. After his first upper cervical adjustment he regained much of his hearing and started to have sensations on his face!

A patient had been in a car accident where her car was hit by a big truck knocking her and her two children unconscious. She suffered brain damage a short-term memory loss. After her upper cervical adjustment she is now doing better!

A 13 year old patient was very healthy until he was vaccinated after which he developed measles and then encephalitis. Shortly after the vaccination his health deteriorated rapidly and now is totally incoherent and basically in a coma. His parents had to carry him everywhere. Immediately after his first upper cervical adjustment his pale lifeless face started to turn beet red! He is progressively getting better!

A patient was scheduled for back surgery in five weeks. He had been on disability for months and would sit in his lazy boy recliner all day long. He suffered from insomnia, constant headaches, and lethargy. Just a few weeks into his upper cervical care his back pain is 80% better and he cancelled his scheduled surgery!

A patient was bucked off his horse and struck his head on a rock and then the horse kicked him on the back of his head with its hoof. The patient lost consciousness for 30 minutes, lost feeling to his left arm and had double vision when he awoke. He was also hospitalized for two months and only allowed to leave the hospital to see his upper cervical doctor. After receiving only one adjustment he gained the feeling back in his arm and is feeling much better!

A patient had severe dizziness, vertigo for 6 months with two migraines a week since she was a little girl, she is now 46! No medications could relieve any of her symptoms. 30 minutes after her first upper cervical adjustment she called her daughter and asked for her car back because she can drive again!

A patient who had shoulder problems for 6 months was scheduled for rotator cuff tear surgery. She was unable to lift her arm above her shoulder without tremendous pain. A few days after her upper cervical adjustment her shoulder pain completely resolved!

A patient brought in her 13 year old son who was pulled from his sports programs due to breathing problems. Her son was diagnosed with a heart murmur, arrhythmia, and a leaky mitral heart valve. After an upper cervical adjustment and an hour of rest her son says that he feels better and went back to their cardiologist were they couldn't find anything wrong. He played in the championship basketball game that year!

A patient presented with daily headaches that would start in the back of her head and travel to the front, rib pains, dropping things (she was a dental hygienist), and had irritable bowel syndrome, which produced extreme gas pains with no warning. She was adjusted on a Friday and by Monday her irritable bowel syndrome was 70% better!

A patient had sciatica in both of her legs with severe low back pain for a few years and no treatment could resolve it. She was not able to play golf or exercise for at least 2 years. After her first adjustment she was able to play golf with no pain!

A 19-year-old patient was chronically depressed, had very poor short-term memory, poor concentration, and three weeks earlier tried to commit suicide. After his first adjustment color came back to his face and he went from a depressed mood to a normal one and was able to look into the doctors eyes for the first time and shake his hand.

A 72-year-old patient had rheumatoid arthritis. She waddled into the office of the hard nodules in her feet as a result of the rheumatoid caused her pain. Almost immediately after her adjustment she could walk normally and was re-x-rayed by her rheumatologist and was told that the hard nodules had actually decreased in size!

A 70-year-old patient with crushing headaches and eye pain that wouldn't ease no matter what the neurologist prescribed. He rated his pain on a scale of 1-10 as being a 12! Upon re-examination after upper cervical care he rated his pain as being a 1 out of 10!

A patient had Fibromyalgia for 20 years, intense headaches and the inability to sleep for more then a couple of minutes at a time. After her atlas adjustment she was able to sleep two hours straight and her headaches are completely gone!

A patient has multiple sclerosis with paresthesia in the left leg, which he had to use a cane, migraines, urinary incontinence, low, back pain, rotator cuff pain, spasticity of in the left leg and depression. After his first adjustment he was able to stand without a cane and came back 4 days later reporting he can walk without a cane and is pain free and can hold his urine for more then 5 hours!

A patient who was told that her brain was shrinking. Her capacity to speak diminished tremendously and she leans to the left when she walks. She also could not control her bowel or bladder. The day after her first adjustment she was able to walk straight, talk clearer, could control her bowel and bladder, and sleep the entire night!

A Parkinson's patient with pill rolling hand tremors, slurred speech, vacant look, extreme head posture with the head in extreme chin to chest position. Two days after an atlas adjustment the patient waltzes into the office with her head in a normal position speaking normally and without tremors.

A patient who came in recently with neck aches and lower back pain. The doctor adjusted C1 and the patient got a little relief. Then C2 was adjusted and the man's impotence of 10 years resolved. The man's wife originally was thrilled but now is a little aggravated by her husband's attempts to "make up for lost time!"

Here is what some patients have experienced while under Upper Cervical care (1) patient is now off his Zoloft for depression and the daily headaches are gone. (2) hearing deficit with 80% hearing loss is resolving (3) Tourette tics in eyes 75% abated and LB pain gone (4) TMJ 60% better, sleep disturbances 80% better, (5) LB pain and sickly tendency resolved and patient has held adjustment 4 months (6) left shoulder pain abated and decreased stress and tension, (7) menstrual cramps now absent (8) insomnia, T-3,4 pain, LB pain resolved for 8 months following one atlas adjustment.

Finally a patient brought in his 22 month son who has had flaccid paralysis of the right arm since birth. The child was adjusted and there was an immediate diarrhea (not unusual) and on the drive home the parents heard their child clapping his hand with both arms elevated in the back seat. This was the first time he has been able to use his arm!!! A few days later while visiting their regular chiropractor (the child has been under care since birth) the child got up on the table while dad was out of the room and was manipulated. The arm malfunction returned right away (moral-stick to upper cervical). Fortunately the Upper Cervical doctor was able to restore arm function by the next visit and his arm is at 100%. The child also has been under professional care for delayed speech development (6-8 months behind) and he was tested yesterday at 2 months ahead of his age!!!

5 infertile couples come in and are checked for Upper Cervical misalignment and are adjusted. 2 of the couples are now expecting!

A patient was brought in recently who was scheduled for back surgery and was told by her physical therapist that she'd never walk again. Following some wonderful Blair upper cervical adjustments, the woman is not only walking but just ran a 26 mile marathon last Sunday with no back pain. A recent MRI compared to one performed in 2002 revealed "dramatic improvement when compared to previous study".

He had a cerebral palsy child brought in last Saturday with profuse sweating of the palms and curled up hands. She hasn't had her follow-up checkups yet but the person who referred her reported that the perspiring has stopped and hand has uncurled!

An older patient entered the office 2 years following a whiplash that had experienced severe cognitive problems and a mental fog since the injury. Following upper cervical care the patient is now 80% better, has a whole new outlook on her life, and doesn't yell at her husband anymore!

A patient who'd undergone a heart transplant only to be left with a very asymmetrical rib cage. The medics were going to open the patient back up to correct the rib irregularities but one C-1 correction seemed to allow the rib cage to fall back into juxtaposition.

22 y/o male patient brought in last week who flipped his skateboard and landed on top of his head. No immediate symptoms but a day later started getting intense abdominal cramps that were visible from the outside. The local medics couldn't find anything and they then medivac-ed him by helicopter hospital. As usual MRI, CT, blood work normal but cramping wouldn't stop. Upper cervical x-rays revealed he moved the top segment to places it's not designed to go! Two days after the upper cervical adjustment, he drove back to start work again.

One of the patients had only about 10% of her voice with a choking sensation. By the next day the voice was normal but was only 40% better a few days later. Despite a slight return of the symptoms, she was clear neurologically.

A 2 1/2 y/o child was brought in with head tilt of 30+ degrees, lazy eye, 15 pounds underweight, lethargic, and constipated. The parents were advised to have the eye operated on to fix the head tilt! The child's atlas was adjusted last Monday, brought his back on Wednesday-head was straight in the shoulder, lazy eye cleared, stools are loose, appetite voracious, and the child is running around tearing up the doctor's office. This child was saved from an "unnecessary" operation by one C-1 adjustment.

Had a patient who came in two weeks ago with bilateral hearing loss (worse on the right), dizziness, nausea, right foot pain, daily headaches, LBP, allergies, nose clogged. After three atlas adjustments, all the symptoms have cleared and she asked on the last visit "Is it normal for the hearing to come back so soon?"

A rancher came in who had been diagnosed with migraines, so severe that he would be in bed 3-4 days a week! His typical symptoms were sweating, vomiting, and severe pain. He'd been to the best osteopaths and MD's and only received minimal relief from the meds. When the neurologist suggested putting a shunt in the brain running the connection of the tube through the atlas and axis rings and to the stomach, the patient thought he might want to do something else. On the upper cervical x-rays the doctor found a severe C-1 subluxation and requested he remain off medication for three days so she could get an accurate pattern on the scan. The patient was warned that the adjustment may increase the pain temporarily and that the nerves may take quite some time to repair. She adjusted the atlas with an upper cervical correction and had the patient rest for 30 minutes. Immediately post rest, the patient was very emotional as he stated "Dr., my headache is gone".

He has an 82 year old patient come in last week with a 5mm ASL (that is huge for a Blair misalignment!) and the patient was on Prozac, Effexor, and experimental Alzheimer drugs. Two days after the first adjustment, the daughter called and said her mom through all her drugs down the toilet!!! The 82 year old says she feels like she is 20 again and is clear headed for the first time in decades. The power of an atlas adjustment is amazing.

Another patient who fractured her spine in a whiplash and is paralyzed with no function below T-4. There is not feeling, colostomy, urine bag,.... after her initial adjustment about a year ago, her hearing came back, she slept better, and started to get a little feeling back in the buttock area. Unfortunately, she had to drop out of care for 6 months due to transportation problems. She had a double AS atlas and when she returned for care, she now can do the pelvic tilt movement for the first time since the accident. Also, she now has bowel and bladder function!!!

Last week he had a patient come in with irritable bowel syndrome (5 BM's per day), shoulder pain, chest pains, panic attacks in crowds, and totally disorganized. Upon the patient's return visit following upper cervical care, one bowel movement a day, shoulder and chest pains gone, and states his mind is 10 times clearer that is had been for years. He said, "look at this" as he held up his palm pilot. My life has been so unorganized that I could get nothing accomplished and ever since my upper cervical adjustments, I'm thinking so much more clearly!

A study mentioned by Christopher Kent involving a functional MRI that shows the actual electrical firing of the brain. They had a patient wiggle his ankle and found massive firing on one side of the brain and minimal on the other. Following an upper cervical adjustment, there was only minimal brain firing. They assumed that when you are subluxated, the brain has to "inefficiently rewire new circuits" and when in adjustment the brain can use the primary circuits that were designed to wiggle the ankle. The conclusion was that upper cervical adjustments improve brain efficiency!

A four year old has been having congestion, ear infections, and colds and was brought in last Friday for an atlas adjustment. On their way home, she said "Grandma my nose is bleeding". They pulled over and filled a whole Kleenex with mucus and blood from the nostril on the side of the congestion. Her sinus and nose felt open for the first time in a month.

Last Friday, a regular patient came limping in the office with intense right sciatica down the leg to the big toe. Her MD earlier who diagnosed via x-ray her condition as having "no disc material" between L-4,5. He recommended strong drugs and asked her to set up a surgical date. She scoffed and came into my office. She had a Straight Leg Raise (SLR) of 20 degrees with pain shooting to the right foot. Immediately after the atlas adjustment, the SLR was 42 degrees. That weekend, she reported to me that the back pain was minimal and there was no leg pain all weekend!

A 76 y/o man come into the office a few years ago with severe Meniere's for 35 years! The man couldn't drive and the symptoms had become quite debilitating. After just a few months of upper cervical care, the Meniere's symptoms resolved and his last adjustment held 9 months!

A new patient who came in last week with a laundry list of problems, including tinnitus in both ears and deafness in the right ear. Upper cervical films showed a PIR C-1 and PRI C-2. On her follow-up visit, she was thrilled to report she can now hear a dial tone in her right ear for the first time in ages!

An 82 year old woman last week, who became extremely dizzy after an upper cervical adjustment to the point that she had to be helped to the rest booth and then to the car. Two days later, her entrance complaints were 80% resolved. Don't be afraid to wake up dormant tissue, just understand the concept of revitalization and convey it to your patients. Not all patients feel better right away.

A patient who had a brain aneurism 10 years ago and for 10 years her left eye wouldn't track and was stuck looking to the left. The surgeons talked about surgically cutting the muscle to straighten out the eye, due to the comment that the MD's made, that it would never be normal and she couldn't see well out of it anyway. Well, 6 months and about 6 upper cervical adjustments (ASR) later, the eye is tracking normally. She can read a menu without glasses for the first time in 10 years. Her neurologist and massage therapist are astounded and she is overjoyed.

A patient came in last week who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1991 and has had a laundry list of symptoms. Often these patients have seen 10, maybe 12 doctors in pursuit of regaining their health. This patient had seen 165 doctors! One of her symptoms was chronic constipation and 45 seconds after the adjustment, she ran down to the bathroom. When she returned, her comment was "Oh my God..."

Recently an 11 year old Cerebral Palsy patient entered his office that had been getting multiple seizures and literally had his head between his legs. Following the upper cervical adjustments, the seizures have reduced to ONE a week and he now can sit upright.

One of the patients is a 13 year old boy who was very healthy until after he was vaccinated he developed measles and then encephalitis a couple years ago. Shortly after the MMR injection, his health rapidly deteriorated and now he is totally incoherent and basically in a coma. He must be carried everywhere by his parents, his eyes roll in his head, his body goes through writhing contractions, he has no response to parental stimulus, head is spasmodic and continually jerks. It took 5 people to restrain him to get the x-rays and a unilateral C-1 subluxation was found. Directly after the upper cervical adjustment, his face turned beet red-the classic sign that there was a reaction to the upper cervical adjustment.

An interesting case of a young girl who had severe asthma and eczema all over her body, especially her face. She was seeing a general chiropractor and receiving manipulations twice a week in the neck (cervical chair, rotary break!!... along with 4-5 full spine adjustments) and this went on for about a year. She was flown to an upper cervical specific doctor who made an upper cervical adjustment and had to argue with the parents over the fact that she didn't need an adjustment on the next visit and then didn't need to be seen twice a week. Long story short, asthma and eczema resolved and one by one, relatives have been flying to his office for "true" upper cervical care.

She hadn't slept through the night in a couple of decades. Right after her first adjustment, the normal sleep pattern returned! Her husband has been on blood pressure medication for years and it still wouldn't drop below 160/90. Shortly after the adjustment, the systolic dropped 30 points and even though he has since discontinued the medication, the BP is staying nice and low.

45 y/o single mom with three kids who was suffering from a multitude of health problems and severely depressed as she didn't know if she could continue on. Her upper cervical x-ray views revealed a huge (4mm) PIR C-1 subluxation and within days after the adjustment, the depression resolved.

A 70 year old man started care 6 weeks ago with crushing headaches and ocular orbit pain that wouldn't ease no matter what the neurologist prescribed. He rated the pain at a level 12 on a 0-10 scale! Anyway, on re-exam after upper cervical care he stated that the headache is dramatically improved and dropped to a level of 1-2. I mentioned to his wife, who was standing there, that he has improved substantially. She said, "I'd say so, two weeks before he started with you, because of the pain-he tried to commit suicide!"

A man who owns the body shop next door hobbled in this morning on my day off while I was gathering my seminar material together. Dumped his ATV two weeks ago but didn't have pain until he felt a searing pain down his arm last night and couldn't sleep. After I adjusted C-1,2 and he was returning from the rest booth he mentioned that the pain was almost gone.

A 17 y/o male with a massive ASR C-1. Constant neck pain, insomnia,...two adjustments and 2 1/2 months later, his cervical curve went from 0 to 21 degrees. No traction, physiotherapy, or muscle relaxants,.... everything changed because Innate was able to take that precise adjustment and "decompensate" the spine.

A patient he has who has severe Fibromyalgia (of 20 year duration!), intense headaches and inability to sleep for more than a couple minutes at a time. Her x-rays showed an anterolithesis of C-3 of 7 mm! Following the atlas adjustments, she can now sleep two hours straight, headaches are gone and the Fibromyalgia symptoms are 90% better.

A patient who was scheduled for back surgery in 5 weeks. He'd been on disability for months and would basically sit in his LazyBoy recliner all day long. The man suffered from insomnia, constant headaches, lethargy,...and now just a few weeks into upper cervical care, his antalgic posture has resolved, back pain is 80% better and the surgeons have lost one surgical candidate!

A 13 y/o boy who has had headaches daily for the past two years and the parents were thinking of taking him back to Mayo Clinic for evaluation. Last week he was in for a visit and hadn't eaten in 5 days due to the constant nausea. Right after the adjustment, he got off the table and announces to his parents that he was starving and wanted to eat right now!

Another case was brought in last week who was diagnosed with ALS and has experienced atrophy of the thumb muscles with pain and loss of function in both arms and they also had planned on visiting Mayo because they had tried everything and nothing worked. Her husband is a mechanical and electrical engineer and announced in the consultation that he and his wife were smarter that everyone in he doctor's office! Anyway, first week, no change. Second week, the thumb and arm pain has resolved and she is making remarkable improvement. Husband is changing his tune about upper cervical chiropractic.

Had a patient come in six months ago with a laundry list of complaints and she never came back after her initial adjustment. The patient called last week and mentioned that she did fantastic following her first adjustment and mentioned it to her MD who advised her to never go back (despite the fact that she felt the best she had in decades) because the chiropractor would "stroke her out."
Ignorance, hypocrisy………….

Anyway, the patient was referred in by a naturopath and she has had severe dizziness and vertigo for 6 months along with two migraines a week since she was a little girl. She is now 46! The MD's had been giving all sorts of medication that didn't help. Thirty minutes after her first adjustment she was calling her daughter to let her know that she'd need to get her car back because she could drive again!!! No more dizziness!

Two minutes ago, I saw a patient who drives over from San Francisco and she excitedly mentioned that for the first time in years, she hasn't had hives in the past three months!

Had a general chiropractor come in this week, so dizzy she wondered how she could continue her full spine practice. Symptoms are almost resolved, one week into upper cervical care!

He has a patient who has been stuck in the work comp system for 5 years with a disc bulge at C-7 with excruciating pain down the arm and the inability to sleep on that side for 5 years. One atlas adjustment later, 60% of the pain is gone; he can now sleep on that side, and now sleeps all the way through the night.

He had a chiropractic student who'd played football and baseball. He blew out his knee in football and proceeded to play minor league baseball until he blew out his shoulder. Five weeks after his initial adjustment, he mentioned that all he did was sleep the first two days after the initial correction and then felt like a truck ran over him for about a week. One week later, the knee he was going to have surgery on started to ache badly followed by no pain for the first time since the injury! One week later his shoulder went through the same pattern and then relief. The he woke one day with bruises in the ASIS bilaterally that lasted 3 days and then was gone. Retracing is a strange and wonderful thing!!!

Yesterday a 26 year old female came in complaining of constant left C-2-5 pain (10 year duration) and persistent headaches. This all started when she was 16 and bungee jumped on a carnival ride snapping her neck. Cervical curve was -10 degrees. She has had physiotherapy and meds for a decade. Saw a general chiropractor and he recommended PT! Huge C-1 and C-2 subluxations. Immediately after the upper cervical adjustments she became woozy, and he face turned red as she felt warmth she'd never felt before. She is doing much better.

This young adopted child suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome and didn't speak until he was 2 years old and was barely walking at that age. His words were very garbled, early developmental problems…... and now, after upper cervical care, the father says "We can't shut him up!"

A patient who held her first adjustment for 5 weeks came in with difficulty speaking because her chronic bilateral TMJ flared and the pain and inflammation made it difficult to open her mouth. Immediately after the ALS C-2 adjustment, the knot over the left C-2 facet disappeared and, to her amazement, so did all of the jaw pain.

An interesting case of a 30 year old woman under care; the woman is diabetic and has had numbness and loss of function in the arms and legs with a positive EMG. She has seen "tons of MD's" and has spent $30,000 on general chiropractic care! After providing specific upper cervical care, the diabetic symptoms have resolved, blood sugar levels are normal, and the new EMG tests are completely negative.

A patient who had transplanted an engine from one Toyota 4X4 to another over the weekend and felt a strained lower back and rigid pelvis. Adjusted a C-1 subluxation, he rested on the table and came in to my office 3 minutes later exclaiming "It's gone!"

A 32 y/o female with a 2 mm disc protrusion at C-5. She was having insomnia due to LBP, depression, headaches... Five days after an upper cervical adjustment, she is 80% better and the neurosurgeons office keeps calling her trying to get her to undergo the surgery.

Another patient who was adjusted ASL C-1, PLI C-1 two weeks ago. She has been on Tegretol for 9 years due to seizures. Sciatica, low energy, insomnia...Even with the drugs, she still had seizures daily. Since the initial adjustment, energy has returned and seizures resolved.

A 55 y/o female with a 3 mm retrolithesis at C-4. Adjusted C-1 ASL and she commented that her neck muscles immediately went from steel to the smoothness of a baby's bottom!

A 30 y/o male who had been in a severe auto accident 7 years ago in which his patellae, both tibias/fibulas, and femurs were broken and within three years developed a nasty case of multiple sclerosis (MS). The upper cervical doctor said "maybe it is MS or maybe that accident damaged your nervous system." The young man's mother was there on the first visit and stated "the MD's have diagnosed the MS and it is incurable so there is no sense even trying chiropractic". The next day when the young man came in alone, the doctor said "now that your mother isn't here, let me tell you what I really think is wrong with you" and he let him have it with both barrels! Long story short, within 5 days of having his atlas adjusted, the MS symptoms are 60% gone!!!

