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On this page I will provide information about books, as I come across them, which may be of interest to chiropractic patients, chiropractors and other physicians. I have found them to be wonderful reading and they further reinforce, to me anyway, how powerful chiropractic, and in particular upper cervical chiropractic really is. This kind of information must be made available to all people seeking medical treatment. Chiropractic (upper cervical) deserves the immediate attention of medical researchers and the application of significant funds.

Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex: A Review of Chiropractic and Medical LiteratureUpper Cervical Subluxation Complex: A Review of Chiropractic and Medical Literature by Kirk Eriksen; Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ©2004. www.lww.com

In this book Dr. Eriksen has pulled together a comprehensive analysis of various chiropractic and medical literature regarding the upper cervical subluxation complex and its relationship to conditions, neurology and the health of patients. I consider this to be a worthwhile resource for any researcher, patient or practitioner. In particular, the various appendices provide compelling images which review the technical aspects of upper cervical chiropractic care and it's affect on patients. The before and after treatment images help to reinforce how powerful upper cervical chiropractic is when correctly administered.


A Look at Chiropractic Spinal CorrectionA Look at Chiropractic Spinal Correction by I.N. Toftness, D.C., Ph.C.; Publisher: I.N. Toftness ©1977.

In this book Dr. Toftness starts by discussing Resident Intelligence and its importance in the healing process, he then discusses chiropractic correction in relation to subluxations. The book contains numerous case studies with compelling images, before and after correction, of spinal distortions and scoliosis. I see these types of corrections every day and in the majority of cases I observe that the correction of scoliosis is initiated in most part by an upper cervical (C1) chiropractic adjustment.


The Best-Kept Secret to Raising a Healthy Child .and the Possible Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)The Best-Kept Secret to Raising a Healthy Child ...and the Possible Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by Wehrenberg, C and Mulhall-Wehrenberg T; Publisher: Specific Chiropractic ©2000; 1673 Route 9, Suite 2 Clifton Park, NY 12065; Tel: 888.521.9499
This book can also be purchased at www.amazon.com.

The Wehrenbergs in this book propose a theory for the cause and correction of sudden infant death syndrome. They draw on the not so insignificant amount of research and other evidence which points to the brainstem area, in particular the occiput to atlas (skull base to C1 vertebra) joint as being a causal factor in this [SIDS] condition. They take us through the research and the wonderful upper cervical healing approach known as Atlas Orthogonal (see www.atlasorthogonality.com). It is clear that "'at risk or near-miss SIDS" kids will benefit from specific upper cervical chiropractic.


What TIME Tuesday?What TIME Tuesday? By James Tomasi; Publisher: International Christian Servants, Inc. ©2005; Printed By: Banta Books Press, Harrisburg;
Order from www.whattimetuesday.com

This story encapsulates James Tomasi's testimony of enduring Trigeminal Neuralgia, or TN, better known as the "Suicide Disease". The preface to the book, written by James';s son Rod is particularly poignant. He summarizes the miracle of upper cervical chiropractic eloquently. In his book James takes us through his fight with "The Beast", trigeminal neuralgia, and his attempts to rid himself of the pain, which he describes "felt like I had an exposed nerve in every tooth in the right side of my mouth and a mouth full of ice." He is close to suicide when his wife, Rhonda hears a radio broadcast. God has spoken! For those of us who understand upper cervical chiropractic (UCC) and its power, James's return to health is just more evidence that UCC needs to be available to every human being. It is our right, God gave it to us.


The Subluxation Specific - The Adjustment SpecificThe Subluxation Specific ~ The Adjustment Specific by B.J. Palmer, D.C.,Ph.C.; Publisher: Palmer College of Chiropractic, Reprinted 1995; Palmer College Bookstore
E-mail: pccbookstore@example.com ;
Website: https://bookstore.palmer.edu/

This book is full of original research by the creator of upper cervical chiropractic, B.J. Palmer. It is a must read for all chiropractors. The images of before and after x-rays showing correction of the upper cervical subluxations and the description of anatomy and adjustment approach are compelling. It is clear why the atlas and axis are implicated in human disease and why the upper cervical spine is the only area in the human spine where 'true' subluxations exist. All others are only secondary or as a result of the subluxation in the upper cervical. This is because the human skeleton is actually top down design. As B.J. Palmer put it, "we realize the specific has been found in that area between articulations of occiput, atlas, and axis wherein THE cause of ALL dis-ease. The objective, long sought, has been found!"


Somatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic - An Evidence-Based ApproachSomatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic - An Evidence-Based Approach by Masarsky, C.S. and Todres-Masarsky M; Publisher: Churchill Livingstone ©2001; The Curtis Center, Independence Square West, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106; Distributed through Elsevier,
Website: http://www.elsevierhealth.com/

This book integrates understanding of the somatic and visceral systems, which although the systems work together in the body, have traditionally been compartmentalized by orthodox medicine and studied separately. It is a comprehensive text covering neuroanatomy, physical examination, instrumentation, measurement, and specific clinical areas.

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