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If you are an upper cervical practitioner/doctor and would like to submit your practice details for inclusion
in our database please complete the form below.

Please Note: If you are a true upper cervical practitioner/doctor then please feel welcome to add your
practice details to our website. This website is not intended as a general list of chiropractors and is only
for those who have chosen to limit their practice to the precise evaluation and treatment of the upper
cervical spine. We will consider your application and if it meets with our criteria your practice details will
be made live on our website.

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Upper Cervical
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Upper Cervical Practice Questions:
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Do you take Precision Upper Cervical x-rays? *
Do you use tilting bucky and headclamps on your x-ray equipment? *
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Do you rest your patients after an adjustment? *
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What subluxation analysis do you use? *
Leg length Analysis
What, if any, instruments do you use?:
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What was the date of the last seminar you attended on Upper Cervical? *
Who may we contact to support the status of your certification in Upper Cervical?
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