A patient who was diagnosed with Lupus 12 years ago and within two weeks, she is off all her drugs, all her friends notice how much she has changed, and she states she is already 50-60% better.

A patient recently who was scheduled for a tonsillectomy; within three days of an upper cervical adjustment the tonsil inflammation resolved.

A patient a few weeks ago and within 9 days of the adjustment the patient's deafness resolved.

I have a frail 80 year old patient who has been under care for two decades and she came in for care the day before Thanksgiving and had an axis (C-2) adjustment. She cleared well but that afternoon she was seeing her physician to have ear wax removed and the angle her head was positioned caused severe vertigo. She was immediately hospitalized, MRI, blood work, and despite heavy anti-vertigo meds and 3 days of hospitalization, the symptoms wouldn't budge. We had to carry her like an infant into the adjusting room and when I entered the room the patient was vomiting into a bowl. We scanned her, four of us held her on the table as her arms flailed in a futile attempt to regain her balance and her axis was re-adjusted. The post scan looked excellent, she was taken home, slept three hours, and awoke symptom-free!

A Trigeminal Neuralgia patient who has a 5 year history of bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is rare; the patient's husband owns private ER centers that compete against hospitals. They have 43 MD's on their payroll so obviously she has been heavily medicated for the past 5 years. After 6 weeks of upper cervical care and two adjustments, she is 75% better and hasn't had any medication the entire time! In her own words "It's a miracle."

A woman had severe TMJ for 5 years; she'd seen 3 doctors and one specialist and had lost hope of ever being pain-free again. Then she met an upper cervical doctor at a fair and after three months of upper cervical care, she is pain-free for the first time in a half a decade.

A new patient came in a week ago Tuesday who had been suffering from a migraine. The patient only had ONE migraine but it started over a year ago and NEVER stopped! She was taking medication daily and received minor relief. She returned on her next visit after upper cervical care had been administered and she was crying. Why, because her migraine was gone.

A baby under care who was born without a brain (confirmed by MRI, CT scans, and more testing). Parents were told to take the child home and enjoy him because he wasn't going to live more than 10 days. The child has been under upper cervical care since birth and is now developing visual centers, has great voice recognition, and he cries when her hears the upper cervical doctor's voice.

"After 7 years, 10 doctors, physical therapy, 3 cortisone shots in the shoulder, acupuncture, one shoulder surgery, 3 cortisone shots in the spine, diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, MRI's to check for Multiple Sclerosis, Arnold Chiari malformation and brain tumors, diagnosis of C-5/6 discs with occipital neuralgia, cervical radiculopathy, diagnosis of scoliosis, loss of feeling and reflexes in the left arm, throwing out my lumbars and having trouble walking for a couple days due to sciatica, migraines almost every day with vomiting, emergency room trips to get migraine shots, being on Vicodin and anti-inflammatory for 2 years straight due to content electrical stabbing down my arms and hands from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep, and even waking me up in pain, day in day out, and finally attending a pain management center to learn how to accept and live with the pain....Thanks to upper cervical care I am completely cured!"

" None of the 10 doctors, including my regular chiropractor, told me about the benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Over a 6 moth period of going once to twice a week, I'm working out again, living my life, and completely off all pain meds since May 2005."

"A 60+ year old man had crossed eyes since birth, high blood pressure, sway back, and one leg shorter than the other from a tilted hip, sciatica, migraines, and much the same symptoms as I did. After 6 months of upper cervical care, both his legs were the same length (the legs were the same length immediately after the adjustment) no sciatica and no migraines. His high blood pressure lowered and his eyes became uncrossed! It's the most amazing and simple procedure that I have ever seen. My doctor only adjusts the atlas and axis. Fixing the top two bones in the neck fixes everything below like a domino effect...even my bulging C-6! I am just so thankful to that man for referring me and even more thankful to my doctor for fixing me!"

Two boys under the age of 5 referred in by an allergist were both suffering from severe cases of GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). The 4 ½ y/o would break your heart as he could not hold his head still for longer than 5 seconds as he would gyrate his head in an attempt to increase saliva production to ease the scorched esophagus. It was extremely difficult to x-ray him as he moved continually. The second case is a 5 y/o boy who has had such severe asthma since age 18 months that he literally turns blue and stops breathing. He has had a very poor appetite, bleeding in the stomach (which is increased by drinking soda) and has never had a normal bowel movement since birth, even with a daily laxative the BM's come out like dried dog food. He was re-examined after 4 weeks of upper cervical care and he is now eating his mom out of house and home. He now sleeps through the night, the GERD has almost resolved, and he has daily loose bowels.

A new patient who couldn't swallow because of extreme muscle plasticity. Wouldn't you know it, immediately after the atlas adjustment, the muscle rigidity eased and the swallowing capacity returned to normal. He had 8 new patients come in that day. Another patient has sciatica, LB, and knee pain for 7 years, every single day. She got a PIL C-1 adjustment about 5 times over 7 weeks and then a C-3 PRI and the symptoms have resolved 100% and thinks upper cervical is "pure magic."

An upper cervical doctor told me about a couple patients undergoing upper cervical care in his office. The first is a 25 y/o male diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and on consultation there was no eye contact, chronically depressed, with a history of street fights and boxing. Adjusted ASL C-1---2 days post adjustment anxiety 50% resolved! Patient stated that the tape recorder thoughts stopped, sleeps much better, and depression 50% better. Second case, a 72 y/o female who has been unable to sleep for more than 2 HOURS A NIGHT for 10 years! Adjusted C-1 PIR and she now sleeps 6 hours straight through the night. She is so excited she was hugging everyone in the office.

About a year ago a middle age man was found face down and bleeding on the golf course he worked at. He was unconscious and unsure what happened. They think he was struck by a golf ball. He was left with the entire left side of his body numb and a fortune has been spent attempting to find a solution. Immediately after his atlas adjustment, the symptoms eased and were totally resolved by the follow-up visit!

A 7 y/o girl who is about half the normal size has a 69 degree scoliosis; her neck angulated off at a 50 degree angle; the levator scapula and trapezius on one side are about 6 times larger than the other side; and she also doesn't have a dens (odontoid peg). She had a trauma as an infant. Short leg tested out at 2 ½ inches short (and on a diminutive child that is similar to 6" on an adult!) The legs dropped to 5/8" immediately after the upper cervical adjustment.

A patient who is a 10 y/o boy with severe ADHD. It was very hard to x-ray him because he couldn't sit still. He moved constantly, wouldn't listen to adults, and was very disruptive in school. The parents were at wits end, as a child like this is so difficult to raise and the Adderall medication would make him so violent that the parents thought he would hurt himself. After the first axis (C-2) adjustment, he fell asleep for 20 minutes. His mother commented that he had NEVER napped. Post graph was a straight line, post x-ray showed improved curve and now symptoms are finally resolving. His teachers at the parent conference were amazed at how calm the young boy is during classes now.

A woman who has had insomnia for 20 years. First three weeks under upper cervical care nothing changed. By the fourth week she started to sleep for 9 hours! Her daughter referred in a PI case who'd been treated in another frequently for 2 ½ years and still had headaches, insomnia, facial numbness, fatigue, depression, loss of memory, cold feel, anxiety attacks,... Four days post adjustment, the 3/4" contracted leg balanced and 50% of the symptoms have resolved.

A 26 y/o volleyball player who'd landed on his head multiple times had a claw-hand as a result of these injuries. He was adjusted C-1 last week, that night he flew back to Boston to visit his girlfriend. When he returned to California, the claw hand had uncurled.

An 18 y/o girl, who has been experiencing severe frontal to occipital pounding migraines with photophobia, also has had dizziness and blacks out periodically. The initial x-ray film was taken on 12-29-05 and the follow-up lateral was taken on 03-20-06. She has received three adjustments total during this period, is asymptomatic, and the cervical curve changed from -15 degrees to +17 degrees.

One patient was a married mom who was in a boating accident 14 years ago in which she hit her head. From that day forward, she suffered with devastating migraine headaches, one every other day. She has been on disability from work and her husband confided to the doctor that she was ready to commit suicide to end her suffering. Her "altruistic" neurologist told her that he'd discontinue her medical care if she continued chiropractic care! Well, one adjustment at the right time, the right place, and the right direction and the next day she was migraine-free! The pain has abated the past three weeks.

A patient with Crohn's disease who is in complete remission as a result of her quality upper cervical care. She recently had tremendous abdominal cramping and pain one day and came in bent over in pain. The doctor adjusted the ASR C-1 and the symptoms were resolved by that evening! The doctor's big question:- Did she really have Crohn's disease or just an upper cervical misalignment?

Another case was a man with an 11mm disc herniation in the lower back diagnosed via MRI. The man was in absolute crushing lower back pain and nothing would decrease the pain. A couple days following the ASR C-1 adjustment, the lower back pain completely cleared for the 1st time in months.

A woman from South Dakota came in with severe right arm pain, bilateral hand numbness, neck pain, and vertigo for two years. The condition started when she slipped at the pool bouncing her head off the concrete. She was scheduled for wrist surgery (carpal tunnel syndrome) and cancelled it the day before and came in to see the upper cervical doctor. Humungous ASR and on the post adjustment call the next day, the patient reported that she took a morning shower without arm pain or numb hands for the first time in two years.

A new patient who has had bilateral clogged sinuses for 40 years and multiple operations were of little help. After the first week of upper cervical care, even with the atlas clear, there were no changes and the patient wasn't too pleased. Following a C-2 correction, both sinuses opened up and the man is just beside himself with excitement!

A patient with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome who had to take a break from her teaching piano. She could not turn her alarm clock off or hold a cup of coffee! The day after her atlas adjustment she was able to do both of those things. On the next visit she was crying tears of happiness as both the pain and numbness abated!

A torticollis patient started care two months ago. It was a 4 month old girl who had been stuck in lateral flexion for about two months. The physiotherapists could not figure out why she wasn't straightening out. The mom brought the infant in for upper cervical care and the baby was straight by the time she left the office. By the time the infant was seen the next week, much of the shape of her head and face were coming back. It is very surprising how much torticollis can misshape the skull and face.

Had a patient start with me three weeks ago who had been hit on the back of the head by a motorcycle six years ago and has been experiencing migraines DAILY since. Facial pins and needles, occipital pain, left arm numbness, vertigo 10 hours a day... and he could only ease the tension slightly with self manipulation and 3 Darvocets a day. Chronic depression has required psychiatric care and medication. X-rays showed a bilateral anterior C-1 and C-3. Following upper cervical care pain levels in three weeks have dropped from a VAS 7 to a 2 and he had two straight days with NO MIGRAINE. His anxiety symptoms abated only to be told by his psychiatrist that chiropractic was useless and should be discontinued.

A 58 y/o woman comes in who "locks up" if she stops moving. She could not sit for more than 5 minutes or her legs would go numb and she would experience foot drop. After the exam, she couldn't get off the table and when she got home, couldn't get out of the car. She was adjusted ASR C-1 and proceeded to sit through an "hour and a half" health class that very night without any pain.

"An accidental needle stick in 1984 altered my life forever. I was a paramedic and went from specialist to specialist for the next 9 years and finally one hematologist said, "You don't fit the profile, but let's rule out AIDS." The test came back positive. My T-cell count was 29; normal is 1000-1500. Medication boosted it as high as 200, but never any higher. Then I began having headaches every second of every day for 12 years. Next came migraines that would last 5 days. Nothing helped. I found upper cervical chiropractic care.

When I first got adjusted, I didn't feel a thing; but 30 minutes later I began to feel sore all over. Suddenly electrical shocks started streaking through my body. For the next 7 days I could hardly get out of bed. On the 8th day I went back to the upper cervical doctor to see if my atlas was still holding in position. It was, and has never been out since. I went for my regular T-cell count check-up. It was 300! That was a 100 point jump! In my nine years of illness it has never climbed above 200. It is still climbing; the lab test was 358! This is a direct result of getting my atlas correction because I have not switched medications or made any other changes. And that's not all! I have not had a migraine since the week after I got adjusted...I have never felt this good in my entire adult life." This is an interesting case - please see the small study of upper cervical and HIV here

An 80 year old man entered his office that has had erectile dysfunction for 16 years! Within 10 days of getting his upper cervical spine adjusted, total function has returned. On the following visit, the patient asked an attractive 40 year old sitting in the reception room out for a date. On the next visit, the guy asked the doctor's 28 year old receptionist out. On the next visit, the doctor made him wait for his appointment in the x-ray room!

One of the nastiest type cases you will usually see is spinal stenosis. When there is an actual bony confinement of the nerves, it is sometimes difficult to understand how the body can correct or alleviate that condition. Had a 40 y/o female enter the office two months ago with constant left sciatica to the foot-with foot and ankle numbness- magnified by sitting, sleeping that had been present since last December. A 5mm disc protrusion was seen on MRI at both L-4 and 5 disc levels and spinal stenosis with multilevel disc protrusion was the diagnosis. VAS pain level was a 9! Three upper cervical adjustments in two months and the patient reported last week that the pain level was a 0 and there were neither restrictions nor limitations!

He had a new patient referred in who has had Trigeminal Neuralgia for 5 years. He has been to numerous hospitals, including Mayo and has not eaten solid food in 2 ½ years! He has lost all feeling in his arms and hands, has had pneumonia multiple times and has basically given up at ever leading a normal life. The doctor found an ASR-PIR C-1 on the upper cervical films. Following the first adjustment, the man walked for 15 minutes in his front yard for the first time in years. He is no longer in need of his oxygen tank, feeling is returning in his hand, and facial pain is diminishing!

This new patient who has had "A" headache for the past 15 years! Immediately following the atlas adjustment the headache pain doubled in intensity and she insisted being rechecked following the post adjustment rest. She checked clear and was told she could go home. Two days later she had NO headache for the first time in 15 years!

"My husband no longer has headaches and holds his adjustments for three months at a time (compared to twice a week adjustments with the general chiropractor). My 13 y/o son would come home from school EVERY day with a migraine and was getting D's and F's. Now he is getting A's and B's and has gone 34 straight school days without a headache! My emaciated 6 year old with the severe GERD and constipation so bad that we needed laxatives or enemas daily, has gained 15 pounds and has totally normal GI function!"

A tax attorney/CPA that was in such intense pain he could not get out of his chair. The upper cervical doctor went over to his office with the portable headpiece. It took two people to lift him out of the chair and onto the floor. Within five minutes of the atlas adjustment, 75% of the crushing lower back pain resolved and about 20 employees rushed up to the doctor wanting his business card as they saw their boss prancing around without pain!

Another patient who had driven 1 1/2 hours to start care has had constant clogged sinuses for 7 years and had undergone two sinus surgeries. They then diagnosed it as a fungal infection and dosed her with meds that were useless. A huge ASL C-1 subluxation was found and adjusted. Her face turned red post adjustment and after the rest, her sinuses opened completely for the first time in 7 years.

Here are some of the cases a doctor has seen lately;

-52 y/o female has been with him 2 years and her tumor in her breast is gone.

-54 y/o female has been under care for 3 years diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, 13 lesions (6 in her brain & 7 in the spinal cord). The lesions are completely gone as of last week according to her MS specialist.

-55 y/o male has had 2 strokes within a week. He is wearing a diaper, drooling, and using a walker. Two months have passed, no diapers, no walker, and he is speaking in sentences as clear as a bell.

-2 week old infant cyanotic (he is blue) was adjusted on the cold fossa reading as a Rt. listing. The doctor maintained contact for 30 seconds until the baby's legs began kicking and his face became flush. Pre reading his fossa temp was 1.33 degrees on the left. Post reading was .12 degrees on the left within a minute.

An ecstatic wife whose husband (57 y/o) he has been seeing me for 7 months (4 adjustments) and his 40 years of medically diagnosed "congenital" headaches have cleared up. He also had his blood pressure return to "normal" (he was actually faint because the BP medicine was pushing it too low after he was cleared). He had continued to take his cholesterol medication, while waiting for his medical physical. The MD told him to discontinue his medication as his cholesterol had "bottomed out."

One was of a child with badly crossed eyes. M.D.'s suggested surgery to correct the condition. The parents, against the medical doctor's advice, tried chiropractic and right on the table, the eyes uncrossed! A second case is of a woman who works in a medical center. Whenever she bends over, she develops massive migraines. Neurologists can't do much for her but says, "Whatever you do, don't see a chiropractor!" She disobeys the doctor, sees the upper cervical doctor, gets adjusted, and the migraines are gone now.

He had a patient fly out from Detroit who had intense neck pain and was scheduled for C-spine surgery and a 50% hearing deficit. He found a huge ARS C-2 and double AS C-1. The doctor got a call last night from this man and the patient said the neck pain is completely gone and he has not intention of having the surgery. Also, the hearing has been completely restored!

I had a new patient get her first adjustment on Friday and this Tuesday I walked into the adjusting room and she was pushing her nose around the room sniffing. At first I thought I must have "stepped in something!" It turns out that she lost her sense of smell five years ago and it came back within hours of her adjustment and she just testing out her new found sense of smell.

Have a 12 year old boy who has had migraines every day starting about noon when he attends school. Anyway, he has gone 2 ½ months since this school year has started without one headache. His mom brought in his report card and he went from C's and D's to A's and B's and is working hard to make the B's become A's. His 11 y/o brother stated care two weeks ago and his daily headaches of 1 ½ year duration cleared following a C-1,2 adjustments combo.

Had a woman who has had who had daily headaches for the last 26 years and on her follow-up check-up, the headaches were gone for the first time! Another patient who had 50% hearing loss and tinnitus return to normal within a week of starting care. He also had a man who owns an optometry clinic who had been experiencing ocular floaters and blotches in his vision for 20 years clear out following his atlas adjustment.

Has a female patient who was referred to him by her MD because of SEVERE chronic headaches which had been present for over 35 years. The patient was on time released Inderol (120 mg) and any attempt to lessen the medication had failed. Previous general chiropractic had also been ineffective. The atlas was adjusted and one week later the headaches ceased, patient withdrew herself off the medication.

A woman got her first upper cervical adjustment back in the 1940's after suffering with extremely painful headaches and she hasn't suffered ONE migraine headache since having her atlas misalignment cleared via specific upper cervical care.

Last week we got a call from a prospective new patient asking us whether he could start care even though he has two steel rods down the back of his neck and had a stroke while they performed the surgery. I said" Why not!" It turns out that the patient was having numbness down his right arm and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. Anyway, the patient did have a stroke on the operating table and fortunately after substantial rehab, his CVA symptoms have abated. But, the arm numbness is unchanged and he has been left with a 24 hour a day headache from the occiput to the crown, insomnia and the surgeon says "Well, we could always operate again!" After only one week of care, he is sleeping soundly and the headache is just starting to ease. On the last visit, in which he is still holding the original atlas adjustment, he told me, "You know, I don't think I ever really needed that operation!!!"

Two weeks ago a woman entered his office with severe head tremors of 26 year duration. After the C-1 adjustment, there was little change. On the next visit, C-2 was adjusted and the symptoms reduced 50%!

The above reminds me of two patients I had with severe tremors. They both had been diagnosed with "dystonia" and the head would be in a somewhat neutral position and then every three seconds the muscles would violently jerk the head down to the right clavicle. The only treatment was Botox which would reduce the intensity by about 1/3. The first case took 6 months to resolve and then I made the mistake of sending her to a massage therapist to reduce the thoracic tension. This Tx exacerbated the symptoms and it took me a year to settle it down!

The second case was of 30 year duration, the worst I've ever seen, and the MD's said they could surgically shorten the muscles but the scarring would intensify the contractions. She took FIVE years to resolve. Her neck is now straight, no tremors, and the only symptoms she has is minor lumbar arthritic pain due to scoliosis.

A doctor called me recently to talk about two interesting cases he is seeing. One is a woman with four kids who has such severe fibromyalgia that she has had a very difficult time caring for the kids. Happy to report back that her symptoms are 90% resolved and her capacity to "mother' the kids has returned.

Another case is one of an 11 y/o girl with a head tick, an eye twitch, and enuresis. Three weeks under care and the symptoms are completely gone-one atlas adjustment! The parents brought her back in because the enuresis symptoms returned and "The last few days she started to wet the bed so they brought her back in and sure enough she showed three red bars on the scan and a half inch contracted pelvis." Subsequent adjustments cleared her.

Had a patient come in the office with 26 years straight of massive head tremors and insomnia. Three weeks into care, she has slept straight through the night for the first time in a quarter of a century. The head tremors are now about 80% gone and you can imagine her joy.

Doctor called me yesterday regarding a 16 year old girl who started care in his office and she has not had a day without nausea and would vomit 2-3 times a week. First week of care, no change, and 2nd week symptoms totally abated for the first time in her life!

Yesterday a new patient came in who is in her mid 40's. She started care when she was 16 seeing an upper cervical doctor in Kansas City. She has been extremely healthy and credits the high quality upper cervical care for keeping her out of the hospital and off medicine. Now she is just under wellness care. What started her need for care at age 16? A fall she'd taken paralyzed her right arm for three weeks….. doctors were contemplating surgery. Two days after her atlas adjustment...total right arm function was restored!

A 12 y/o girl was brought into a doctor's office. When the child was two, she was vaccinated and "coincidentally" developed some major health problems immediately afterwards and was eventually diagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy. She is in a wheelchair, has never spoken a word, has never had a bowel movement (daily enemas), and her right arm has been rigid against her chest for years. You can imagine the anguish the parents experience knowing that their child will have nowhere near the life she could have had! It was very difficult to x-ray the child but the doctor used the wheelchair as an x-ray chair and came up with beautiful films showing a huge C-1 subluxation. Immediately after the atlas adjustment, the arm uncurled right in front of the parents! She can now hold a glass of water and drink out of it. She has gone from constipated to multiple daily bowel movements and the good doctor is awaiting her to say her first word.

