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My website would not have been possible without the help of many, many people I have met and communicated with since I became ill. They number in the absolute hundreds, so it is not possible to list them all here, so please forgive me if I have forgotten someone. I wish to thank the many chiropractors, doctors, dentists and other physicians who have shared with me their thoughts and expertise. I want to also say thanks to all of the patients who have shared with me their health problems and personal predicaments. We are fellow sufferers who have seen the light and experienced the wonderful medical approach, which is known as 'specific' upper cervical chiropractic. I know that you will all attest to the significant health benefits that derive from being treated by these 'specialist' chiropractors. Thank you for making my journey back to health so rewarding and allowing me to help so many sick people. My greatest reward has been to witness so many children regain their health, many after years of suffering. It's a pity that more children have not been introduced to this wonderful art. The World would be a better place if they had been, for as Danny Kaye once said 'The greatest natural resource that any country can have is its children'.

The Pioneers
A thankyou would not be complete without thanking those people who started the chiropractic science, namely D.D. and B.J. Palmer. If it wasn't for the Harvey Lilliard adjustment would chiropractic have even existed? In any event, the work carried on by B.J. in the upper cervical area has been nothing short of revolutionary. I continue to study the Green Books and can't help but be both thankful and disappointed. Thankful that he pursued his work with much dedication and disappointed that much of chiropractic seems to have deviated from his work. This being that subluxations only exist in the upper cervical spine (atlas and axis) and that problems in this region are the source of illness. This concept is not foreign to people who have sustained an upper cervical subluxation. When you are inside of a body, which is behaving the way it does, when this subluxation is present and then an upper cervical correction is delivered, there is no other explanation for the rapid health changes. Imagine today, if you will, that we had an upper cervical chiropractor wherever there was a medical doctor. I think the World would be a far better place. One can only pray that commonsense prevails and upper cervical chiropractic and medical science stand side by side for the benefit of patients. For isn't this what health care is all about? Sometimes I wonder.

Upper Cervical Chiropractors and John Grostic
Thank you to Dr. John Grostic for his pioneering work also. So much of upper cervical today is based on his work. We need more people like him to follow on in his footsteps. Thank you to all 'specific' upper cervical chiropractors for taking up the challenge. Without you we are nothing and the World is a sorry place. Don't give up, fight for your profession. We patients need you!

Non-Specific Chiropractors
Even though my site is dedicated to "specific" upper cervical work, I think it is very important to thank the other chiropractors pursuing the treatment of sufferers. There are many great stories and cases emanating from your practices. I think that if you include 'specific' upper cervical in your armoury you will soon realise its powerful benefits to your patients.

Dr. Joe Ierano, Atlas Orthogonist

Web: www.spine.net.au
Email: info@spine.net.au

To Dr. Joe as he is affectionately known by his patients and assistant of many years Lyn Stewart I say thank you for the years of friendship and guidance you have given me. Thank you for looking after my family. A visit to your practice is such a wonderful experience because besides being professionals you are also just plain nice people. We all are better people for having met you and my children continue to enjoy the health benefits your wonderful art and science provides.

Dr. Michael Burcon, Blair Chiropractor

Web: www.burconchiropractic.com
Email: DrBurcon@yahoo.com

To Dr. Mike and Jane thank you for being our friends. Mike, you have educated me well in the Blair approach to chiropractic. We have had some great discussions relating to the intricacies of the upper cervical spine and imaging. You are doing a wonderful job in your practices in Michigan and there are many people who have their lives back again thanks to you. It was a pleasure to have you stay at my house down under. I think the local pub is looking forward to your return! Just joking! Keep up the great work.

Dr. Darryl Roundy, Atlas Orthogonist

Web: www.atlaschiro.com
Email: drroundy@atlaschiro.com

To Dr. Darryl, for your support and professional expertise. You are so dedicated to the task at hand and this shows in the results you are achieving. Thank you for your friendship and for helping me out of many occasions. I have visited Seattle many times prior to my injury. Had I only known about upper cervical chiropractic and that you were in Seattle!

Dr. Daniel O. Clark

Web: www.uppercervicalillustrations.com
Email: clarkjudan@worldnet.att.net

To Dr. Dan, for your absolutely wonderful artwork and your mission to educate patients from a layman’s perspective. I know you want to keep it simple and I hope that my website has achieved at least some level of simplicity. Head and neck alignment, as communicated by you is all-important. Let’s hope that some day many more people will understand this and work for the benefit of the patient and not their own interests.

