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Greg BuchananMy name is Greg Buchanan. Welcome to my website. I have developed this website primarily as an information website for people desperately searching for answers to their medical conditions. My views expressed at this site are the culmination of many years (since 1997) of my own personal experiences, researching every day, reading medical papers & books and discussion with hundreds of medical professionals, patients and others. I do not pretend to be a medical professional and am not offering medical advice. Like others, however I have concluded that many human illnesses and chronic conditions may in fact have their origin in undetected injuries to the cervical spine, in particular the upper cervical spine. I have personally witnessed wonderful positive changes in peoples’ health over the years, through a procedure carried out by a small band of specialist chiropractors carrying on the work of B.J. Palmer. The results are so profound and positive for patients that they cannot be ignored, and its time that prejudices were put aside and major research funds were put towards investigating the science, that is, upper cervical ‘specific’ chiropractic. The funds, which go into chiropractic research are alarming when compared to research funds provided for pharmaceutical and surgical solutions.


I find a high correlation between many diseases or medical conditions and one particular condition or state. This condition can be acquired quite simply and easily. In medical literature it is known as an occipitio-atlantal (C0 to C1) subluxation (minor misalignment) and can be accompanied by an atlanto-axial (C1 to C2) subluxation. Simple accidents such as falling from a bike and hitting your head, hitting one’s head on a door jam or bedside table, sustaining a head, neck or shoulder injury when playing contact sport or the more serious accidents like being whip-lashed in a car accident most certainly can and do result in these subluxations. Everyone I know has sustained at least some degree of head, neck or shoulder injury in their lives. Could it be that there is one common factor in many chronic medical conditions? Could it be that something is so simple that it is totally missed by the medical profession? I am absolutely convinced that these subluxations are a major contributing factor in many, many diseases and conditions. In my opinion a subluxation at the junction of the skull and the atlas should be the first thing that is checked BEFORE any other medical intervention is carried out. Yet in reality it is never investigated, and in fact I find that in many cases doctors have dismissed this outright as being a problem. It is becoming clearer that nothing could be further from the truth!

My UpCspine.com website aims to bring together in one source, information relating to subluxations of the upper cervical spine, medical conditions which may be a direct result of this problem and information on how to correct the problem and in my view quite probably reverse chronic illnesses or conditions.

Not convinced? No matter, tens of thousands of people worldwide are, for the only qualification you need to understand this is an upper cervical subluxation. If you don’t have one or haven’t had one consider yourself blessed!

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