This 84 year old retired Merchant Marine who is at tough as nails, fell out of a tree three years ago and has rapidly gone downhill since. He had to have right knee replacement so his gait has been disturbed, intense lower back pain, constant scapular pain, and a history of vascular accidents. X-rays showed a huge C-1 subluxation; leg imbalance and pattern were present; and the patient was adjusted and rested for 40 minutes. The patient returned in 2 days and the knee pain was 98% GONE, lower back pain GONE, Scapular pain GONE, and his cervical range of motion is better that it has been in decades.

A patient ended up starting under care and was adjusted on a Friday. He came back in on Monday and said, "Look at this." He squatted all the way to the floor as his knees wouldn't let him bend half way for four years! His vision has also been very cloudy, with dry eyes for the same period and they also completely cleared. But he was most impressed with the fact that he used to be able to remember about 10 numbers in his head in the calculations he would make as a contractor. The past four years, he could only remember 2 numbers in a row and would have to write the others down. The night of the atlas adjustment, he calculated 15 numbers in a row with perfect recall.

A study titled "Study Finds Special 'Atlas Adjustment' Lowers Blood Pressure" was reported in the advance online issue of the Journal of Human Hypertension. It was an 8 week study with 50 patients with early-stage high BP with half getting atlas adjustments and half sham corrections. A 14 mm Hg systolic and 8 mm Hg diastolic drop was noted. According to lead author George Bakris, M.D., director of the hypertension center at the University of Chicago Center, "unlike other vertebrae, which interlock one to the next, the Atlas (also known as C-1) relies solely upon tissue (muscles and ligaments) to maintain alignment; therefore is uniquely vulnerable to displacement. Displaced C-1 can occur without pain and thus, often goes undetected and untreated."

Recently an 11 y/o seizure patient presented who had the problem for 5 years but the seizures really increased in intensity the past year. The MD's diagnosed non-epileptic anxiety-induced seizures and sent him to a shrink for anti-anxiety drugs. The kid would have 5+ seizures per night that would wake him from a sound sleep. They took upper cervical x-rays on his 11th birthday and he has a 2.5 mm ASR! After a little prodding the parents recalled that he fell down the stairs head first about 5 years ago right before the seizures started. Immediately following the upper cervical adjustment the boy said he "just felt better." Two weeks into care and he has had no headaches and NOT ONE SEIZURE!

A patient came in who has had trigeminal neuralgia for 3 years. This painful facial condition usually resolves pretty quickly for most people but this woman has had unrelenting symptoms regardless of the medications consumed. When it flares, you cannot speak, eat, nor sleep! One of the medical approaches is to drill a hole in the skull and attempt to separate the nerves and blood vessels. One surgical slip and it is permanent facial paralysis. Three days following her atlas adjustment, the symptoms totally abated and have not returned. Her daughter came in a week or so later and showed a huge 4 mm C-1 displacement in the upper cervical x-ray view. She cleared beautifully and about a week later she said to her doctor, "I did not tell you this but for years I've had these panic attacks in which I have this morbid fear my son is going to die. I would literally ask him 50-100 times a day if he was OK. Since my atlas adjustment, I no longer have the attacks and feel absolutely normal."

Follow up reveals that this patient is still asymptomatic but she reported additionally that she has had such severe hip pain the last 5 years that she has had to lift her leg manually to get in or out of her car. The lower back and hip pain is now GONE and she can bend over and tie her shoes for the first time in 3 years.

This upper cervical stuff is SOOOO beyond backaches!!!

Another case of his is an 18 year old who is extremely pale, has frequent panic attacks, and has had insomnia for over a decade. His insomnia is so bad he can actually finally fall asleep at 7:00 am. His Irritable Bowl Syndrome is so severe he has at least 25 bowel movements a day. Three days after his first atlas adjustment, he slept 10 hours straight and his panic attacks and anxiety have abated. He now has an average of 2 bowel movements a day. Imagine how his life has been transformed physically and emotionally by just gently and accurately moving that segment that holds up your head!

About a week ago a man who has had one continual headache for the past six years showed up to start care. The man had a 3/4" short leg (contracted pelvis) but didn't experience any real changes the first two days; by the third day, however, no headache.

A patient with severe insomnia for 10 years was adjusted atlas superior right with little change, the minor posterior inferior right listing was then corrected and the patient now sleeps 8 hours per night, first time in a decade.

A patient came in for care due to severe tremors, anxiety, and dizziness. The dizziness has abated, anxiety attacks resolved, and tremors are 70% reduced!

Had a patient come in last week who'd been "adjusted" six months ago by a general chiropractor and both his arms went numb and have stayed that way ever since. The upper cervical doctor found a huge C-1 (atlas) subluxation. While on the table, and after adjustment, half of the man's face turned red and he felt warmth flow down his back. On the way back to the rest area the arm numbness and pain increased and by the time he laid down the pain completely disappeared for the first time in six months!

A 3 y/o little boy he has under care has been coming in for two weeks. When he initially started care he was unresponsive in his motor function, he couldn't hold up his head, and obviously couldn't walk. He also didn't speak and if he did it was more sounds than words. The doctor adjusted the child and almost immediately he lifted his head up off the table. They rested him a little and when they got him up, he was able to hold his head up on his own! His daily care taker can't believe it! Over the past two weeks he began to speak words and respond to someone talking to him. On his last check he got his hand raised up to give the doctor a "high five!"

A 3 year old girl who recently started care has been experiencing severe asthma (they type that requires frequent hospitalization and mom quitting her job!) These symptoms also started at age three months. After quality upper cervical care not only has the asthma completely abated, the child has remarkably changed. This child never wanted to be touched or be hugged. Last night she crawled into be with her mom, kissed her, hugged her and slept beside her the entire night!

The story of a young girl who had her scheduled eye surgery canceled three times as she suffered from severe diverging strabismus with two different focusing patterns. There had been a multitude of diagnoses from brain stem tumor, optic chasm tumor, and midbrain stroke.

She really just had "two different eyes". She got a little easing of the strabismus from some general chiropractic neck manipulations a year prior.

A specific upper cervical doctor x-rayed her (tiny C-1 misalignment). On the adjusting table the eyes started to change a little. On the post check, the doctor had her walk around a little, expecting vivid gait changes. Her eyes would straighten and then return near the old position. Eight adjustments and many months later and still---NO STRABISMUS, NO SURGERY!

So what did her altruistic physician think about this? The surgeon asked-

"What happened? (MD)

"I took my daughter to a chiropractor and he healed the eyes."

"No he did not, as there is nothing a chiropractor can do that would possibly affect her eyes." (MD)

"But he did."

"If you continue with this nonsense I will not take care of your daughter." (MD)

"Look at her eyes doctor, what is there to take care of?"

While on the phone a doctor heard this pounding in the background and asked what the noise was and the wife stated it was her husband beating his head against the hardwood floor! When this new patient arrived that evening, he had to be helped out of the car as he was almost comatose. The man stated that his headaches started in 1987 lasting 2-3 days in a week. The past 2 ½ months the headaches would occur every hour for 50 minutes and were there 24 hours a day, seven days a week! As you could imagine this patient had already seen his GP and then an ENT who convinced him that sinus surgery would cure the headaches. He had the surgery and as a result he says, "I now have permanent loss of all sensation to the left side of my face and the clusters still remain."

The patient saw many doctors including a prominent neurologist. This neurologist became frustrated and recommended a psychiatrist. The patient's wife found out about upper cervical care via a spinal screening at a health fair and one week into that care following C-1 and C-2 spinal adjustments, the man's headaches are GONE and it is the best he has felt in as long as he can remember! The patient sent a letter to the insurance company summarizing what he experienced and concluded the letter by stating: Cost of medical care (ineffective) $25,762, cost of chiropractic care (effective) $1,300!!!

A lot of great recoveries are happening in Upper Cervical offices these days. A 45 y/o female came in with chronic overactive bladder. She'd urinate 35-40 times a day, had constant neck pain, acid reflux, constipation, arrthymias, and migraines. She started care 2 months ago and came in last week with a plastic bag stating, "You changed my life! I want you to have this." She gave the good doctor a bag filled with 9 different prescription bottles. Her arrhythmias, reflux are gone, she is urinating 5 times a day and NO headache since her first adjustment. She has only been adjusted 3 times in the past 16 visits!

A 75 y/o patient came in with a history of 50 years of headaches that would bring him to tears along with chronic crushing lower back pain. Ever since his first C-1 upper cervical correction, the lower back pain is slightly better but he has not had ONE headache. Another headache patient of his showed an increased cervical curve from 17 to 28 degrees (25-35 is normal) and she is feeling great. This stuff works!

A 30 y/o female patient who came in for muscle spasms in the facial area, visual problems (floaters) in the right eye, and severe dizziness that prevented her from working or driving. She went to neurologists, ENT, and a full spine general chiropractor for 18 months with no results and no diagnosed cause. When her husband found Greg Buchanan's www.upcspine.com web site, she told the full spine chiropractor that she was going to try upper cervical care and was told by the him that it was "a ridiculous technique that doesn't work". The patient had a history of birth trauma and MVA's and sure enough, she had a bilateral anterior C-1, ASR-ASL. She stated that immediately her symptoms started to resolve by 60%. She continued to improve but eventually the dizziness returned and she was again x-rayed. The new films showed that the ASR had cleared and only the ASL remained. She has held her last adjustment 5 weeks and is symptom-free!

Recently we had a 74 y/o man enter the office who had right hip replacement about a year ago but he took a fall shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, the fall pulled the socket and some screws loose and he was not re-x-rayed, and now he has permanent hip damage and must use a mini walker on his right side as he cannot put ANY weight on that right hip. The problem is that he has been losing function in his right hand with numbness in the inner three fingers and atrophy (fingers are like rubber with no tone) in the outer two. Not only does he need the hand to ambulate but little things like buttoning a button, but tying shoes are impossible without his right hand functioning correctly. He started care on 05-08 and has been very frustrated that the check scans were clear but the symptoms are unchanged. This week he finally came in with a big grin on his face as the hand numbness has abated and he can now flex those "rubber-like" fingers. Moral-be patient, Innate takes time to heal!

Had a 10 y/o autistic brought in on Saturday morning and the child was screaming and having constant tantrums (apparently this is his normal behavior). It took 5 people to hold this child on the table for the adjustment, but following the toggle, the child went silent for about 30 minutes, the first time the parents ever recall peace and quiet!

The doctor also has a kid with a 4 mm ARS C-2 and a PIR C-1 who was vacuum extracted 16 years ago. He has a lazy eye and has had swollen sinuses shut his entire life. Three days post adjustment, his sinuses have completely opened!

A doctor has seen over 40 vertigo patients but the worst he's ever seen came in recently. She could hardly walk and the symptoms had been present for two straight years. She used to skydive and do acrobatic flips and now can hardly function. Just moving her a couple inches in the x-ray chair would cause her to get nauseated and vomit. The night of the adjustment improvement was already noticed!

He just got a Cerebral Palsy child in last week. The 6 year old is wheelchair-bound, head must be mechanically supported. He has had a fever for two straight years which will spike to 102-103 degrees for 10 days and then slightly drop. All the blood tests are normal and this confuses the MD's. Once the atlas was adjusted, he has gone 6 straight days without a fever!

An 11 y/o female with a 2 year history of acid reflux. The medical physicians suggested that stress was the cause. The patient was placed on Prevacid and instructed not to eat certain foods or soft drinks. She started getting her atlas adjusted. Now, two corrections later, she can eat and drink normally.

A patient with 25 years of chronic fatigue syndrome who could barely brush her teeth she was so weak. The woman contemplated suicide frequently. Three days after the atlas adjustment, 75% of the symptoms have abated.

A paper from JVSR [http://mccoypress.sharepoint.com/Pages/journals.aspx] November 7, 2005 titled Improvement in Depression Following Reduction of Upper Cervical Vertebral Subluxation Using Orthospinology Technique by Genthner, Friedman, and Studley. In this study they took 15 adults who were clinically depressed and had upper cervical subluxations, provided care in three offices using the Grostic procedure. Utilizing the Beck Depression Inventory II pre and post C-1 adjustment, the researchers did find significant improvement in the depression tests.

The patient came in with atrial fibrillation. She'd had a pacemaker put in 5 years ago. She recently had 2 Electrical cardioversions (stopping the heard and shocking it back into rhythm) in the past two months. Neither one took. She told the upper cervical doctor that he had one week to resolve her condition as she was going in to have her third cardioversion a week later. She received 2 atlas adjustments on consecutive visits before the adjustment held. On the 5th day of her atlas holding its correction, she went back to the hospital for the 3rd cardioversion. The morning EKG came back normal and the nurse told her that the heart looked to be in rhythm for the past 5 days. No surgery was needed.

Another patient, a 50 y/o, who has had jaundiced skin for the past 15 years but all the blood work was normal. Six weeks into upper cervical care and the skin has returned to normal.

Last week a 12 y/o boy came in presenting with upper trapezius spasms in which the shoulders were basically up to his ears bilaterally. He has had a tic which has been present for over 3 years. CT scans found nothing, MD's recommended medications which were ineffective. First upper cervical adjustment was on Thursday, patient returned on Saturday and the tic was completely gone, shoulder totally relaxed, and the young man stated that he felt so much better with his improved posture that he could finally sit up straight.

Another one of her patients is a 50 y/o ballerina and dance instructor with numbness and tingling/weakness in the left arm and leg. These symptoms resolved immediately post atlas adjustment.

A new patient started care few weeks ago who has had a continuous coughing problem for the past 20 years. Each time the person would enter a restaurant, the coughing would intensify. Wouldn't you know it, within a week after having the atlas misalignment corrected the condition has resolved.

A woman came in last week who had been in two auto accidents in the past 5 years and decided to try upper cervical after 76 visits of "corrective" diversified general chiropractic manipulation. The upper cervical doctor said the patient finally caught on when she could see the other 4 patients in the same room as she was all getting the same procedures! She got her first upper cervical adjustment and her headache, C-spine pain, lumbar spine pain already have started to resolve but what's most impressive is that she used to take Tylenol PM 4 nights a week for her insomnia and now can lie down relaxed and go to sleep naturally.

I had a couple interesting cases recently. One is a case of a woman with a multiple sclerosis/ALS like demyelinating condition that the MD's are having a tough time diagnosing. She has had three major accidents and one was smashing her rear on the bottom of the pool three years ago. Unfortunately she cannot hold her atlas correction more than 5-7 days, due to the prior traumas, but she has experienced remarkable change in leg strength, energy and balance.

The importance of upper cervical x-rays .....

A healthy active 26 y/o female he met at a spinal screening came into his office with mild neck pain but mainly lower back pain. The upper cervical x-rays showed NO odontoid - congenital agenesis. Flexion/extension views showed abnormal travel in the UC spine of C-1/C-0. He sent the patient out for a neurological consultation; MRI etc. and they discovered 11mm of atlas slippage as the posterior arch indented the cord/medulla. Thus, they surgically fused the segment. Could you imagine "cranking on that segment" without x-rays.

Another screening patient comes in this year with mild arm and neck pain, paresthesia. It was tough taking a blood pressure reading due to anterior head bearing. Guess what the upper cervical doctor finds? Burst fracture of C-1 with 4 clear voids in the ring. The upper cervical doctor concludes his message in a very wise fashion stating, "Patients have a clear right to know these things prior to getting work done on those areas." Filming the C-spine is not an option, it is a patient right!

A 60 y/o woman who fell off her bike face first onto the pavement 3 months prior to seeing him. She brought in two separate sets of films. He took a full set of upper cervical chiropractic views. While prone as she was trying to get up, she had to grasp her forehead with her hand to elevate the head. The doctor checked the films and the A-P view showed a fractured odontoid - she was referred out and placed in a halo cast.

One case was a 7 y/o girl who slid head first into a tree. She was taken to emergency and x-rays and a brain scan were considered negative. The upper cervical doctor for a brief time considered not x-raying because she was so young and just had a complete series done at the hospital. Despite objections from the parents, he took a cervical series and found fractures from C-1-4 and the child was placed in a halo cast. When the upper cervical doctor sent the patient back to the hospital once he found the fractures, the radiologist saw the films and started dictating into his recorder, "Multiple cervical fractures following chiropractic manipulation...!

Prejudice, bigotry, ignorance, propaganda, discrimination against chiropractic. Call it what you like, but it's rife in the medical world.

A patient came in last week who has been experiencing crushing hook-shaped headaches stemming from the occiput to the ocular orbits to the point that everything from Darvon, Vicodin, to Emetrex would not touch nor alter the level of pain. Every physician he'd seen had little to offer. Three days following his atlas adjustment the patient was so filled with joy as his intense cranial pain had completely disappeared! By the way, this is the first time the patient has not had these daily headaches since 1985!

I recently had a patient come in after the neurosurgeons and orthopedists had no idea what to do with him. He entered the office with his right arm held up and behind his head which was the only position that would slightly reduce the excruciating neck and arm pain. The C-spine MRI showed a 7 mm disc bulge. Despite the fact that the pain had been present for many months, within six weeks of the atlas adjustment, the pain has completely resolved. This patient brought in a friend with the same problem which resolved immediately after upper cervical care.

A 24 y/o Downs patient started with him a few weeks ago. She had severe behavioral problems and goes into fits of rage. Her neck was quite wide as often seen in Down's cases, but there was ample room to contact the transverse process and the patient's obvious 3 mm ASR that was seen on the upper cervical views was unlocked. She has remained clear and has not had a bad behavior day nor one tantrum since the atlas was cleared. There has been none of the incessant rocking she had engaged in daily prior to being adjusted. As a side note, she went deaf from antibiotics that her MD gave her for ear infections.

This woman has had thoracolumbar scoliosis for well over 30 years and had the Harrington rods surgically installed, but has had neck pain and lower back pain for the past 3 decades. Nothing helped including strong medications. She came to see and upper cervical chiropractor out of desperation over a year ago. Her pain is completely gone except for a little arthritis pain in her left hand. The x-rays have shown phenomenal changes in the afflicted areas. Upper Cervical is so much fun if you understand it and give Innate time to unwind the years of damage.

A 3rd generation upper cervical doctor told recently about an interesting case she has in her office. This 29 y/o female came in with excruciating teeth pain, jaw pain, ear pressure/pain, cervicalgia, and headaches. She had been referred to a TMJ specialist who told her to have her atlas corrected before undergoing his treatment. TMJ syndrome was officially diagnosed in 2002. She had a "paresthesia episode" of the face in 2005 following routine dental work and the severe pain started following general dental cleaning. It escalated in 2007 to the feeling of a spoon hitting her teeth! After her first upper cervical atlas adjustment she was ecstatic with the amount of relief she experienced to the point that she has referred her mom (post polio syndrome) and dad in to be checked. As an interesting side note, she has been under general chiropractic for 10 years getting "weekly" neck manipulations for 16 years. Another general chiropractor saw her and recommended 'corrective care' of 80 visits. The upper cervical doctor states: "Sometimes it is hard to defend what some in of our profession are doing in their offices. It made me realize what a gift we have in upper cervical and how desperately the public needs it."

Another patient has been under care for quite some time but came in when it was 100 degrees and that lovely 100% Georgia humidity. Her asthma was going nuts; she could hardly breathe and was getting ready to call her internist to get a breathing treatment. Two hours after a C-2 adjustment she realized that she hadn't used her inhaler and hasn't needed it since.

Some cases sent in from a doctor which you should find interesting:

55 y/o woman had experienced insomnia for 10 years! Five days following an atlas correction, the insomnia resolved, energy level a dramatically higher, cervicalgia abated, and her head is clear for the first time in years.

Another student came in and experienced resolution of her suboccipital pain while resting post adjustment. She also noted that her vision was substantially better post atlas correction.

This male patient has had one continuous headache since 1985! He has had the crushing head pain every day without exception. The patient would be in the hospital twice a month getting a shot of Demerol because the pain would be so intense he could not sleep for three days straight. The patient went three straight weeks without a headache following the upper cervical correction only to need a second correction as the symptoms happened to return at about a 20% level. Following that adjustment, the headaches resolved again.

An 82 y/o male was brought into the office with a 3 x 7 mm disc bulges producing bilateral sciatica so severe that the patient could not walk. They had to use the Anderson x-ray chair to wheel him from the car to the x-ray room. He is on morphine patches and so many other drugs that he is knocked out all day in bed. They refused surgery and the patient was adjusted PIR atlas. He came back a week later walking on his own volition. When he came in today he can walk without a walker at times when he walks to the bathroom and is now off of 80% of his drugs.

An ex-green beret came about 3 years ago with 0 degrees R & L rotation and inability to swallow. He hadn't eaten in 3 days due to the dysphagia. By the next day following upper cervical the symptoms completely cleared. Even though the patient dropped out of care once he was asymptomatic, he brought his girlfriend in who had the exact same problem - no neck rotation and dysphagia. The next day she was only 10% better, 80% the following day, and totally symptom free by the third day with legs perfectly balanced and a strong opposite pull on the scan.

An 82 y/o woman came in to the office with a cane and bent over at a 60% angle. Right after her atlas adjustment, she felt that "warm glow" down her spine can came out of the rest area standing totally straight with no rigid back muscles.

