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Up C Spine - Is your Head on Straight?   INTRODUCTION TO UP C

Upper Cervical (UpC) Chiropractors utilise very specific and mainly gentle approaches, techniques, methods and procedures to measure and 'adjust' displacements in the upper cervical vertebrae, in particular displacements of the atlas with respect to the skull. READ MORE...

This section summarises information about a wide variety of upper cervical approaches & techniques including Palmer Specific UPC, Blair upper cervical, NUCCA. READ MORE...
"Only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence according to David Eddy (Cardiothoracic surgeon & prof of health policy & management - Duke University, also holds a degree in Mathematics). Only 1% of articles in med journals are scientifically sound & many treatments have never been assessed at all. Often the evidence available contradicted current practice: ex: of 17 RCTs on lidocaine prophylactically in Ps w chest pain, 16 showed no effect & 1 showed a positive result - yet the practice was to give lidocaine. The weakness of scientific evidence underlying medical practice is one of the causes of wide variations in medical practice. The evidence on effectiveness is poor, but the info needed - by purchasers - to choose among different treatments is almost never available. Smith, R. Where is the wisdom? BMJ 1991; 303(Oct 5): 798-799."

My name is Greg Buchanan. Welcome to my website. I have developed this website primarily as an information website for people desperately searching for answers to their medical conditions. READ MORE...

The evidence section is intended to provide you with information found in the form of books, websites, scientific studies, newspaper reports, case studies, testimonials, miscellaneous documents and anecdotal stories. READ MORE...

My blog contains newsletters and rambles about my research and good stories about upper cervical care.  READ BLOG..
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