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The Advocates section of my website is dedicated to those individuals who have experienced, in full glory, the Power of Upper Cervical care. View Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH711pGGXiI. Purchase the documentary video at Upper Cervical Stuff

The Advocates telling their stories here are very special because they have now dedicated their lives to telling the World about the wonderful health benefits which can be achieved through Upper Cervical care. We Advocates have all, through determination and perseverance, rebounded from the depths of despair and hopelessness. We could not have recovered if it were not for dedication of Upper Cervical doctors around the World, the research and work carried out by B.J. Palmer and that done by original Upper Cervical researchers who carried on his work. Upper Cervical 'specific' chiropractic care is a real science, offering real hope to infirm people everywhere. We just need the leaders of our society to sit up and take notice and start diverting important research funds into researching Upper Cervical 'specific' chiropractic care to scientifically prove what we already know.

Our Advocates group is growing daily as more and more people experience the benefits of Upper Cervical care and then turn their talents to informing other people about how wonderful it can be to have a misaligned atlas restored to its rightful position under the skull. We are hoping that you too will one day become an Upper Cervical Advocate and join our group. (www.uppercervicaladvocates.com).

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