An interesting case came in about 4 weeks ago of a 50 y/o female who presented with numerous health complaints including vertigo and shooting pains down both arms and both legs. Her biggest complaint was her inability to dance Actually she liked to dance while doing housework and could not get that joyous feeling she used to experience due to her spinal problems. Oddly enough, using Grostic analysis, the atlas was centered but a huge PL C-2 was observed. One axis adjustment and 2 weeks of healing time and her co-workers started to notice her face wasn't contorted any longer and she danced for the first time in years! The really cool part was that despite the fact she has had fusion of her lower three lumbar vertebrae and countless other treatments by medical doctors, osteopaths and general chiropractors which were of little value, Upper Cervical is resolving her condition. The doctor says "I can't imagine why anyone would want to manipulate the lower cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, or pelvis. All one has to do is assess the upper two bones of the neck, give a proper recoil adjustment, and let the body do what is does best ---- Heal!!!"

Had a new patient come in with extreme balance problems and could hardly walk. These symptoms started a few months before she initiated care as a result of a bout of pneumonia. The MD's said it was nerves in her legs and would take quite some time to heal. After a PIL atlas and ARS axis correction, the symptoms resolved in two weeks.

One case was of a young lady who had been in substantial pain for several weeks and a lifetime of insomnia. She was also experiencing numbness in her hands and lightning-like pain down her arms, which resolved pretty rapidly. Following the C-1 correction she is now sleeping through the night. The first morning she awoke after the sun was up and it 'frightened' her. She was so used to awakening in the darkness that she couldn't fathom life otherwise.

A father of this 7 month old boy said, "I'd never have brought my child in if I hadn't done so well." Anyway, his son was delivered via suction and was asymptomatic until two weeks ago. Dad digitally videoed his child and every couple minutes only in the evening while sitting the baby would reach out his right arm and then violently flex his head obliquely towards his sternum. X-rayed and adjusted (ARS C-2, and ASR C-1) and the baby went from 10 plus episodes per night to none...until four days later. The baby had to be re-adjusted at C-1 and again the symptoms abated.

A patient came in a couple weeks ago for a check-up and as the doctor walked by the front desk she gave him a big hug and thanked him for taking the time and spending the money to learn to 'do what I do.' She WAS unable to walk without a cane for years till now and has a blood clotting disorder that has mysteriously improved to the point where it is undetectable since beginning care. Quarterly blood tests for the past 15 years have been completely unstable until three months after starting upper cervical care. AWESOME!!!

Recently a 42 y/o female that had fallen 5 years ago entered as a new patient. She has had severe headaches, sciatica, insomnia, nervous stomach, no appetite, depression... since the fall. Now I think anti-depressants would fix all that, but not the upper cervical doctor, he felt adjusting her atlas was warranted! Four days later the patient came in with tears of joy hugging the doctor stating that all of her symptoms were GONE and this was after she had spent over $45,000 on her problems prior to getting the atlas adjusted.

A doctor told us of a Chiari patient she recently saw in her office. The Blair x-rays showed an ASR C-1 of about 3 mm and a C-2 PRI-ARS. The doctor adjusted C-1 about a week ago and the correction has held with C-2 not showing any need to be addressed. Prior to the adjustment, the patient was having 3-4 major seizures per night and a constant headache with a severity of 10 on the pain scale! He is now down to one seizure about every two days and his headache, while still constant, is down to a 4. Many other quality of life changes are occurring. He now can sit and watch TV and enjoy the programs for the first time in ages.

This 34 y/o female started care with him in March 2007 with a history that started out with slight tinnitus, followed by severe vertigo, progressing to the point where she could not drive nor walk without assistance. A year after all these symptoms initiated, she started to experience facial tightness that eventually intensified to severe head pain to the entire head and face. When she started upper cervical care she mentioned she was very angry with her full spine chiropractor who she had been seeing twice a week for 18 months!

Following her first atlas adjustment, within seconds the head pain dropped 80%. Within a month the head/face pain was gone and within 4 months the vertigo was 90% resolved (she could now drive and walk without assistance).

As an interesting side note, by November the patient noticed funny eye movements followed by flashing lights which went on for a couple weeks and then abated. The woman's mother started care recently and mentioned how wonderful her daughter was doing and when the doctor mentioned the flashing lights, the mother stated that her daughter had light flashes and eye movement in first grade that lasted 2 years and then went away. Retracing perhaps!!

A young man who was suicidal and believed that "Upper Cervical care is BS" came in and the doctor let him have it with both barrels (philosophically). On exam a -28 degree kyphosis was seen on x-ray with a 4 mm ARS C-2 and a bilateral AS C-1 that was 3 mm. After the adjustments and rest, the patient came out with all his color returned, big smile on his face, and mentioned, "I feel fantastic!" The father was so thrilled that he signed up the whole family. The doctor's conclusion, "When you are clear, you can turn anyone's life around!!!"

A new patient came in last week because of bilateral knee pain but once she heard the Upper Cervical story, she immediately agreed to care. Her first adjustment was an ASL-LTC atlas which had probably been locked for about 24 years. There was an immediate headache on the left side of her face and her hearing changed. Then the heart started racing and she became dizzy. After the rest her symptoms finally subsided and doctor explained that a neck which has been locked one way for more than two decades will awaken many things. The woman has been depressed since age 8, tons of food allergies, and is being "categorized" as a medical nuisance by a number of MD's (she was refused care once when she went into respiratory distress!) Her goal is to be off all meds within 10 years (try 10 months). One the next visit, she was HOLDING her adjustment! She got her first full nights sleep in 20 years (she used to get up 10 times a night to go to the bathroom) and all sorts of pins and needles, brief transient headaches... this indicates damaged areas are awakening. A bump at the C-7 level post MVA is now absent and she awoke without pain where otherwise her whole body would hurt.

A female in her mid 60's started upper cervical care 4 weeks ago. She has a history of 2 recent meningitis attacks, one which left her in a coma for 6 weeks. She came out of the coma hearing her son and ex-husband (both MD's) discussing the possibility of putting her on life support! The MRI confirmed a tear in the Dura Mater which is related to continuous post nasal drip which contains CSF.

After adjusting a PIR C-1, she reported extreme fatigue, low grade fever, and head to toe muscular pain. During the retracing, she slept for 18 hours and has had gradual increased cervical range of motion and decreased pain. Most interesting is the fact that the post nasal drip has almost stopped. She would go though 3 boxes of Kleenex per week and now has stopped carrying the Kleenex.

The doctor says the real miracle is that she was able to cancel surgery to repair her blood brain barrier.

Had a 4 year old boy start a month ago,... trachea tube, under-development, CPAP breathing machine at night to stay alive, autism, and chronic sinus/chest congestion. Had been to see a full spine chiropractor and experienced some mild relief from the congestion, so the mother was happy. I had given a lecture for several parents with disabled children and she brought him in to get checked. We performed a base posterior, did the Duff analysis, determined a right sided laterality, and got the child adjusted for the first time. Have checked him and re-adjusted twice. Mother came in 2 weeks ago explaining how her son improved so much with his breathing that they don't use the CPAP machine during the day for his naps and he breathes on his own at night, but they still use the machine. His disposition has changed so that he is hugging his parents, playing with friends, petting the animals at petting zoos, where he used to shy away from most contact. She said that after the first adjustment his nose drained brown mucus for a week until it ran clear and finally stopped. She almost broke down in tears when she explained how he is eating solid food for the first time in his life, because he is now able to swallow!!!

A patient who had SEVERE multiple sclerosis and at the age of 54 was in a wheelchair, could barely lift his hands to move the levers on the chair, and was given a couple more years to live. After starting care, the symptoms gradually eased and now at the age of 76, he drives his motor home cross country and has TOTAL body function! This couple says, if you know anyone with MS, they can call me day or night and I will tell them of the miracle of Upper Cervical!!!

"A 50 y/o woman started care two weeks ago. Some time ago she had surgery at a local hospital and was sent home after a week to continue to recuperate. Her husband felt "a hunch" that he should check on her and went into the room where she was resting. When he walked in, he found her dead-no breathing and no heart rate. She was actually dead. Immediately the husband called 911 and started CPR. The paramedics successfully restarted her heart. Although she lived, having gone without oxygen for 3 minutes to her brain, the neurologist said that it had "killed" parts of her brain and she may never be the same. Sadly, the mood and personality centers were affected the most. Her mother noted that her daughter was "lifeless" most of the time. She said he daughter had gone from "out-going & bubbly" to "mostly staring out the window like a zombie" and would rarely say anything. Also she has had left hip replacement surgery and 2 lumbosacral surgeries and must walk with a cane. Every step was painful and it was even painful to watch her walk. The upper cervical doctor found a misaligned atlas and adjusted it. When she came in on the second visit she could walk easier and was talking more. On the third visit, she walked in without her cane (which she no longer uses!) and was engaging in full conversation. Her mom is ecstatic that she "has her daughter back."

A 7 y/o has had 30 surgeries mostly on her respiratory system. Her mother had taken her to a massage therapist and the neck muscles were so rigid that the therapist sent her to Ben. X-rays were taken and a PIR correction was given. The little girl was frightened at first but smiled shortly afterwards. On their way home the girl told her mom she felt different, no pain. The mom is so excited as her daughter is finally breathing normally!!!

Today a patient of mine, who has cared for foster children for the past two decades, brought her 4 year old she had just adopted a month ago.  From ages 0-4 months she had 4 "known" hospitalized shaken baby episodes resulting in grand mal seizures, along with a punch to the kidneys! The 4 y/o has verbal and social skills of a 1 y/o, cortical blindness, seizures, ...  It took three of us to hold the child down for x-rays (she could kick for the Niners!) and three of us to hold her down for her ALS C-2 and ASL C-1 corrections. Oddly enough after the adjustment, she was smiling and we were all of a sudden her friends. I don't know how much Innate can accomplish, but we are sure going to do all we can to keep the nervous system clear!!!

One month later -   the sad case of a 4 y/o girl who had suffered 4 "known" shaken baby episodes requiring hospitalization and due to the brain trauma, functions like a one year old. There have been no major observable changes since 3 of us restrained her on the table to adjust the atlas, but she has started to hug and high-five me. Because of her cortical blindness, she can see forms but cannot make out what the objects happens to be.  Last week a car pulled up next to her with a puppy in the back seat and she pointed and said, "DAAAWG."  Limitation of matter may start to exceed its limits!!!

I was hoping that you'd be impressed with the first patient who had been experiencing crushing constant headaches for 6 months straight, I'm talking the ever-present kind that are even there when you get up to go to the bathroom at night. She had to drop out of high school because she couldn't concentrate. Anyway, the headaches resolved in three weeks, NEVER to return. Her cervical curve went from -15 to +17 within three months and held her original atlas correction 8 months!!!

The doctor wrote me that he recently had a patient start care who had been "everywhere" in failed attempts to resolve persistent dizziness symptoms. The patient came in and saw one of the doctors at the clinic. The patient had both mastoids blocking access to the atlas transverse processes.  When they took Blair films, they found both an ASR and an ASL (with 4 mm displacement). After two side-opposite posterior arch C-1 corrections, there was dramatic relief by the time the patient left the clinic.

Upper cervical doctor called me about a patient he has seen recently who happens to be one of the pioneer surfers in Manhattan Beach and at age 60 surfs the huge waves, jumping off cornices. She was injured two years ago and has been almost immobile due to crushing lower back and cervical spine pain. As tough as she is, she cried for about 5 minutes straight in the consultation.  Wouldn't you know it, following the atlas adjustment and the rest, she came out into the front office with absolutely NO lower back or neck pain.

One of my first new patients came in with post stroke symptoms. She had unilateral facial paralysis, drooling, gait disturbances, speech was slurred, and a gradual vertigo where she would slowly tilt to the side until she'd tip over.  Trying to x-ray her without headclamps was a "keystone cops comedy" as I would get ready to fire the machine and she'd almost be on the floor. I'd quickly run over and straighten her up and then when I reached the machine she would have fallen again.  Eventually I got the films on her and adjusted the atlas. It took about two months but she regained all of her faculties.

You may have heard about the man from Dubuque, Iowa who had his atlas adjusted and his left eye, which had been totally blind for 12 years, returned to normal.

To get the full story, make sure you check out http://www.kcrg.com/news/local/13718517.html

He had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six years ago. He was knocked unconscious a number of time playing football and has had 15 years of seizures. These episodes would result in both arms going into rigid extension for about 15 seconds many times a day. Wouldn't you know it, within a few short weeks, the seizures have dramatically abated. 

A 17 y/o boy who would experience the same rigid arm extension for about 15 seconds, multiple times a day.  Having had 3 straight months without a seizure (he still gets the aura but not the seizure) as a result of upper cervical care, the parents are thrilled, but confused. Why are they confused? At a routine visit to the neurologist, upon hearing about the Upper Cervical care, he forbade her from bringing her son in for UC adjustments, stating, "You should never have the neck adjusted."  The mom replied, "But, after 7 years of seizures, he hasn't had one seizure in the past 3 months due to adjusting the upper neck!"

A Parkinson's patient who fell off the rings in gymnastics as a youth and would have similar spasms, arm extension seizures,...Despite a 3 hour round trip needed to get UC care, the man claims to already  be 60% better after only two weeks of care!!!

An interesting case of a man who has had "completely clogged" sinuses the past 20 years!  Right on the adjusting table, the sinuses opens and have remained that way since.  Of course I doubt chiropractic could help sinus problems as I had a patient who is a maxillo-facial surgeon who commented when I talked about chiropractic and sinus relief, "That's impossible, there are no nerves in the sinuses!!!"

A little boy with five siblings start care. He was unable to walk, no bowel movements, not crawling, severe torticollis, and difficulty swallowing.  The parents had to travel 45 minutes each way three times a week for three months. At the end of this period, to the amazement of his physicians, he was walking, regular BMs, eating regularly and just a normal, regular kid. The local paper printed an article titled "LITTLE BOY WALKS AFTER STARTING CHIROPRACTIC CARE."

Have this 5 foot tall female equestrian. She was dumped off her horse 12 years ago and the horse fell on her causing constant lower back and right sciatica with a very pronounced limp. One month after having her atlas adjusted, not only did the lower back pain completely resolve, but so did the limp...never to return. She came in yesterday and told me a cow did not want to have her hooves trimmed and subsequently flung her across the paddock into a cement wall.  She claims she to have been improperly adjusted by an "unlicensed bovine!!!"

A case of a female in her 40's, 6 month Hx of severe vertigo, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, ataxia, photophobia,...She has been off work for some times and just stopped by upper cervical doctor’s office (by chance) as he was closer than her other DC.  That doc was seeing her for hip pain. The eye movements were so bad she could hardly perform any of the cranial nerve tests. She broke down in tears and curled up in a ball on the consultation floor and mentioned she was "at the end of her rope!"  Even the stripes in his shirt made her nauseated. Anyway, she was adjusted atlas ASR(RTC),  but not much changed the first two weeks. The doctor is very talented and knows that it takes time to heal and did not adjust more due to lack of subjective improvement. Eventually the pattern returned, C-1 was re-adjusted, and within minutes 70% of these chronic symptoms resolved. WOW ..were the words she used.  Now 4 weeks into care she is asymptomatic 90% of the and only notices the symptoms returning when she reads in bed at night.  She is back to work full time and, by the way, the hip pain is gone too.

I must be getting a little scary to patients. Today I had to talk to a 20 y/o male new patient for about 20 minutes to get permission to adjust him. A minus 5 degree kyphosis and spondylosis already at C-5 due to hockey injuries may have skewed his skills to absorb information. Another young adult male patient last week got his first atlas adjustment and started crying right on the table. (I know, that's how most of my patients react!) He suffered from esophageal reflux which consists of reguritation of stomach acid into the esophagus with intense burning, gas, digestive difficulties, and inability to lie supine. Left uncorrected the acid burns will usually start changing the character of the cells and surgically shortening the esophagus is not an option. On the very next visit he told me his esophageal reflux (GERD) symptoms completely cleared and he no longer sleeps on three pillows!!!

Dr. Drew Hall has a patient who flies in from Korea as she has experienced constant headaches and daily seizures for the past 27 years. Following the Upper Cervical correction, she held for 2 months and had NO headaches nor seizures the whole time. When the problems returned, a local Korean acupuncturist manipulated her and the symptoms dramatically worsened. The woman has flown 5 patients in to see Dr. Hall and keeps imploring him to set up a clinic in Korea. She will then fly him out once a month and fill the office with new patients.

Had a 28 y/o male diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia who has been having multiple voices arguing away in his head for the past 16 years. RIGHT after his atlas adjustment, the voices have stopped for the past 5 days!!!

He has another patient, a 14 month old girl who has been having clonus type full body contractions with the arms and legs curling at night since birth. The past week following her initial atlas correction, the spasms have completely stopped and she is "sleeping like a baby!!!"

There have been a number of dramatic recoveries seen in his clinics but one really stood out. He showed a video of an attractive, youngish woman who had been confined to a wheelchair, legs withering, persistent drooling, and basically vegetative. Despite the best medical treatment, she was given up as incurable.  Somehow, she heard about Upper Cervical (I think it was destiny!) and brought over to America. There was no immediate recovery from this chronic debilitating condition, but gradually the drooling stopped, she regained her mental alertness, and eventually was able to get out of the wheelchair!  The video of her slowing walking down the hallway and finally placing her body weight on her stick-like legs leaves you in tears.

The doctor wrote me about some Upper Cervical clients (he doesn't like the term patients) he has seen lately and get ready to get blown away:

(1) 8 y/o girl that has severe allergies and asthma. She uses her inhaler 3-4 times/week. It has been over 2 months since she used any meds at all!

(2) 38 y/o with left shoulder, arm, and hand tingling. He has been dealing with it for 5 plus years!  He has seen 2 general DC's and finally the orthopedic surgeon was sought out. He has only one correction because he has only been in the office three weeks. I checked him yesterday and his arm is back to full function and strength.

(3) 52 y/o x-ray tech from a local hospital has some low back soreness, but main complaint is insomnia. He sleeps a maximum of 4 hours a night with meds. He couldn't believe all the technology in the office being that he was an x-ray tech, he really understood the importance of quality images. When I laid him down onto the adj. table, he was so impressed with the 22" TV mounted to the adjusting table that he actually became frustrated that all doctors are not specific in their work. (Welcome to the club!) Needless to say, he only slept a few hours after the initial correction. I had checked him the following day and he was still holding. He has been under care for 7 weeks now and he has slept a minimum of 7 hours a night. He just cannot believe it!

(4) 66 y/o with severe scoliosis, high BP, LB pain, vertigo, and the list goes on. She is on seven meds and before I corrected her spine, I had her take off her shoes and stand up as tall as she could against the wall. I used a carpenter's square against her head and the wall and placed a mark on the wall.  I made the correction and rested her for 1 1/2 hours. Woke her up and scanned her spine. She cleared well. I had her stand up against the wall again and measured her with the square and she grew over 1/4". The best thing about this case is that she has been under care for 3 weeks and is still holding her correction AND IS STILL MEASURING at the higher measured wall markings. Thanks Innate!!!

In the class I gave this weekend I mentioned a 5 year old girl who had fallen on her face directly onto the hardwood floor and shortly afterwards developed nausea, constant vomiting, fever, loss of right arm function, pallor, insomnia, inability to articulate, and brain fog. The hospital staff originally thought it was meningitis. The UC x-rays showed a large C-1 displacement (exactly how her head and neck struck the floor), & scan and leg balance tests confirmed C-1 involvement. On the way home post correction, she started speaking again, vomiting stopped, color returned,... The next visit she was clear and was released a couple weeks later. (On the last visit she high fived me and said "I want to be a neck doctor.") The pre lateral x-ray showed a -6 reversed neck curve, post showed a normal 31 degree curve. If we were in Sweden, you cannot adjust a child under the age of 16. SHE WOULD HAVE HAD TO WAIT 11 YEARS TO GET HER ATLAS ADJUSTED!!!

I have a 5 year old patient with ALOPECIA AREATA (she has lost most of her hair). She has been under medical care getting cortisone shots, which seemed to work for a few months. The hair fell out again. We treated her the last week in March, she started growing hair two months later (no medical intervention) and now she has a full head of hair (minus a line down the front center). She starts Kindergarten this month with a full set of hair. Her mother is quite pleased with her child's remarkable progress! 

Upper Cervical doc wrote me today about a woman who started with her two years ago with a long list of symptoms. One of her major problems was infertility and she was about to start "in vitro fertilization."  Six weeks into care, the patient reported that she felt nausea, dizziness, and extreme fatigue...you guessed it, the woman was pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby boy! 

Two months ago she took the boy to the MD because he wasn't talking and the MD said the boy "had the hearing of an old man."  Tubes were to be inserted, but mom wanted to know if chiropractic could help. He had two adjustments in 5 weeks and when the boy was returned to the MD, they found he was learning a new word every day, no surgery was needed, and the MD said, "He hears better than you and me!!!"

He also mentioned a case of a 20 y/o woman with paranoid schizophrenia who over the past couple years would only speak few words and hasn't spoken at ALL for the past year.  A couple weeks into care after getting her atlas corrected and she is talking her head off and the parents are STUNNED to have their normal daughter back. 

A patient whose kidney was removed as a child and the patient has had insomnia, constant headaches, and thermoregulatory problems (wears layers of clothes when it is 90 degrees out). Symptoms have all abated following atlas corrections.

He has another schizophrenic who walked and talked like an 80 year old and had been dropped on his head at age two. Four weeks into care and the meds have been dramatically reduced, there are no more delusional thoughts, and the patient feels there is hope to escape the prison of mental illness.  Healing does take time but he has a patient with a 58 degree scoliosis and the 2 1/2 " drooped shoulder levelled out IMMEDIATELY following the atlas correction!!!

A 13 y/o girl started care who has been having chronic migraines for over 8 years. She suffers 3-4 migraines (w/o aura) per week, and has had a constant tension type headache. She also suffers from acute anxiety disorder, insomnia, and has had several panic attacks a month. She missed 52 days of school last year! Has been under care 5 weeks, 3 atlas corrections, no migraine since day one, sleeping 10 hours a night, no panic attacks, anxiety minimal. She is a wonderful artist and can now continue to develop her amazing talent. She recently drew a self portrait for my kids corner, a beautiful smiling picture of a girl, full of life!!!

Case (1) is a Parkinson's case with persistent tremors in both her arms and legs. Within one week, the tremors have dramatically dropped and the strength is coming back into her arms!

Case (2) is a 27 y/o female with atopic dermatitis on her face, both arms, and the back of her neck.  He said it almost looked like chicken skin as there were mounds of red flaking scaly nasty appearances on the skin. Six weeks into care and ONE atlas adjustment and the face is clear and the arms and neck are 70% better! 

Case (3) A woman with head tremor and pancreatitis started under care. Within two months the pancreatitis symptoms abated. The head tremor cleared shortly after starting care, so once the symptoms resolved, she dropped out of care. A friend had to tell her she needed to come back in because the head tremors came back! Doh!

Had a 35 y/o female start last week with typical UC problems. She has constant right C-1,2 pain, dysphagia, right brachial neuralgia & elbow tendinitis, bilateral ocular pressure & pain, and insomnia. Classic ASL C-1 and an ALS C-2. Because the symptoms have been present for a decade, she is thrilled to finally find a solution.

A 5 y/o patient whose birth was expedited with vacuum extraction and she presented in the office with episodes of involuntary pseudo-torticollis...forceful flexion and rotation (very similar to my patient Mason in The Power of Upper Cervical www.thepowerofuppercervical.com).The mother mentioned that the evenings were the worse, the child would scream, hit her head against the pillow, and yell "I don't want to do this anymore!"  Pattern was present, fossa scan irregular, leg check out of balance,... so the child was adjusted, finger contact toggle.  She has held her initial correction a month with no evidence of pattern returning. Her parents reported NO episodes of neck spasm, pain, or unstable posture.

She wrote me recently about a 70 y/o woman with severe hip pain. The woman wants to avoid surgery and now the pain is switching back and forth as Innate is balancing the pelvic girdle. The interesting thing about this case is the fact that the patient is undergoing intense pain and tightness EXACTLY where she had hysterectomy decades ago as she is RETRACING! BTW, there are numerous studies showing that a hysterectomy permanently compromises the integrity of the pelvis producing chronic LB and hip pain due to cutting of the internal ligaments---kind of like knocking a few supports away from the foundation on your house!!!

I have this 34 y/o male who started with me almost a year ago having been referred in from a local PT. Although he has done well, he seemed perpetually dissatisfied with the care and I was almost to the point of asking him to move on, as his negativity permeated the office. Yesterday, he told me, "Not only has my back, neck, and arm pain resolved but I never told you I was on very strong anti-depressant medication. I was always angry, snapped at my wife continually,... Over the past month, I've no longer needed the medication (which really wasn't working anyway) and all the suicidal thoughts I used to have are gone." 

I had my first and only Upper Cervical adjustment almost 3 weeks ago for my severe back, neck and headache pain that has disabled me for years.  I had immediate relief in my neck after the procedure, which was very subtle compared to a normal chiropractic adjustment. The next morning, I woke to the sound of silence for the first time in years. The tinnitis was gone.  I've had recurrence of it, which is part of the 'retracing process' as the body rights itself.  But I'm certain that the ringing is a thing of the past. 
But, that's just the icing on the cake, for me.  My pain level is drastically reduced.  Instead of my normal 3-4 vicodins a day, I take none.  I haven't needed a pain pill in a week.  I'd given up hope, and was told by my world-renowned doctors to abandon hope.  Now I have my life back, after one adjustment.  Oh, and my wife is also a patient.  She was getting ready for lower back surgery, and 6 weeks later, she's much improved, and there's no way a surgeon's going to touch her, now that we know about Upper Cervical Care.

A 3 y/o boy is one of five siblings raised by very holistic parents (home births, midwives, no vaccines,...) but there were some complications with his birth. An emergency C-section was needed at the hospital and the cord was wrapped around his neck and the Apgar score was 2 or 3. At the age of 1, he started having breathing problems like his older brother and is wheezing whenever he runs or exerts himself, often ending up at the hospital needing frequent breathing treatments after a severe event.  Three weeks ago after the most recent event which kept him in the hospital three days, his grandmother, who had started care with Dr. Schurger, was intrigued by the story of Dr. Blair and his respiratory ailments. (Most of you know, Dr. Blair's lung damage was so severe, his doctors felt he wouldn't live beyond age 25. Upper cervical almost tripled his life span!)  Dr. Schurger took x-rays, found a left atlas, corrected the subluxation, and the child fell asleep on the way home. He has not needed any breathing treatment since the first atlas correction and is no longer wheezing when he breathes.

Last night I had a patient make it for her 3rd visit. She had ME sit down in my scanning chair first, b/c she had something she wanted to tell me. She hadn't taken ANY vicodin yesterday, and she was able to clean up her daughters house (she was babysitting) without any pain! And just last week she was begging for a renewal for her Rx of vicodin from her MD. She took 2 on Sunday, and needed none since!!! We ended up talking for 2 hours last night so she could fully understand this UC thing, and she's on the phone to everyone she knows about how well she's doing.

This came from a patient that I had seen last night...

I wouldn't believe it if you'd have told me, but you got rid of ALL but a tiny amount of pain. It hurt just to open my eyes before I came in to see you tonight. I still cannot believe you could stop pain of that magnitude. My neck, under the shoulderblade, base of skull, head and even my ear on the left side. It's all gone! You certainly picked the right line of work to be in Doc.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

A patient diagnosed with multiple sclerosis had been seen by multiple doctors. One of her symptoms was chronic constipation. 45 Seconds after her first atlas adjustment she ran down to the restroom!

Had a patient start with him last Friday and the guy was filled with 100 questions. Drew found the guy had disc bulges of 7-8 mm from C-3-7 with bilateral arm pain & atrophy, LB pain/sciatica and disc degeneration, HA, dizziness,... Drew adjusted the atlas and the next day the patient came in with 80% reduction of the arm pain but a slight increase in the LB pain (as the pelvis was repositioning back towards normal) and yet the guy was filled with 100 more questions. Drew finally asked, "Are you an engineer?" The patient said , "No I'm a medical doctor and cannot figure how I'm doing so much better but you didn't do anything!”

Mary is 57 years young and had a skull fracture and concussion at the age of 6.  She has also had two whiplash injuries through separate car accidents.  She began care with us 1 month ago, August 28, and was referred in by her psychiatrist whose son has had wonderful results through Upper Cervical care.  In her initial consultation, she explained that she has had a constant noise in her head that has been slowly progressing but has been almost unbearable for the last 4 years.  The noise is described as a "hissing" or "rushing" noise and makes it difficult for her to hear as well as think - and is present CONSTANTLY.  At one point, she explained she was taking 50 PILLS A DAY at which point I explained to her that if I took that many pills in one day it would probably kill me, if not make me horribly ill.  Anyway, she is now DOWN TO 20 PILLS A DAY - before starting care.  She is always moving both arms and some part of her body, it seems to me to be either a side effect from the toxicity or an Innate reaction as a distraction to the noise in her head. 

She received her 1st upper cervical adjustment on September 2.  The resting time was next to impossible for her, due to the aforementioned constant movements but she "persevered" for an hour resting time.  The next visit, on September 5, she told me the noise in her head was greatly reduced and she is CONVINCED that UC 'Tic will be the answer she has been praying for!  After her next correction, on September 19, she fell asleep in the reclining chair FOR 1 1/2 HOURS!  I let her sleep and after she woke up she said that that was the best sleep she has had in years, and again said she has absolute certainty that she is going to get well - for the first time in 4 years she has hope.  Thanks Innate for doing the work and thanks BJ for sharing with us the working PRINCIPLE. 

One lady could not raise her right arm above shoulder height after falling from a vehicle about three years earlier.  The Md's told her she would never regain use of her arm again to normal.  After 1 atlas adjustment she had full range of motion and no more pain.  Another mom brought her 14 yr old daughter in who had numbness over her entire right shoulder blade and down her right arm for 1 yr.  She was on 6! different meds for arthritis.  She  had "PT" and no help.  We adjusted C1 and as soon as she got off the table she had feeling back in her arm and no more pain.  The mom started crying and searching in her purse for something to give me, but I told her I was just glad to see her daughter better.  The people began lining up to see the chiropractor until we had to stop taking appointments.

Had a 31 y/o male electrician start care last week who has had constant numbness and loss of function down his left arm for 2 years. MRI confirmed herniated discs from C-5-7 and he has followed the usual route, cortisone injections, spinal block, PT, pain specialists,... and to be honest, based on testing him, I really felt that he had no choice but to go for spinal fusion, as the pain was so unrelenting.  I said "we will do a two week trial period, and if there are no changes, I'm sending you off to my neurosurgeon."  Wouldn't you know it, 2 days after the atlas correction, no change. One week later the pain is 80% resolved. I cannot tell you how many patients over the years that I "demanded" they get surgery (toe drop, leg, atrophy, loss of bladder control,..) only to have the patient "blatantly disregard" my orders and eventually have Innate repair the damage.

I just wanted you to know I am seeing a Dr.J.L. Rowe here in OKC and my glossopharyngeal is gone and won't be back. My feet have hurt for years and the pain is gone and my neck And back no longer hurt. It is amazing what Dr. Rowe is doing. It saved my life. I am telling everyone I know and people are getting help they hadn't gotten before.  I am seeing people go in to see him and walking out with NO PAIN!!!! I wouldn't of believed it If I hadn't seen it for myself. It is AMAZING!!!! THANKS for the information

(1) Jim, (my husband) went after trying everything he could to get out of it. He was having a hard time breathing and had a sore  foot and figured it was  a bone spur. He came out from seeing the doctor and breathing heavy and saying "I can breath. I can breath. And said my foot don't hurt either.

(2) My sister-in- law came to see him with back problems and facing more back surgery, and asked how she felt when he got done and said she couldn't tell any difference, got back in the pickup and she just froze and said "My back don't hurt, My back don't hurt and feet and hands aren't tingling  (?) Said this morning they still weren't hurting.   Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

(3) My grand son that has autism is already responding.

(4) Just wanted to let you know a few things about 2 of the people I have sent. The little boy who has been blind since being hit by a car told me he is starting to see things, he said he could see a white car on the way to church and he could tell me the color of a gum ball I had.  Before he could only see shadows.

(5) The girl in the wheelchair who is in high school said she is feeling tingling in her toes (she's had no feeling for years) and she has no bladder control and was woke up for the first time in the middle of the night to go.

An older woman started care with me a few years ago looking to have some help with her knees. She had real trouble walking, would tend to have increased trouble after traveling especially flying. She had little energy and found herself in real need for pain medication. She came in two weeks ago after about two years under care and I realized that I was looking at a different person. She appeared twenty years younger; spending an hour on the treadmill daily and having no troubles traveling. She hasn't noticed knee issues in a year and said she has a new lease on life. The kicker, she's had maybe 7 adjustments in two years. Atlas only

This middle aged attorney has lead a life of extreme sports having been knocked unconscious five times.  A few years ago he leaped over a fence, impaled his calf on the fence, and pitched forward striking his head severely against the pavement. His list of symptoms became endless with 50% loss of function in both arms, brain fog, constant headaches. Thus, he was sent to a neurosurgeon who then performed a bilateral "foraminotomy" from C-4-7 (Roto Rootered the IVF) ….damaging the arm nerves in the process. They took out too much bone, destabilizing the neck, and a few weeks later when he flexed his C-spine, the disc ruptured. The next surgery was a total spinal fusion from C-3-7 with steel rods and multiple screws. The patient was very skeptical upon entering the doctor's office but the shy doc pointed his finger in the man's face and said, "I'm the last doctor you will need to see!" Following the atlas correction, the patients face turned red and he fell into a deep sleep. The following day, the doc got this e-mail from the woman who referred him in: I am so glad he came to see you, I knew you would like him, he reminds me of you!!! He called me last night on his way home and said he knows something happened...then this morning he called again and is so excited he is not in pain for the first time in years!!! Yea...so happy you will work with his whole family...he is the BEST and a great attorney if you ever need one!!!

Recently he told a new MS patient with a -8 degree kyphosis that it would probably take a year to fix the curve and the subluxation. The patient held the adjustment beautifully and didn't say a word about the MS symptoms, as instructed. After 3 month of care he overheard the patient telling someone in the waiting room, "After my first adjustment the weakness and burning in my legs was better by 80% and it is still doing well!" When Dr. Mehl asked her why she didn't say anything, she reminded him of "his rules." Dr. Mehl's new rules with MS patients are, "I will not discuss symptoms unless the news is good!!!"

Here is something cool that happened today that I wanted to share. Ms. C came in as a referral from her husband whom came to us with Menieres. He had great results so he sent in his wife. Ms. C is in her early 60's, she has had "back problems" since high school (along with a whole list of health issues).

Every pair of shoes she owns has had a built up heal to "help her hips level out". Nearly 2 inches! I determined she had a Head/Neck misalignment causing her to experience Body Imbalance. I told her it is possible that she may have to go shoe shopping once we get her head on straight...we both laughed and I simply went about providing the care she needed. She is going shoe shopping for the first time in 40+ years. Ladies how big a deal is that? Enjoy Innate's work! Legs & pelvis levelled. Healing power is ON!

Here is one amazing story from Hickory, NC... Mr. C and his wife came into our office last Thursday. As I entered the consultation room, I saw a very sad couple. As I introduced myself, Mr. C wife began telling me her husband’s story. "We have been everywhere! We have travel to DUKE, Winston, Raleigh, ect.,ect. - No one can tell us why my husband is in this wheel chair!", she said very emotionally. She then told me about seeing the TV infomercial and said, "You are our last hope." He has been in the wheel chair for a little over a year and seems to be getting worse. He told me that his legs feel like concrete. We went through the entire consult in which Mr. C had very little to say. He only wanted one thing...He plainly asked, "Can you get me out of this wheel chair?" I told Mr. C and his wife several times that my goal was to determine if he had a problem that I could fix. If he does, and I can fix it, then I expect healing to begin...so lets go! We then went to my exam/correction center. I explained the upper cervical chiropractic story and how the Head/Neck misalignment could be causing his body to dysfunction. They both told me that what I had said made more sense then any other doctor they had traveled to see. We scanned Mr. C with the Tytron. We found pressure at the level of his Brain stem. I showed Mr. C and his wife through several scans that there clearly was a constant and consistent pressure reading at the level of Mr. C Brain stem. I then told them that we needed to take the next step and take a set of Upper Cervical Xrays. On Mr. C lateral cervical, we found his Atlas at NEGATIVE 11 degrees...pointing down towards his chin. I came back to the xray suite and told them I believe I have found the cause of your problem. Then I finished with the set of films. This was last Thursday. Mr. C and his wife returned Friday for there Xray report and his first correction. I explain the major problem we had found and I told them that I was going to do my best to get the pressure off. We got Mr. C out of the wheel chair and onto the side posture table. We then tried to release the pressure found at Mr. C Brain stem. I then rested him for 30 mins. Mr. C has also been constipated for months and struggle to have a bowel movement. Mr. C didn't get to rest the full rest due to the urge to get to the restroom. After he returned from the restroom, I asked if he had any luck. He told me no...false alarm. I told Mr. C and his wife, " I don't think it was a false alarm, maybe just the beginning of something good." -whether they believed me or not I don't know. I then post scanned Mr. C and found that things had changed, but I wouldn't consider the post scan as great. They came back in Monday. I asked if the bowels began to move. They said NO...just several "false alarms". I told them, "thats ok...lets give it time." I then scanned Mr. C to see how things were looking. The pattern was dead on....now I RARELY adjust on the second visit. I prefer to give Innate time, but there was no change...pattern left, right, and delta. So I told Mr. C, I think we need to get in there and see if I can't get a better correction. An HIO toggle-recoil was used to correct the Head/Neck misalignment. Mr. C was rested for 45 mins without being disturbed. After his rest, I asked how he was doing and he said, "Something is definitely different." I scanned Mr. C and found that we had removed the pressure. I showed it them and told them with confidence...Healing has begun, we really got it that time. Mr. C was scheduled to get checked yesterday. When it was his turn to be checked, I came around the corner to bring Mr. C back to the correction center. As I looked around the office, no wheel chair was to be found. I looked down and there was Mr. C and his wife. I said, "Looks like you are missing something day." - Mr. C and his wife both looked up and smiled. Mr. C then stood up and WALKED to the correction center. I watched in amazement! Now he didn't run or dance...but that is soon to come. Have a great day KNOWING that INNATE IS ON OUR SIDE! God Bless you:!: PS. Constipation has turned to Diarrhea....Healing power is on and Innate is on the job!

A patient came in unscheduled in obvious distress. She is usually calm and soft spoken, but was not on this visit. She complained of bilateral LBP and bilateral hip pain that had started in the am and had progressed as the day went on. She also reported feeling pain and great pressure in her right eye and no neck pain. The pt has no history of migraines. Her BP is usually low (100/60) but today was 180/68. Leg length, Prill check and scan indicated an Atlas adjustment. Immediately after the adjustment the pt reported the pressure in her right eye was lessening. 20 minutes later her systolic had dropped 40 points. I encouraged her to wait longer to see what the final result was, but she felt well and had a bus to catch so elected to leave at that point.

I recently had a case referred to me from a large pediatrics PT practice in my city after I had done a lunch n learn presentation to them describing the role of chiropractic and specifically the UC spine in ALL things pediatrics.  Anyways, the patient and very skeptical mom presented to me after 6 trips to hospital, 9 months of physical therapy, consultations with plastic surgeons and surgical opthamalogists, 2 MRIs, 1 CT scan, and 2 sets of x-rays with a complaint of Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, and multiple Craniofacial deformities.  She also had severe colic and balance/coordination problems (as you would imagine) and acid reflux and other digestive problems.  Basically this child had a terrible first year of life and despite repeated medical "torturing" (damn right I'll say it)... she was at a loss. The thermal scan and atlas fossa temps of course were showing major issues and we scheduled the ROF and first adjustment.  I adjusted her for the first time last Thursday, and then had an extremely busy day yesterday before the holiday.  However, with a waiting room full of people I was stopped dead in my tracks as I walked into the room to find this little girl 100% changed.  I picked her up and she MELTED IN MY ARMS, virtually giving me as big of a bear hug any 1 year old could give (Innate at full steam).  Not only was her torticollis gone... but so were all cranial deformities, the rigidity, the reflux, the sleeping problems, and had crawled for the first time that night!  Her mother was virtually at a loss of words and couldn't say much to me, but on the way out told my staff "tell Dr. Tony thank you for giving me my daughter back."

Dr. Neil Bossenger of Auckland, New Zealand has a video of a patient whose balance problems were very prevalent prior to getting an upper cervical adjustment and resolved afterwards.

An article from the Australian Sun Herald announcing a correlation between fluorescent lights and migraines, epilepsy, lupus, auto immune syndromes,... (Since my office is ALL fluorescence, it should be epidemic here!) Anyway, Dr. Chavez felt a more appropriate way of dealing with these conditions was correcting the atlas. He had a new patient start who has epilepsy, migraines, and depression and after just two AO atlas corrections, seizures have cleared, migraines abated, and depression had dissipated. Sure glad he turned off the lights to adjust the patient....otherwise she wouldn't have responded!!!

One of our patients came in about a month ago with a bowel obstruction as we had not seen her in about a month. She previously went to her MD and they prescribed the most powerful medication possible to help her go to the bathroom. The meds didn't move a thing on her. She came into our office with a huge bloated stomach as she had not made a bowel movement in over a week. She was in pattern. I adjusted her and before I could post scan her, she had to get up and go to the bathroom. She walked out with a straight line and emailed me the next day telling me she went to the bathroom seven times and was 3.5 lbs lighter the next day. She said thanks doc, I am not full of _ _ _ _ anymore!!!

Why does the medical community need to know about Upper Cervical? About a month ago we got a new patient referred by a physical therapist who "gets it!" Six months ago a 10 y/o boy tried jumping over a chair and landed spread eagled over the top of the chair, barely avoiding damage to his future manhood. Instead, the damage he developed was bilateral reflex sympathetic dystrophy of both legs...ending him up in a wheelchair. His mom would piggy back him from place to place as he could put no weight on either foot. He was re-examined this Monday and now he is out of the wheelchair, playing sports, and not loading down him mother's tired back....ALL FROM A SIMPLE CORRECTION OF THE BONE WHICH HOLDS UP THE SKULL!!!

Had a 32 y/o female enter his office one year ago with the diagnosis....Terminal Cancer! Her liver was four times normal size; she was gaunt, nauseated, and losing weight quickly. For all intents and purposes, she was dying rapidly. An ASR adjustment was delivered and in the first two weeks her energy started to return, color returned to her face and she had hope! She held her first correction for six weeks and instead of continuing to decline, she felt as though she was gaining strength. Her appetite returned and energy continued to climb. Each time she was out of adjustment, she knew it. She would come in tired, weak, and pale etc. After each correction, the symptoms would abate within a day. Patients become believers when they see a cause and effect relationship between their condition and their alignment. It is now over a year since she started care. Her MRI results were in a few weeks ago and show that her liver is only 20% larger than it should be! She said yesterday, "I am quite certain if I was not under this care that I would have been dead long ago."

Saw lots of kids Tuesday. One is a 14 y/o boy who wiped out a year ago face planting while skiing double black diamond slopes. Constant dizziness since (can't concentrate or focus). Nine MRI's later and they still don't know what is wrong. ASR atlas is exactly how he fell!
Second kid is a 14 y/o in a wheelchair with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy of 4 year duration referred by a PT. (We re-examined the other RSD child Monday and he is out of the wheelchair and playing soccer!) 

Lastly, we have this 3 y/o boy who is mild and loving when atlas is at home, when C-1 dislodges his behavior is completely uncontrollable. As he was having a temper tantrum today, much to the embarrassment of his mom, she picked him up and he jumped upward, smashing the top of his head into her chin. She was whiplashed requiring a correction, the trauma put his atlas back in place!!!

First I want to thank you for making this treatment available in our area.  I want to say that I feel ten years younger but I don't think I felt this good ten years ago.

One of my symptoms for which I have found great improvement is the fear of driving, especially on freeways.  I have recently reduced the dosage of Cymbalta I take for this and expect to discontinue it in the near future.  In fact, I have noticed that I experience driving differently when I am out of alignment versus in alignment regardless of the medicine's effect.  Driving phobias are one of the three most common phobias and there is very little treatment worthy of note available.

A lady told about her husband’s head shaking. I had become friends with a lady in our building who is 69 who’s head did the same. Any way one day about a month ago she was explaining to me why her head was shaking what her problem was then I gave her a my opinion. “ATLAS SUBLUXATION”. She said she was addicted to sugar as 90% of the American public is but when she got off completely her head tremors became less noticeable. She said yea I been to chiropractors and I was impressed with how much better my back felt. She is quite knowledgeable and when I mention that she had pressure against her brain stem I got her attention. She looked at me like “what could chiropractic have to with the brain stem?” She scheduled and I found the most common listing ASR and adjusted with the AO instrument. Of course the next day she came in talking about how she could turn her head better. But she was more excited about  when she laid down to go to sleep on her back her head never shook and turned to her left uncontrollably like it had been doing for so many years. That was a month ago. Every day that I see her she tells me about another change she is experiencing. She said she had a pain in her hip a couple of days ago but she just knew it is from her body healing. She remembers falling and hitting her head when she was a child and said she has never been the same.

A 32 year old male, chronic sleeping disorder, parathesias both arms/hands, stage two lung cancer. Two rounds of chemo, and the cancer came back. Met him at a screening in the summer, started adjusting him double PI. Three month re-xray gained 19 degrees of cervical lordosis. To make a long story short, the sleeping problems clear immediately with the parathesias and as of December 29th he's been 90 days cancer free. The oncologist on the case can't believe it.

6 year old female, chronic ear infections since birth, 4 failed surgeries, deaf in the left ear, 20% hearing in the right ear, and a small ASR. . The school had built a speaker system in the classroom for her and she used a hearing aid. First adjustment held 2 weeks and in the second week the instructor noticed she was covering her ears. When asked the problem she said "it's too loud"!!! so they turned off the speakers, still too loud, so they turned off the hearing aid. She's had 100% restoration in the hearing in both ears.

83 year old guy comes in Fri - looks like Spencer Tracy. Back, hip and leg pain 3 months. Hit by a train car in 1952 but had been playing golf 3x week. Can't pee right, tells me stories about his golf buddies.  Pulls me aside - tells me he was having sex regularly until 3 months ago. Life is not what he wants it. He met an old patient who moved to Apple Valley a few years ago. Tells him he wants to see a chiropractor. He has been to a few Drs and nothing. Adjusted him ASR. We are all talking in the waiting room before they head back and he gets the bathroom key. Now he had told me in the xray room that he only could sit on one of his cheeks. So, after he rested I got him up for the new post check. He has already told me his already feeling better. He sits in the chair and says now he is sitting evenly. So he comes back from the bathroom and announces that he had a strong steady stream. Very happy. Then he calls Sat morning at the office and leaves a message - everything is alright and he is "happy as a lark".

This family which has two very challenging children. The older brother has mild Autistic symptoms which completely cleared following his Upper Cervical care....only to drop out of care! When the symptoms returned, they saw the need for regular (not symptom treatment) care and brought him back in. As you guessed, within two days, he is back to normal. His younger brother is 2 and 1/2 and has mild Muscular Dystrophy and must be kept in a stroller as his gait is so bad he can only walk a few steps and then falls uncontrollably.  He was adjusted yesterday and as his mother grabbed him to place him back in the stroller, he shouted, "No, walk!" and walked out the door!!!

Saturday a girl of 16 years old came for her 2nd visit......she had missed school for 2 months was throwing up daily ....her dad did not know where to turn... They had tried 4 chiropractors with no success..... on Saturday she was 60 percent symptom free........no throwing up.....slept for the first time through the night in a while....and she is on her way to wellness.... her dad almost cried  was so happy.......

The new patient we saw Tuesday afternoon came in with an interesting problem, for the past six months every time he would drink wine or beer, he'd get a sharp headache pain spreading from the right C-1 region to the right eye. I call it the "Homer Simpson Syndrome." Anyway pre adjustment his blood pressure was 175/112 (we checked it twice) and immediately post adjustment 144/95.

The strange thing about practicing Upper Cervical is that you get the most interesting cases one after another. Last week we had a consultation with a 24 y/o man who has been diagnosed with MS and has been legally blind as a result of the condition for 6 years...all following a head trauma.

Today we had a man from Afghanistan whose son developed a very high fever at two months and is now at age 13 in a wheelchair, legs curled in, arms tonicallly contracted, cannot speak, cannot crawl or walk, and according to the local Children's Hospital the MRI shows a film/membrane over the brain inhibiting its capacity to fire. Life gets more curious every day in an Upper Cervical clinic!  I would implore all precision oriented chiropractic students to seriously look at being a UC specialist and Rock the World with miracles every day!!!

Thought I'd update you on a case that started with us a month ago. You may recall I'd mentioned that a young widow brought in her three year old.  The posterior arch is rammed against the occiput. This child cried one straight year! Presently he has optic nerve hypoplasia (he is legally blind and cannot see anything beyond five feet), epilepsy (100 eye blinks/hour and fist clenching and leg extensions with each seizure), cannot talk, cannot walk due to extreme balance problems. He is continually fussy and must be entertained with noisy stuffed animals or he cries and has tantrums. His atlas has been adjusted twice in a month. Last Friday his mom announced that he can now see above the horizon with clarity. He is happy and not crying continually, but still is easily provoked. He sleeps better. He can now take a step but once he realizes that he no longer is being supported by an object, fear sets in and he falls. (He is literally taking baby steps...at age three!).

A young man in his 30's has been dealing with anxiety/panic attacks for a number of years. He was off all medication after changing jobs, but returned to a high stress job and the attacks returned. He didn't want to return to the Rx so started the internet hunt and came across a support group telling people to seek upper cervical care. After a day he called and said a few hours after his first atlas adjustment he felt like he could do anything and had no cares in the world. He had a bit of retracing but with another needed adjustment, he was back on track. It still amazes me how something so small - subluxation - can create such problems for people and something so simple as a concussion of forces can allow that person to regain health.

My very first patient (48 y/o female) was involved in a bad wreck about a year and a half ago. She has suffered from a slew of symptoms from low back pain, numbness in the right arm, blurred vision to loss of taste....has been taking at least two percocets a day, yet she has not needed to take a pill since her first ASR correction! She has brought her mother in (diabetic neuropathy)to start care right away. Another patient that is doing very well is a 55 y/o male that complained of extreme discomfort in his right arm and fingers.  Adjusted him PIR and he has reported that the pain and tingling is 70% better and he has slept through the night ever since, which he has not done in over 5 years. I also have a patient with MS and PPS that relies on a cane to get around. She came into the office on Thursday without the cane and has reported that she feels as if though she is walking straighter and with greater ease.

We had an interesting case come in a few weeks ago. She had your general upper back pain along with tension in her neck and head. She also had FLAT FEET as her primary complaint. Her feet hurt her so bad that her Doctor was ready to give her surgery to “create” an arch in her foot and “possibly” take her pain away. Her pain was so bad she often had to stay at home because it was too painful to walk. We checked her and found a small axis (C-2) misalignment. It’s funny how such a minute misalignment can CAUSE such devastating problems and disease. She immediately had relief in her neck and back and walked out of the office after resting with a straight line. She returned two days later and I asked her how her feet were doing. She looked up at the ceiling and replied, “Oh my feet, there is no pain in them anymore!!!” She acted like it was no big deal. One adjustment at THE Specific saved this woman thousands of dollars in surgery and years of pain simply because she understood that healing only occurs from Above-Down Inside-Out. It is going on three weeks now and her feet haven’t even begun to show signs of pain. Flat FEET!!!! Gotta love it

I know you are so used to hearing about dramatic UC recoveries but sometimes just improved function is a big deal to the patient. I have a 14 y/o girl who is an amateur golfer and her entire entourage of kinesiologist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, coaches... cannot figure out how she was able to add 20 yards to her drives simply by getting her upper neck correctly aligned.

you will like this one........had a guy in on last wednesday.....he had a low back disc causing pain to the point he has been unable to work........they put him in the hospital gave him some narcotics.....he had a severe reaction to the narcotics and almost died in the hospital.... he was on life support and his parents were basically planing his funeral.......well to make a long story short he came out of it to a point........still has the severe pain and was left with a head tremor like a 90 year old and is so shaky he can't even write his own name legibly..... So adjusted him wed came back yesterday no tremors and pain 80 percent gone........

I got a patient transferred to me and she was a walk-in patient. She's had back pain since high school and she's 28 now so over 12 years. She got some relief from full spine care so of course, she was feeling good about Chiropractic. After her transfer, I adjusted her like the previous intern did at first, but something didn't feel right. I did a C2 adjustment plus an ilium drop table adjustment. After the axis adjustment, she got up from the table and had a "wow" moment. The following week, she still had some of the pain, but I only adjusted her C2. I explained my reasoning and went with it. She came back today and for the last week, her back has not hurt her. She came in with the biggest smile on her face. Her face lit up and she couldn't remember being low back pain free. I intend to take some new Xrays and move her into toggle care. I finally felt my fire burning hotter inside me. I needed this. I don't need anything else. I've proven to myself that if I want to feel this way everyday, I need to be an Upper Cervical Doctor. After that patient, I went to my Knee Chest class with Dr. Dill and couldn't stop smiling. I'm loving this. Now I finally know what you two docs have been feeling for years and I want to be a part of it.

Oh, I should've mentioned that she's also sleeping better through the night. She usually has horrible sleep and wakes up at least twice during the night. She's slept so much better and feels better at work now.

Had a 9 year patient with seizures since birth.  The seizures got so bad and frequent the MD's had him on two tegratol daily, which simply slowed them to two seizures (violent) daily.  The mother did not like the fact the seizures were getting more violent and she didn't like the side effects of the tegratol.  Adjusted him Wednesday the 5th, when I saw him Friday, mother reported that he only had one minor seizure on wed afternoon and Thursday, when I saw him this Monday afternoon, mother reported no seizures for Fri, Sat., Sun., or today Mon).  Great stuff. 

Had a patient come back in for care who reported he has had over $$$$ spent on 26 surgeries etc - they told him there was no help, they couldn't help him, and they should not have done what they did which included removing some scalene muscles. They also told him according to his report that most patients like him eventually commit suicide and he likely would. He had been a patient prior to 2001 when they got into the most of this. After being adjusted he immediately had better movement in his neck and reported a great decrease in pain. He reports that he is about a level 3 down from 10 on the scale.

A 21 y/o Arizona State student who lives in our area came in on summer break to start care. When he was 15 the PE coach had him wrestle with a boy 50 pounds heavier and almost got his head pulled off. Then in freshman football he had a helmet to helmet collision, heard a huge snap in the neck and has been in constant pain the last 6 years...not one day pain free! Sitting, standing, exercising,  studying, neck flexion,... all magnify this ever-present pain. Accompanying symptoms of dizziness, sinus infections, asthma, LB pain and depression all started post injury. Treatment over the past 6 years consisted of PT, once a week diversified adjustments, massage therapy, ... produced no perceivable relief....in fact his full spine doc sent him here for UC care! The capper was a visit to Stanford having a radio frequency ablation (microwave the nerves!) in Dec. 08, and June 09. NO RELIEF. Imagine what your past 6 years have been like and could you put yourself in his shoes, pretty much losing his teenage years due to this injury. Conclusion: He is off to college tomorrow, three weeks of care, held initial C-1,2 adjustments, VAS pain levels dropped from 8-9 to 0-1 and had his first pain free day in six years!!! 

Had a lady in her early 60s come in for care due to severe headaches.  After her second atlas toggle, she comes in on the third visit, and asks me if "weird things are supposed to be happening to her?"I replied "probably, I'm sure doing some weird stuff on you, aren't I?"  :-)  She said "well, I thought I was hallucinating that I was hearing something out of my left ear after that last toggle you gave me, so I went down to the hearing center, and had them check it out.  They said I am hearing a few tones out of it."  (At this point I'm thinking, big deal - I hope you're hearing tones out of it!). She then said, "the crazy thing is, I've been stone deaf in my left ear since I was 7 years old and my sister jammed a hair pin down it!" So...there you have it, that old hearing apparatus is connected to the brain-stem after all.

I have a patient who came in for moderate mid back pain. Her history includes a right knee that has endured 3 operations; one to repair the torn ligaments sustained in a high school basketball game and to additional to repair the repairs. This left her with a 28 degree restriction in her knee and addicted to morphine to deal with the pain. Fast fwd 8 weeks - she goes in to the ortho for her yearly eval (they are expecting to need to do another operation) and the tech evaluates her ROM. Puzzled he goes to consult with the MD who appears to repeat the eval. Her restriction is now reduced to NINE degrees. She has seen no one else and I never adjusted below C3. Oh, and now she is off morphine and well on her way to getting her life back. I don't remember learning that the knee bone is connected to the neck bone, but....

Our associate's father is under care.  30 years of low back pain has plagued him every time he does any physical activity.  Golf, home repair, etc.  He just built a deck with no back pain and is feeling great at age 62.

Had a patient with trigeminal neuralgia whose symptoms that have dropped from a VAS level of 9 to a 0-2. What prompted him to start Upper Cervical care? He read James Tomasi's excellent book What Time Tuesday? and was convinced we had the answer.

Last Thursday we had a 12 y/o girl brought in who has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (referred in by a parent of a child whose similar condition has completely resolved with UC care.) After a gymnastics injury four years ago--- full body pain, bilat. TMJ, persistent HA's, irritable bowel,...gradually overtook her life. She was home schooled last year and can no longer study at all this year due to the pain. On examination I could not touch any part of her back via palpation, she could not lie on her back, I could not even touch her legs to perform a leg check as the neurovascular pain was so intense. UC x-rays showed a huge ASL C-1. Now that she is adjusted, the journey has begun.

My friend Suzy is the one that I told you about quite awhile ago who'd been in a terrible car accident where her vertebrae was screwed up and she was wearing a mouth (denture) brace 24/7.  I saw her yesterday and she couldn't thank me enough for the referral to the doctor that she has been seeing for her atlas, etc. She feels SO much better. Anyway THANKS ALOT!!!

These pictures are a pre and post lateral x-ray of a 6 year old girl, night terrors as the only symptom.  One correction to the atlas was given, followed by a 20 minute rest.  Legs balanced and Tytron graph was clear and straight.  Innate is absolutely amazing!  This little girl’s life has now been completely changed! 

I have a patient that has been under care for about 18 months now (One of my first patients) she has brought in her kids and her in laws under care but her husband has just always been in the back ground and never found a need for care.  So 3 weeks ago the husband asked if the nervous system effects the liver.  I said of course, it effects everything.  Then as he was leaving he showed me his Blood Lab, (Liver Panel) AST (SGOT) was 219 (Normal 10-40U/L) and ALT (SGPT) was 163 (Normal 9-60 U/L).  I quickly got him under care.  He just got his recent labs back now they are within normal limits! 

Since my first visit a constant pain in the left side of my neck down my left arm has gone completely. It is only now I realize how much this affected me, not only through pain but interrupted sleep patterns and also volatility in my mood.

I now find myself with more constant and consistent energy, no pain whatsoever and in general more relaxed about work, finances, family and other aspects of everyday life. The effect can only be described as profound and a totally positive experience.

This patient is a 28 y/o female and had headaches and chronic low back pain. It had gotten worse after a slight fall and that's when she came into the health center. She was adjusted full spine and felt better but still had recurrent bouts of shoulder pain and tightness and SI joint pain. So after I adjusted her C2 on the Thompson table as a prone cervical, she finally had weeks where she didn't have pain.

So I switched her to toggle care since I can't do any other upper cervical technique as of yet. Dr. Tiscareno helped me with the film analysis and went with a C2 spinous adjustment. After I adjusted her the first time, she came back with a whole relapse of pain and problems. She came in the next week with more pain than she's had since when she started care here. I adjusted her again and she felt the same. She started having sleep problems again. I saw her two weeks later and she was feeling the same, but this time, the thermography scan showed clear and other tests weren't showing anything. So despite her pain, I didn't adjust her. That was hard of course. Two weeks later (yesterday) she came back. She told me that the first week since the last visit was the hardest with major sleep problems and back pain, but suddenly the last week, she's been feeling great. No more back pain, no more headaches, no more sleep problems. She came back smiling, despite a little stress from work. I did my checks and her leg length was even and (here's the best) her scan was STRAIGHT!! She's feeling great and I expect her to be back in a few weeks hopefully showing a clear scan again.

Had a 9yr old boy with pretty severe asthma. Parents drove over 6 hours to get to the office on Friday. Pretty much stuff as you would expect, on 2 drugs, and his steroid puffer(3-5 x a day). Consistent cough with any activity and every night almost all night long, for almost 4years. Would try to play different sports but within a few minutes of increased activity wheezing for air. Any type of increased activity even just walking up steps would bring on asthma attack. His face and body had that real puffy steroid look. Took Blair x-rays did chiro exam. X-rays showed 2c PRI , 1c ASR, was in a pattern, half inch short right leg, right head tilt. He has been adjusted off and on most of his life with full spine adjustments. I adjusted Axis and Atlas then rested him for about an hour. Post scan was a mirror image scan. Short leg down to less than a quarter inch. His Grandparents live in the Quad Cities so they spent the night there. I saw him on Sunday afternoon. No coughing at all,even all night long, didn't need to use his puffer after waking up, ( a daily thing). He also went out and played football out in the back yard with his brothers , cousins, aunts, and uncles before coming out. No wheezing , coughing or loss of breath at all. Scans showed not in pattern, legs even, head tilt pretty much not present. Parents went home that night very happy about there son great one day progress. They decided to have him stay here and Grandparents would bring him out to office today to get checked one more time and then Grandparents would take him back home to Kentucky. Today's visit, Grandparents said absolutely no coughing or asthma attacks at all. He also had his Grandparents take him to a skateboard park to play Sunday night and then this morning before coming out. They said they couldn't say no because they had never gotten to see him play anything over the last few years without having an attack and getting sick and having to stop. Check show a very nice straight clear scan, legs balanced,  head , shoulders , pelvis all level. I ask the little boy how he was feeling now. He said, it is real nice to feel like a real person again and said thanks for helping him get better and then jumped up into the air and yelled I feel great! That's when the tears came out of my eyes. It was just one of those moments when there is nothing better in life than, see how innate can re- create a little persons life in just an instant in time from a split second adjustment.. So I just wanted to say thank you to you for helping me to learn how to do the Blair work over the past few years. Thanks!!! Now I know that I do not do the healing but that a higher power does that when there is no interference, but man does it make a person feel that all the other crap we sometimes have to put up with is all worth it to see great things like this happen and to just be a small part of it. Oh and by the way, his Step dad got a set of x-rays and adjusted ASL while the little boy was resting. He has had severe left arm pain and complete numbness in his left pointer finger for almost over a year. After his rest period he sat up and exclaimed that the pain in his left arm was completely gone and he had complete feeling in his pointer finger. All on Saturday, not to bad for a day I don't work on!

We all have patients who have unusual ways of subluxating their necks. A Life West student referred in a patient last week who had been standing on her desk trying to rescue/kill a spider. She stepped off the table onto a desk chair that had wheels and her body flipped horizontally and she struck with full force her head against the table as she fell. Constant occipital and neck pain has been present since the fall, with lateral head translation of 1 1'2"! The most intense symptom of all is a continual throbbing in the right temple that can actually be palpated as the neurovascular mechanism there seems substantially disrupted. (Could that continued pressure on that vessel eventually result in an aneurysm?) The UC x-rays show that the alignment of the axis odontoid and center of the spinous are off 10+mm. The great news, the night of the atlas/axis adjustments, the throbbing pain cleared for the first time in 30 days and she is so thrilled that she stated, "I felt like dancing."

ok so a 28 year old male comes in......fell head first into a coffee table at age five....His entire life he has had suicidal depression. In fact I talked with his mom and she said five years ago she was sure that he was going to kill himself.....He had major trouble cognitively in school, headaches.etc etc etc....The only thing that helped him to this point was neuro feedback.  His frontal lobes showed a 20 percent coherence on the neuro feedback tests.  They were able to get him up to 40 percent which helped his depression.  After a bilateral AS correction his frontal lobe coherence was tested one day later at 85! His neuro feedback specialist was completely astounded.  We will be going to lunch soon!

Second case just happened this am..We did a dinner with doc and a man of 65 came in.  He has had 18 orthopedic surgeries. His wife is an RN and during the dinner with doc had her arms folded the entire time and prior to arriving the husband told me that she thought we were quacks.  I thought better of telling him what I thought of her profession and went through with the dinner with doc!!! He came in this am post adj and is on fire.  His energy has rocketed. Insomnia has cleared.  His entire body which listed way off to the left is now erect. He was like a deer in headlights. He did not really know what to say.  I told him now tell your wife about how you feel every ten minutes for me ok!!!!! Upper Cervical is the truth! 

My initial consultation revealed my head wasn’t on straight, my headaches weren’t dehydration or sitting in front of a computer and some attention was needed to my upper and lower back. After my first couple of visits the headaches disappeared and have not returned since. My head is now on straight and over the past few weeks the back discomfort has ceased also. Most surprisingly though, it wasn’t just those concerns that improved but other aspects of my life also.

I sleep so much better! I’ve also found I am nowhere near as stressed or anxious and am more alert and awake during the day without anywhere near as much caffeine! I am a happier person all round and physically so much stronger.

I thought I would shoot you a quick e-mail about two very interesting cases.

First one is a 29 year old woman who has been suffering with abdominal migraines since she hit puberty.  I have never heard of this problem before, but the way that she describes it is quite devastating.  Since 13 she vomits uncontrollably and has intense abdominal pain throughout her menstrual cycle.  Literally vomiting 10-15 times an hour.  This has been going on every month for 16 years. 

Every medical option has been tried.  They removed her gall bladder and part of her small intestine (why not?).  Since no solution has been found, medical management has consisted of admitting her to the hospital every month and keeping her on IVs and meds for the duration of her period.  Her health insurance company has literally spent near $2,000,000 on her care.  Her back story is that she had a birth trauma to the upper neck when the nurse tried to hold the babies head IN while waiting for the doctor to show up. ok, now for the good part. 

Another chiropractor referred her to me for specific upper cervical care.  Miraculously, Innate took over after a C1 ASR/ASL, followed a few weeks later by a C2 ARS adjustment.  She has now had 3 MONTHS of no vomiting and no abdominal pain for the first time in 16 years!  What a blessing to be a Blair doctor and have the tools to change people's lives by turning their power back on!  Think about the savings on our health care system if she had seen an upper cervical doctor after birth! 

Second story:  A C3 major??? We had a dinner with doc one month after which we signed up 33 new patients.  A husband of one of my patients came in from this dinner with a writing problem.  He is a retired autoworker, and was once know for his excellent printing skills.  Anyone in the company needed something written clearly, he was the guy.  Over the last 7 years that ability has faded.  He told me that his hand "just feels wrong" and his writing is cramped and squished.  For several years his wife has been doing all the writing for the family.  On exam, his prill tests were non-reactive.  Both is protractos looked even, which had me jumping at shadows to come up with a listing.  Eventually I decided to stop trying to imagine a C1 listing and adjust the really obvious C3 ALS that I saw.  The next day he came in to office ecstatic and waving a form that he had filled out a few hours after his adjustment.  He said that his handwriting was 90% back to normal within a few hours of the adjustment!  How cool is that? 

Now before you have a tantrum about a C-3 major, think about what the doc said, the patient showed NO atlas or axis displacement! (it can happen) I remember an atlas only doc being asked what he would do for a patient if C-1 was fused and he said he wouldn't adjust the patient, even it C-2 looked displaced!  If atlas is fused, axis becomes atlas! We are atlas-axis doctors but remember exceptions to the rule do exist...maybe once a year or every couple years you will see a case like this and you deal with it. If you see it very frequently, you may not be practicing upper cervical!!! (just my opinion)

Thirteen years ago I was hit head-on by a driver who chose to cross over into my lane on a two-lane highway.  The impact was at 70 mph.  It was a miracle I survived.  The injuries I sustained were from my seat belt and from the sudden jolt of the impact. The majority of my muscles in my back, neck, and chest were torn and several of my ribs were fractured.  I underwent physical therapy for a year and a half.  Then I was released because there was nothing else that could be "medically" done for me. 

I was told by two doctors, upon my release from their care, that they were sorry because I was so young and they went on to give me a list of "things" I could not and would not, ever, be able to do for the remainder of my life and that within 10 years I would have to have back surgery that would fuse several of my bones together. I asked, "What about having children?”  They proceeded to tell me not to, even, try it and that I should just be thankful I survived.  At 23 years of age, I was unwilling to except such a bleak future. 

Several days after the "accident", my dad took me to a chiropractor.  With great pain, I was put back into place.  I continued chiropractic care for 12 years and I know it helped me continue to keep going on with my life. 

About a year after my physical therapy ended,  I began to have what two years later would be diagnosed as seizures and "possible" epilepsy. I underwent numerous tests and eventually gave in to taking prescription medication.   For the next 9 1/2 years, without warning I would experience seizures.  The seizures would include the inability to speak clearly (many times my sentences would come out in reverse word order or with every other word missing) or not at all, the temporary loss of consciousness, loss of muscle control, and falling.  After the seizures occurred, I would be totally exhausted (mentally and physically). 
At the age of 34, my regular visits to my doctors and chiropractor were literally doing no good.  In addition to the seizures, I began have trouble bending down and getting up due to dizziness and my back "locking-up".  It was then that I became desperate for someone or something that could help me.

That help came in form of a childhood friend who had recently discovered upper cervical care.  Shortly after talking with my friend, I called and set up an appointment.  Being under the care of a wonderful Upper Cervical Doctor has literally changed my life.   I am now 35 years old, "drug free", have not had a seizure in months, am able to bend down and get back up without experiencing dizziness or my back "locking-up".  The benefits of Upper Cervical Care are tremendous.  By keeping my body in proper alignment, it is literally healing itself.  AMAZING! 

I have a patient with Erb's palsy. A delightful young girl of 3 who has responded beautifully.  After atlas adjustment she can pick up a cup.

Have a stage 4 throat cancer pt that has been thru chemo 6x and over 35 radiation treatments....holding first adjustment for 22 days....coloring immediately improved, reports that he hasn't felt this good since 5 yrs prior to his diagnosis, actually makes it around town and has gone back to work

His mother in law was taking 8 oxycodones/ day for neck pain and headaches for the last 10 years. She hasn't needed a pill since...pain free

A female patient in her late 30's and under regular care for at least 10 years came in Monday night. She had been dealing with laryngitis for almost 8 weeks. The ENT she consulted diagnosed her with vocal cord paralysis and scheduled her for an MRI and CAT scan the day after her visit. When she entered, she could hardly whisper and commented from the nerve chart that C5 is important in the vocal cords. Sure enough, there was irritation evident on the cervical graph and she had significant muscle tightness at C5. Now, I could have manipulated C5 as I would have been totally justified in doing such - but I decided to work the problem from an upper cervical perspective. In order to control the lower cervical spine, I modified the adjustic thrust by producing a slower deeper impulse and I raised the superior portion of the headpiece. This allowed the adjustment of the atlas to take place, but it also allowed force to transmit to the lower cervical spine allowing Innate to make the appropriate correction at the potential "subluxation" at C5. After a 20 minute rest, the graph reading reduced both at atlas and C5 and the patient had significantly more volume in her voice. I learned last evening from her mother-in-law that she had much more energy as this has been quite stressful on her body and her voice continued to gain strength.

Along those same lines we have a psychologist who is a patient and her chronic cough of two months cleared post atlas adjustment, so she sent her 86 y/o mom in for care. Mom does line dancing and is very active, but has been afflicted by a chronic cough for 5 continuous years. GP and ENT have no clue what to do. The cough would occur 10-15X/hr, was intensified by cold air and lying supine, and would eventually develop into dry heaves. She was re-examined today...not once cough since her initial PIL atlas adjustment on 11-09! This stuff really works!!!

Often UC cases are more run of the mill. We had a new patient come in two weeks ago with such intense LB pain that her husband actually had her draped over his back carrying her into the office as she could not walk. Everything said HNP (ruptured L-sp disc) from the 0 degree LB ROM to the intensity of the pain. I insisted she get an MRI immediately but she wanted care prior to the imaging. Adjusted ASR atlas and within 2 days the pain dropped from a VAS of 10 to a 3-4. It is now a 0!  She never did get the MRI, she didn't follow my advice.  

I have a Parkinson patient, who has only received one adjustment. She was my first patient adjusted.  Her neurologist is shocked by the changes, and she called and scheduled next week. 

For the last few years I’ve suffered migraines on a regular basis. These migraines have ranged from moderate pain and fatigue lasting half a day to severe pain and fatigue for 2 days which confines me to bed. Because of the fatigue I tend to sleep a lot but of course there’s times when the pain won’t let me sleep and I have to wrap a scarf tightly around my head to ease the pressure.

My first upper cervical adjustment fixed the constipation that I’d been suffering from for most of my adult life.

Not only have I felt physically better, I also feel emotionally better and able to deal with the stresses that a fulltime job and a combined family bring. This is what keeps me returning to the clinic.

I still get the occasional migraine but they appear to be less severe and less frequent.

Here is an update to the vocal cord paralysis case. The patient returned, after two weeks, for a specific cervical check-up. The reading was rough, but she was holding her adjustment. The MD's ordered $10,000 worth of hospital stay including MRI w/ contrast of the brain and CT of the neck and chest. All readings were clear of pathology. A $700 scoping procedure was done a few hours prior to our scheduled visit. Left vocal cord was somewhat larger than the right as it had been compensating for the right, but the right was moving. It was not moving before our visit two weeks prior. I received a big hug for fixing the vocal cord paralysis. As we all know, I just set a process in motion. It is a shame that more claiming to do UC work don't have the knowledge that this patient has. UC is powerful and doesn't need any adjuncts!

9 year old child comes in with seizures and mother thinks it is related to a softball injury.  Child has seen a neurologist who performed an EEG and prescribed medication.  Parents did not want medication so they came to see if we could help.  Started care and child had not had another seizure for three months until  the top of her head was hit on the monkey bars.  Parents brought her in and we made a correction and then we continued care until patient was wrestling with her cousin and hit her head and had another seizure two days following hit.  Parents wanted her to have another EEG from her neurologist to check progress.  After examination neurologist recommended medication and parents denied stating that they wanted a follow up EEG to see if any improvements could be seen.  After the EEG neurologist stated that the second EEG was better than the first and that the child would "grow out" of her seizures!  Mom told us that the only change made between the two EEG's was Upper Cervical care! 

One of my new patients from last week had been diagnosed with "traumatic trigeminal neuralgia".  He was involved in several snowmobile accidents - the last one actually forced a dental implant upwards and damaged the nerve.  He also told me that he has damage to the right genitofemoral nerve that occurred during one of his runs from rim to rim at the Grand Canyon.  Obviously this guy is very frustrated that he cant enjoy his very active lifestyle anymore due to the pain.  The list of drugs that he is taking just might be the longest list I've ever seen!  He even gets long lasting botox injected into his masseters to help with the migraines that arise from his facial pain. He's been to pain management, several DCs, MDs, the UCLA Oral Facial Clinic, acupuncture, and physical therapists.  He finally made his way into my office after he began to have several anxiety/panic attacks and bouts with vertigo.

I definitely feel for the guy, but this is a new doctors dream come true!  I adjusted him PIR-RTC.  He came back in two days later and had the biggest grin on his face.  He stated that for the first time in 8 years he has had significant relief with his facial pain, felt his masseters relax and has not had a headache since. 

This Tuesday at 9:00 am a 4 y/o girl who has been a patient since she was 6 mo. old, slipped on a book in her bedroom and landed full impact with her forehead striking the metal bed frame. Huge swollen knot of the forehead and both arms went numb with electrical shock shooting to the fingertips. She was unable to lift her arms above her pocket level. Facial pallor, listlessness, and inability to respond to questions concerned me regarding the trauma. X-rays revealed a posterior (3mm) C-2 and an ASR C-1. Immediately post adjustment on the table, she lifted her arms and said "Mommy, the electrical shocks are gone." She got off the table, color returned, and skipped happily down the hallway. Subluxated at 9:00 am, x-rayed at 10:00 am, adjusted at 10:15 am....those subluxations didn't have a chance!!!

My team just returned from Nicaragua where we had some true phenomenal care given.  One case that stands out from the many thousands that we delivered care to is a little 13 y/o girl that has cerebral palsy.  After giving her an initial scan and gaining her listing, she was adjusted on the wall b/c she could not get out of her wheelchair.  We kept her in day care for the morning, checking her every half hour.  She kept a straight scan for over three hours, her demeanor was ever so pleasant, and had a tremendous change after the first adjustment.  Then after the third hour she began to present a very distinct movement in her scan so we elected to adjust again.  After this adjustment and with about 30 minutes of rest, her next scan was zero and her mother started crying because she was beginning to act like she never had before....she wanted to EAT.  Something that simple.  Her mom said she would normally have to force feed her and even through that Maria would only eat about a handful.  Not this time, NOT AFTER THE REMOVAL OF THE SUBLUXATION that has been with her since her VERY TRAUMATIC BIRTH. She was calm, she sat, and ate an ENTIRE PLATE of food... then began reaching for another plate and yelling "MAS..MAS".  Then we began to notice that she was sitting up on her own without any assistance in her wheelchair, after asking the mother was this normal, her mother cried and said 'NO!!"  Her mother explained to us that she has NEVER seen her sit up on her own, NOT ONCE!  Then the little girl began to stand up and began to walk.  Her mother was completely blown away with excitement.  Maria took a 'lap' around the church we were in, all with smiles and giggling.  She was so happy. 

The right side of my body was in pain. I had up to 5 headaches a week and sleep disturbed. At times acute pain was experienced on both sides of my neck. When I walked my body moved in pain and posture was stunted forward. This meant shooting neck pains. Pain killers were my friends until I chose to act. My general well being was hindered by a previous roof fall. Mentally I was living at a sub standard existence. My life energy was low and limited in movement of physical activities. My favourite sports were not attempted. Today life is different; my posture has exceeded expectations of what is possible. I sleep longer and deeper and can walk up stairs without pain. I stand straighter and sit more comfortable in chairs. Recently I have begun lifting weights again and playing golf.

Here is a case that I have been seeing for some time.  She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had been taking Betaceron for quite some time.  When the M.D.'s took a liver panel they noticed that her enzymes were off so they took her off of the Beta and tried to convince her to taking Tisabre (not sure on spelling).  She said no way and found me.  When she found me she had to quit work, she couldn't hardly walk with out holding on to others or a walker.  Her legs were weak, losing the ability to think, etc. etc. etc.  After being under care she has been drug free for over a year, has been able to hike the trails up to Niagra Falls, ride a motorcycle from Chicago to Denver, and this year they are going to California.  She is back to work and her husband has a hard time keeping up so he started care also.  The other day she called and stated that she woke up and her legs were numb and very weak.  She was scared, tried to get up, but soon found herself on the ground.  She called scared that all the good things that have come from Upper Cervical were gone and would have to go back the way she was!  We gave her a B.J. Palmer side posture toggle recoil, rested her for 30min, she came out feeling better.  I then received this email the next day:

I could not let this wait until my next appointment on 2/16.  Since seeing you yesterday morning, and having an adjustment, the electric sensation in my legs ended.  The nagging pain in my shoulders and the back of my neck has subsided.  My balance has improved (still needs a little work).  My legs do not feel weak.  I slept through night undisturbed, (first in two weeks).  I woke this morning feeling well rested, and energetic.  I really like having you on my team!

We saw her on Monday 2/15 she is holding her correction and doing great!  I love what I do!

School teacher has been suffering from headaches for the last three years.  He states that they are constant in nature at the base of the skull.  He is currently on Topomax four times per day and 2800mg of Ibuprofen per day.  He has been to three different chiropractors in the past, P.T., has had multiple MRI and CAT Scans of his head and brain.  Nothing has helped.  Upon exam I had asked if he could get all the x-rays and MR that he has done in the past at all of his providers.  Not one had done any type of imaging of his neck.  The 3 chiro's didn't take any films, and the MD's only on the brain.  He has currently been under care for 2 months he is off all 2800mg. of the ibuprofen and has consulted with his M.D. to get off of Topomax he is currently down to 1/4 of what he was. He has more energy, can sleep better and is amazed that it was "just a bone out of place".  He has gone from headache everyday all day to having only one headache in the last 2 months. Praise God!

I adjusted my first paying patient on 2/6/10 and she is doing well and has held her adjustment for over a week.  She had immediate relief of pain on the third day after the adjustment but since she is not as good with sticking to the 3X/week check-up, she's had to deal with major pain on the 6th-7th day after the adjustment.  But after following my advice on the proper sleeping position and laying off the workouts, she is again out of pain.  Her chief complaints were inability to look up without pain, radiating pain from the neck to the left 4th and 5th digits and pain all along the left side preventing her from sleeping on the side

I had a 40 year old patient with a 35 year history of ADD and had urinary problems up to the age of 16.  Patient explains that he has to keep active to stay focused, at rest he has foggy headedness.  After the first adjustment he was able to think more clearly and color returned to his face and head.  After subsequent visits his mother mentions to me that the patient also has a history of violent mood swings, inability to interact with the public, and had substance abuse problems.  The mother now reports that he plays basketball with neighborhood kids, has been happy (which she has had not seen in the last 30 years of his life), and is thinking about dating (which he has never talked about in his entire adult life). 

A big fireman/contractor with a history of neck pain for 35 years, shoulder pain since 1996 after injuring it in a fire.  He had stomach GERD problems for years and could not sleep on his back due to the reflux.  Well his first adjustment was hilarious.  The look on his face after I adjusted him, he was like “that’s it”.  I said nope, THAT IS IT!!!  I called him today to check up on him and his shoulder pain GONE, Reflux GONE and neck pain almost gone.  Sometimes we forget about the POWER of that ONE adjustment.

My son suffered from constipation which we battled with from the age of 6 months, going 4-5 days without 'producing'. I tried everything from changing his diet, tummy massage, natural remedies and of course, many costly visits to the doctor. Nothing seemed to work and it was breaking my heart to see our little boy in such pain and obvious discomfort. So, on the suggestion of my mother-in-Law, I took our boy to see an upper cervical doctor. I was initially hesitant - probably due to my own misconceptions of how chiropractors might work. I certainly didn't like the thought of a little kid having his back 'clicked or cracked'. On the contrary I found the treatments gentle and painless on our son and he was always at ease during treatment sessions. I remembered telling friends last year that all I wanted for Christmas is for Lennox to poo regularly! Thanks to the upper cervical doc that's just what I got. After just four sessions the pain and struggling he would experience had subsided completely. And very soon they would become a regular daily occurrence. Our son is now 15 months and he's become a very healthy boy with a very happy Mum.

While sitting in the waiting room about 6 months ago I started to read some of the interesting facts that are continually on the TV screen in front of me. I had read these many times before but one caught my eye that day. It was about bed wetting in children and how it can be connected to the nervous system. I immediately thought of my six-year-old son Samuel, who even though we had tried various things still wet his bed at least twice a night. Going in for my appointment I mentioned to the doc what I had just read. He suggested I bring Samuel in for an assessment, which I did the next week. Samuel started to be treated and after just 4 visits no more wet beds.

Unbelievable! As a mother I was extremely thankful no more changing and washing of sheets in the middle of the night and Samuel no longer had the embarrassment when staying over with a friend.

Sorry for the random email but I just wanted to drop you a line to say a very big thank you.

To cut a long story short I was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome after hitting my head 6 months ago. I've seen 3 doctors, a neurologist, a chiropractor, cranial sacral therapist, hearing and balance specialist and then Joe (AO doc).

It's not been the best 6 months, I've had massive anxiety, double vision, sensitivity to noise, confusion, mental fuzz, vertigo and a few others to boot. I saw Joe yesterday and had one of the strangest (but amazing) experiences of my life.

Today I'm almost back to normal and very happy indeed. I even went for a run before work which is something I've not been able to do for 6 months.

I contacted Joe after reading your story online. It’s very doubtful I would've been alerted to the cause of my symptoms without you taking the time to set up your website and kindly share your story with the world. I'm glad you managed to get on the road to recovery with Joe's help and owe you a debt of gratitude for your help too. Thank you very much Greg. 

If you're ever in Sydney, the beers are on me :)

57 year old, prostate cancer, declined taking chemo his diagnosis and after attending one of new patient classes. PSA was at 7.4, BP 170/90, chronic debilitating low back pain 30 years. Started care, did our nutrition, detox, corrective care, lost 20 lbs, BP went to 124/74, low back pain resolved, PSA 3.5.  Cancer diagnosis removed.  Curve correction on x-ray went from -7 to 24 degrees in the first 3 months of care.  Got his life back.  That was a stand out case. Others include canceling bowel surgeries, testicular surgery, eye surgery.  With our volume lately we've literally had a miracle a day. 

I recently had a  year old boy that has had a condition where he is unable to get the words out of his mouth.  In other words his brain wants to speak but his mouth is about 7 seconds behind his mouth.  They are Korean and I have been busy to the point of only having time to check people and give them a two minute explanation...or an adjustment. So that, in combination with the language barrier, I did not get a lot of info about their progress.   The patient that referred them was in on this last Thursday and said, " You know Daniel, well his speech problem has resolved!"  The mom is ecstatic. .

I have taken care of this gentleman for at least four years who referred his friend in from Bethel, Alaska.  He was in town briefly, he use to live in Koreatown, however the restaurant business has been so bad they closed up shop and moved to Alaska!!!  Long story short he has had numbness bilaterally in his legs.  He has sought regular chiro care and was fond of all the cracking, saying he felt great when he walked out.  But by the next days back to the same old thing..........Well he was adjusted and argued with me I did nothing.  I looked at him and said, " In the coming days you will know I did something."  So here is my business card do me a favor, "Send me some pictures of the big king salmon you catch and give me an update about how much better you feel!"  Well he showed up the next morning in my Carson office, I was about fifteen deep so did not actually talk to the guy, however my Korean translator/educator told me that his leg problem was 90 percent better.....I guess she now knows we did something!!!!

this lady started care with a reverse curve, muscles bilaterally in the c-spine were like steel.........She was adjusted twice in two weeks argh!!!!!  The third week she comes in and excitedly explains how her toilet bowl was filled completely three times last night........she was so excited she even showed her husband whom I am quite sure was ecstatic about what he saw , right?  ha ha ha.  So her constipation cleared her neck is 70 percent better and she is happy.  Funny thing is she had a bladder problem years earlier and before any of the big stuff happened she came in explaining she kept feeling all of these weird sensations in her bladder area and how strange it felt!!!! RETRACING!!!!!! 

I will never forget my first visit: after suffering from many, many weeks of awful insomnia, that night after my adjustment with you, I slept for 12 hours straight - uninterrupted bliss - and then over the course of the next week and a half, slept deeply and woke refreshed daily. Also, under your care, that has remained the case.

My other physical complaints were lower back pain and the occasional neck twinges, both of which your care has shifted, allowing me the freedom and flexibility to dance for many many more hours... hahahah.

Male age 50=60 Hx of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma of the neck the previous 6 months and had surgery then chemo and radiation treatments prior to coming to our office.  He suddenly developed severe loss of balance where he could not walk straight and had to hold on to things as he made his way down our hall and he had trouble getting out of a chair.  It would take him a while.  After his first correction he came in and was walking straight and demonstrated how he could get up out of the chair easily and quickly over and over again.  He has since continued his improvement getting stronger and taking walks and he looks taller and he said one day "I feel like a human-being again!"

Another man same age group came in and demonstrated that he could not lift his left leg up more than 6 inches.  This had been going on for 2 years.  All the "specialists" had no answers except that he had some congenital hip dysplasia in that left hip. Obviously that wouldn't account for his present complaint.  Anyway, after getting his first correction he came in and said "I don't really understand it but look!"  and he lifted up his right leg up to his chest and then he lifted his left leg just as high! 

You may remember last week that I'd mentioned he had an anesthesiologist come in for care due to severe vertigo, bilat. TMJ, and C-sp pain from walking into a lamppost while in college and he 'knew' the problems were cervicogenic. He looked up UC on the internet, got his first adjustment last week, and came in for a re-check this past Saturday... reporting that his vertigo of 10 year duration was already 80% better. He said, "Next week I am sending in three of my friends who are neurologists. This work is amazing!"

I wrote you  a couple weeks ago about an 18 y/o who had moderate GERD and dysphagia for 3 years being observed and treated at Stanford...with minimal results. The first week following the atlas correction, the symptoms completely abated and she remains asymptomatic 8 weeks into care.

Had a 34 yr old female who was trampled by a horse 4 years back and broke pelvis and injured left shoulder.  After 4 years of pain and told she needed her SI joint fused she finally committed to care.  She had called 3-4 times prior but did not commit because her insurance did not cover it.  Long story short after about 4-6 weeks of time and two uc corrections her pain has substantially decreased and her SI joint is 75% improved.  She now wants to write all the doctors a letter telling them how much better her SI joint is and that she will no longer need that fusion.  She told me on one of the visits that before coming to see me she had radio frequency nerve ablation done on her low back to make the SI pain go away.  She said that the pain was so bad that if she could have gotten up out of bed and to her gun cabinet she would have taken her life.  She said praise the Lord I couldn't move because now here I am seeing you and getting my life back.

I wanted to convey a case history that relates to recent discussions of CSF flow, Chiari "0" malformations, cervical hypolordosis and in this case, blackouts or drop attacks. Last fall I met Dr. David Harshfield, an interventional radiologist in Little Rock, who had just completed soon to be published research with Dr. Scott Rosa which demonstrates CSF flow improvements post UC (Atlas Orthogonal) adjustments in patients with a Chiari "0" malformation (as evidenced on upright MRI) secondary to loss of cervical curve. I recently adjusted a patient who meets the above criteria after being totally unresponsive for an hour prior to his wife calling me at 1:00 am on a Sunday morning. I met them at my office as the patient's wife, her father and brother carried him into my office, unconscious emanating foaming saliva. After a brief rest on the waiting room floor, they carried him to the adjusting room where he returned to normal after an adjustment from a Laney Torque Specific instrument. Within 15 min. he sat up and requested his family take him for a ham and cheese omelet at Waffle House (did I mention we're in Arkansas?) . In 20 years of practice, I've never seen anything so dramatic- talk about "turning on the power"!! Sadly, I didn't capture it on film, didn't think of that until it was too late.

A woman who was all bent over and twisted with major head tilt (I had a very tough time getting the films). She is a nurse and has had a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis for 26 years, recently told she has restless leg syndrome, and is on a handful of drugs for fibromyalgia, MS, RLS, and one or two other things I don't recall at the moment. After her 1st adjustment (C1 ASR) she came back grinning like a Cheshire cat, said she'd slept better the last 2 nights than she had in years, her head was on straight now, and she said her back pain went away (it wasn't even in the chart b/c she had forgotten to mention the constant pain in her mid back). Even my daughter noticed a change in her posture and demeanor.

A woman with migraines and dizziness and nausea since early January. She had to quit her job, hasn't driven a car in months, and can barely function well enough to care for her young children. She had 2 falls in late December that precipitated this downturn in her health, in addition to a car wreck a number of years ago. Anyway, she has a double AS atlas.

After I adjusted her the 1st time she came back to get checked and asked me if anything I did could have affected her bowels and digestion--this was another complaint of hers which she had not told me about in the exam, even though I have a place to check digestive/bowel function. So now, instead of being stopped up and bloated for days on end, her bowels were working pretty much non-stop for a couple days. She asked if this was a good thing. The next time I saw her she wondered why they weren't moving much anymore.

Then the most recent visit she announced that her digestive & bowel function was normal/regular/daily with no effort or herbs or teas or laxatives. Her migraines and dizziness have gone from almost sharp severe constant to only dull & occasional and she's been wanting to get out and exercise or at least walk again. She even wondered when I might allow her to attempt driving again!

I have wonderful news regarding the sleep apnea patient that I am treating. I saw her this morning and she came in with a big smile on her face. Before scanning her, I asked her about what went on during her visit to the sleep apnea clinic. She smile and said, we have to save the best for last. So I went ahead and scanned her and check her legs and she was still holding. So finally she sits up and look at me a said she no longer has to sleep on her stomach since Tuesday, after 26 years of sleeping on her stomach! She mentioned the only reason why she came into our office was that she needed some relieve with her neck soreness, but this is even better. She is so excited and want to work with me on writing a case study research on this condition. On top of that she said she is going to call all the sleep clinics in Sacramento and tell them about Blair Upper Cervical and her results. P.S. I forgot to mentioned, the same patient no longer experiences constipation

Just adjusted a severely autistic four year old girl from Ethiopia. Not potty trained, saying the same few words over and over and over again. The only thing known about her early months is that she was mistakenly given double dosages of her vaccinations. When she was one, she fell down the basement stairs. Both of her parents held her down while we did thermography and leg checks, while she screamed and spit on us. Dad held her for the x-rays. Somehow, with prayer, they turned out, even though she was moving. I adjusted her side posture on my regular table. Her mother was terrified! Lydia immediately got up, looked me in the eye, smiled and said, "I feel a lot better, doctor."

I had a 15 year old boy come in after his first correction.  His parents brought him in because he had neck pain and headaches.  During the consultation he never looked up at me once, I thought he must really not want to be here, and that his parents are forcing him.  Today he walked in looked me right in the eye, his posture was noticeably different, he smiled and said, “I’m a centimeter taller!"  I checked him, all was good, so I went over his care schedule, and sent him to the resting room.  While he was resting, his parents said to me that the day after the adjustment he told them he felt much more confident talking to his classmates.  He had been very shy, ADD, socially awkward, and never really looked anyone in the eye.  After one specific Blair adjustment he is a new kid.  

A patient with glaucoma who’s interocular pressure was at a 22-25 level (above 17 is clinically significant) and the day before the operation, patient's atlas was adjusted. Pre-surgically she was re-tested and the level dropped to 11!!! (The power of Upper Cervical). 

Had a fellow in his eighties with severe Parkinson like head tremors who was one of my first people last November.  Adjusted him 11/30 and checked him weekly for 2 months and now monthly.  He held his first correction till April and the tremors where gone by January! 

He was thrilled.  I have a woman aged 35 who has Lupus and has also suffered a stroke.  We have been able to keep her plateaued...none of the severe ups and downs she has had in the past.  Menopausal woman with severe headaches holding her corrections for 6-8 weeks at a time.  Never happened before, always getting adjusted 1-2- times per week.

I tell a story of my very first upper cervical patient - way back in chiropractic school, my first patient was a lady with a number of neurological issues, and her biggest complaint was double vision. But after her first upper cervical correction, the double vision went away.

It is vital that UC doc 'know' that Upper Cervical corrections can and do change vision....An interesting study quoted by 'whiplash expert' Dr. Arthur Croft is Chronic posttraumatic syndrome ; a pilot study of 22 patients (Scan J Primary Health Care 9-135-141, 1991) which found that 41% of the WAD patients developed LBP post trauma...but many experienced chest pain, TMJ,TOS, auditory and visual symptoms. Also, Dr.Rob Kessinger did this research: Kessinger and Boneva carried out a study involving 67 subject which investigated the relationship between 'specific' upper cervical care and changes in visual acuity. Results indicated "considerable evidence attests an association between visual disorders and head/cervical neck trauma." Of the 67 subjects in this case, 59 had demonstrated a C-1 and 8 a C-2 listing. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, Jan 98 2 1

Patient has had chronic unrelenting neck and shoulder pain, had never been filmed by his DC, but complained that the 'supine rotary break adjustments' of atlas hurt and never unlocked. X-rays show mastoids hanging about 1/2" below the transverse processes. I think I will modify the above saying, 'If you can't contact it, you can't fix it!' Thank goodness for a posterior arch!

On a good note, I've helped a patient with numbness and tingling on the upper and lower extremities of the body, another with back ache and pain from a double impact accident (rear ended by two SUVs consecutively) and yet another with back pain from a fall.  All responded within 1 adjustment.  However, the car accident patient is under a lot of mental and emotional stress and has received more than 1 adjustment but continues to get better on a weekly basis. Regarding a migraine patient, 2 days after her 1st adjustment, her migraines have reduced in frequency and intensity.  It is now reduced to a mild ache at the right base of her occiput.  And the best thing is that she used to take 600mg of Motrin 3x/day and now she's down to 1x/day.

I have a patient who spent his younger years on Haight/Ashbury in the 60's. He settled into middle America but by the time he met me this year his Nephrologist had him on heavy medication and his enzyme levels put him on the kidney replacement list, After 5 months of care he saw his Nephro again. The MD found that his enzyme level dropped into the normal range, taking him off the transplant list. The Nephrologist had never seen the levels go down naturally.

A middle aged woman with Parkinson's. She was continually rolling and jerking her head every three seconds and the right arm kept contracting towards her chest. After being scanned and precisely adjusted, right on the table the head tremors stopped and as she sat up, the arm contractures reduced by 2/3rds.

I have one lady that had Parkinson's, daily seizures, and is confined to a wheelchair.  The symptoms started after she received a TB medication for a sore throat.  She hasn't had a seizure in 3 weeks, her arms are less rigid, and she jumped out of bed one night and tried to make a run for it (falling after a few meters, but she was holding strong when I checked her the day after).  She has started talking more, the first two weeks she said nothing. She has the mask face typical of  some Parkinson's patients, one day she came in on a cloudy morning and smiled for the first time in a while, and miraculously the sun came out from behind the clouds beaming in on her face.  It was a very emotional moment for me because you realize who is really doing the healing. Her family has also reduced all the meds she was taking, (probably why she is healing so fast)  I have been refining my technique every morning before I start seeing patients.  I just went through the travel cards and I have 9 patients who have only ever had one correction over a period of many months.    


“I was apprehensive.”

I was a bit apprehensive of what I had heard from others about chiropractors and didn’t like the idea of having my bones “cracked”, in fact, I don’t go easily to medical people unless it is really necessary. My son had said to try Neil but I was feeling a little nervous.

“But it was gentle and relaxing.”

But what I found with Neil was that he is very calm, gentle and listens well. Going to him is quite relaxing and nothing like what I initially thought it might be.
I have had a bad year with flu, general aches and pains, and dizzy spells. When playing golf I found I was feeling dizzy when I bent over to pick up the golf balls and was struggling to hold the club properly with my arthritic thumb.

“Never had dizzy spells again and my high blood pressure dropped.”

I felt generally much better within a couple of visits and found I was walking tall and more balanced. I was actually not aware that my walking was unbalanced in the first place. I am now on a regular maintenance proactive program with him. By correcting and maintaining my upper neck area, I have never had dizzy spells again, and remarkably my high blood pressure has dropped. Neil also worked on loosening up my arthritic thumb.

“Now I enjoy my golf.”

I now enjoy my golf again, and even gripping my pen to write and using everyday things like clothes pegs, remote controls, turning door knobs has much improved.

Cerebellar Ataxia - After his first upper cervical adjustment, his Dad said that he didn’t have to hold onto the walls when walking down the hallway anymore.

Cerebellar Ataxia – Damiana

In the past two months: practice members have shared their recoveries from chronic debilitating loss of breath, GERD, depression, and one practice member had to LOWER his hypothyroidism medication because after having his atlas corrected his THYROID began working again!

Last week we had a new patient start under care who has her Ph.D. in nanotechnology and has five college degrees! Sadly she has been in 5 MVA's with the last two (1) sidelash injury with her head striking the side window (2) taxi cab accident with her face striking the plexiglass divider. Since the last injury two years ago, here is what she has felt; constant dizziness, auditory processing problems, constant dizziness, facial nerve damage, extreme fatigue, cannot concentrate or focus....and burping when concentrating?  Her cognitive skills are so disrupted that she has started to read lips in order to comprehend what people are saying! Anyway, she has had to quit her job as a CEO and is having substantial difficulty as a person in her mid 30's who has been told by neurologists that "this is as good as it gets!" The day after the adjustment she reported, sleeping 3 hrs post adjustment, resolved TMJ, can stand on one leg for long periods without falling, mood improved,...her healing potential is unlimited! Get this, she has a normal neck curve and 1 mm PIL C-1. Subluxations don't have to be huge to be pathological!!!

I think I came to new world after I got your treatment. This morning, when I and my wife climbed the mountain this early morning, we were very surprised that my body condition has been changed. It's really amazing. It's only one treatment but it's totally new body new condition. You gave me new life. I feel so energetic and my neck, dizziness is gone. 

Hearing Loss - “I was pleasantly surprised after the first couple of sessions with you to note the highs and lows of my hearing seemed to have evened out.”

The doctor showed us pre and post MRI's on MVA patients showing "ectopic Chiari" with the cerebellar tonsils extruding down into the neural ring post accident. Following precise upper cervical care, the post MRI showed the cerebellar tissue retracting back into the cranium! (Can't tell you how vital this information happens to be in a world where insurance companies rarely even recognize the soft tissue aspect of a whiplash...showing nerve/brain compression may change some minds.)

The next part of the presentation that was equally impressive was the pre and post MRA's (MRI's of the blood vessels) in which mid brain arteries showed a shriveled look on one side compared to the other. Do you think this consisted vascular contracture could make those vessels prone towards aneurysms or vascular accidents? How about cognitive problems, learning disabilities, gait issues,...? The post MRA's showed the blood vessels returning totally to the normal size. WOW. The direct impact of UC adjustments on brain function something easy to see and explain!

A man in his early 50's was literally doubled over in excruciating pain from the low back into the entire right leg.  History of 2 low back surgeries and no pain relief.  He spent a month at the local full spine clinic and reported no improvements.  WOW is it hard to shoot films on a guy bent in half!   Anyway, I couldn't get a clear view of either protracto b/c he literally could not sit up!  I added a nasium view and drew up an HIO listing.  ASLA.  3 weeks later and 2 corrections. . .he is standing straight as an arrow and pain down from 10 - 3.

First case of Trigeminal Neuralgia this past week.  36 yr old female came in with 2 yr history of TN following a botched dental procedure that landed her in the ER surgical ward with an abscessed maxillary sinus that was eroding her lower eye socket!  Well, that surgery added to the insult.  An extreme athlete as a kid, she took her "fair share" of head injuries.  Examination showed a 3mm ASR! OUCH!  

One adjustment and she was able to wash, comb, dry, curl etc.. . .her hair with no pain.  Says she is sleeping like a rock and in the process (1 week later) of getting off her Tegretol and amitryptilene.  She says, "I just don't need it anymore."  

A Parkinson's patient is now able to walk without his walker and his BP is normalized.  (He's off the meds)  His wife continues to comment that he is more trouble now than before his correction because he's into everything!  He is driving again, shooting his shotgun at matches and he says, "I feel like me again.

A Parkinson's patient. The woman had persistent head tremors and left her arm would jerk upward involuntarily. The UC doctor’s assistant had to hold the patient's arm and head, the husband held her lower torso while the doctor adjusted the atlas. When they sat her up, her rigid arm was relaxed as she was fanning herself due to the warmth she was feeling. (We've all had the patient who describes that hot water flowing down the back feeling...and you know you cleared them.) Anyway, the head tremors STOPPED post adjustment.

Last week we had a new patient come in for care who has had constant, continuous yellowish-green drainage from her left sinus. Right sinus is just fine. None of the medical intervention has helped. A facial surgeon who was a patient of mine two years ago, when I mentioned that UC care helped sinus problems, abruptly commented, "Impossible, there are no nerves in the sinuses!" This new patient of ours came after one week of care mentioning that the sinus discharge is now clear in color and 70% better. 

This woman would take about 20 minutes walking from her car to his front desk; she'd use crutches to walk; both knees and most joints were swollen and painful; she was frequently feverish; and had been medically diagnosed as having West Nile Fever. (Her son frequently mentioned that she was senile in her behavior.) Just last week for the first time, she walked into the office, mentally clear, no crutches and... no pain.

The two key features of a Parkinson’s Disease (PD) case I am currently looking after for, this particular blog post are:

  1. To differentiate resting tremor (a feature of PD) from essential tremor (not a feature of PD); and
  2. To illustrate an almost complete reversal of micrographia (small handwriting) through upper cervical specific chiropractic care.


Last year I had a nice article written about me in our local paper about upper cervical and one of my patients who had a rare form of multiple sclerosis called Progressive Relapsing MS. It just talked about how his mobility improved from the adjustment making his legs even, but the article was nice because there was no mention treatment of back and neck pain. The article was printed on the day of a record setting blizzard and unfortunately not many got the paper that day, but it did bring in 2 cases that were unique because I have never seen anything showing that these condition can resolve from an UC adjustment. The first patient was a 50 y/o man who wrote down 'glossodynia for 10 years' as the condition that brought him to my office, and later that afternoon a women came in and wanted to know if I could help her " Mal de Debarquement" syndrome that she had for 1 year. Both condition were 100 % resolved after only a few adjustments.

Drew mentioned a patient who had substantial hearing loss (assisted by hearing aids) for a decade. Eight to ten adjustments in three months finally stabilized her neck. After a return flight New York last week the woman reported she did not need the hearing aids anymore. So far Drew has seen 5 cases of partial hearing restoration and 7 cases of total restoration.

Seems like seizure patients have kind of been the flavor of the month lately. Getting good results with them. One little boy age 9 has been having seizures since he was 5 yrs old after getting his head slammed into the blacktop playground (duh). He also since then has lost his ability to hold his bowels and just never knows when it is going to happen. Really bad if it happens at school for him. He also 4 weeks prior to coming in, would just out of the blue at school, take and just stand up out of his desk and just stand there without knowing when or why he is doing it. The schools answer to that was to put him on Ritalin to control his bad behavior. That's actually what initiated the parents to look around to see if there was a non-drug solution and that lead them to our office. So far after a little over 2 weeks it looks like we are making a little headway. No reported soiling his pants and no standing up in class and his seizures are getting less in numbers and length.

Two brain surgeries, massive panic disorder, depression, headaches, low back pain, insomnia etc. etc. etc. Five  seconds after her first correction she remarked, "wow this is weird, I have the same taste in my mouth as I did right after my brain surgery! I guess when people wake up from anesthesia they have a weird taste in their mouth.... Next morning she woke up and asked herself, "I am not so sure I need to take all of medications this morning....." She is at 3 weeks and has about a fifty percent reduction in all of her symptoms.........

Patient started care one month ago with chronic vertigo, intense occipital headaches, 10 years of insomnia... Following the initial atlas adjustment, the vertigo is 75% resolved, headaches are gone, and the patient now sleeps thru the night.

I had a great experience with a 23 year old patient today. (The x-rays you looked at for me yesterday.) She came in suffering with low back, mid back and burning pain between the shoulder blades. She also has insomnia, ADD and depression and is on medication for all of these conditions.  I adjusted her atlas PIR and rested her afterwards. When I put her back on the table to check her after her rest, all of the things that showed up on the pre-adjustment check had cleared out.  After she rested and got up she said that she felt like she was "walking on air."  She said for the first time in five years she hasn't had any shoulder pain and that she even felt like she was walking differently (straight). "I almost feel like I have to learn how to walk normally again."  She came in with a cold and clogged sinuses and said that even her sinuses cleared out after the adjustment. 


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