Dr. Roy Sweat and Dr. Matthew Sweat

Web: www.atlasorthogonality.com
Email: dr83@bellsouth.net

To Dr. Roy and Dr. Matt, I don’t know how I can thank you enough for creating such a wonderful and absolutely significant upper cervical approach to correcting subluxations. It is just nothing short of miraculous that such a painless procedure has such amazing health benefits. I look forward to the next evolution of the Atlas Orthogonal science.

Dr. Roger Hinson

Email: Rogerius9@gmail.com

To Dr. Roger, thank you for providing me with so much material and moral support for what I am doing. Also keep up the great research you are doing. I know that some people in Australia are about to benefit from your work on trigeminal neuralgia. We need more people like you.

Dr. Robert Goodman, NUCCA

Web: www.nucca.org
Email: drgoodman@nvspine.com

To Dr. Robert, thank you for allowing me to use some of your NUCCA material for my site. The NUCCA approach is another gentle upper cervical technique that deserves much recognition. Thanks for your support within the NUCCA organization and for helping me get the message out there.

Dr. E.A. Addington and Mrs. Blair

Web: www.blairchiropractic.com
Email: blairchiropractic@yahoo.com

To Dr. Addington and Mrs. Blair, I say thank you for providing with so much of Dr. Blair’s material. His approach in my view makes complete sense. I have read his papers over and over and come to the conclusion that there are strong reasons to include his work in any upper cervical analysis. He has left a wonderful legacy to the World and should be recognized as one of the pioneers of chiropractic.

Dr. Kirk Eriksen, Orthospinologist

Web: www.orthospinology.org
Email: drkeriksen@ala.net

To Dr. Kirk, thank you for allowing me to use some of your material for my site. I notice that you have presented many cases on upper cervical and continue to foster and develop this science. Without the dedication of people like you many people would be banished to a life of misery. Thank you.

Dr. Kale, Kale Brainstem approach

Web: www.kale.com
Email: DrBj@kale.com

To Dr. B.J., thank you also for providing me with materials on the Kale approach. Your father’s work should be commended and recognized throughout the profession.

Dr. Cecil Laney

Email: Atlasdoc@AOL.com

To Dr. Laney, the information you have provided me is fantastic. What a great instrument you have created. The need for incorporating torque into an adjustment I know has been hotly debated, however it seems to me that your conclusions make a great deal of sense and any research into upper cervical should include analysis and use of instruments such as yours. Thank you for passing on your knowledge to others.

Dr. William Amalu - DC, DABCT, DIACT, FIACT - Vice President and Research Director – IUCCA

Web: http://www.pacificchiro.com/
Email: iucca@pacificchiro.com

Thank you Dr. Amalu for providing me with information about the Applied Upper Cervical Biomechanics approach from IUCCA, and for allowing me to display IUCCA research material on my site. It was a pleasure to discuss upper cervical chiropractic over the telephone with you as well as over email, and I look forward to a long relationship with you and the International Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association [IUCCA].

Dr. Robert Cowin and Dr. Kathleen Bras

Email: robcowin@ozemail.com.au

Thank you to Robert and Kathleen for being supportive of my endeavours over the years and for introducing me to the upper cervical orthogonal chiropractic technique you employ. It is unique in Australia, if not in the World and I feel honoured to have been able to dedicate a web page to this approach. Thank you also for providing me with your patient testimonial newsletters and allowing me to display them on this site.

Dr. Craig Wehrenberg and Dr. Tracey Mulhall-Wehrenberg, Atlas Orthogonists

Email: dratlas1@msn.com

To Dr. Craig and Dr. Tracey, what marvellous work you are carrying out in the area of SIDS research. For you and others who think the same way it is no surprise that problems in the upper cervical spine may be a major contributing factor if not THE main factor in SIDS. The symptoms caused by upper cervical subluxations are distressing enough for the adult body, let alone for children. My view is that much of the research funds raised for SIDS research needs to be directed towards your work. I have no doubt you will succeed.




Britta Hansen – Fresh Consulting

Web: www.freshconsulting.com.au
Email: britta@freshconsulting.com.au

Thankyou to Britta for providing the professional expertise to design my website. Thanks for being patient with me as I made countless changes to material and took my time on some other occasions. Britta and her team are some of the most accommodating and professional people I have come to meet. Their work is exemplary.

Francesca and Richard Pascoe – Cyber Interchange Australia

Web: www.ciau.com.au

To Francesca and Richard for your great graphic design and database work. I recommend your work to anyone wanting to establish a presence on the Internet. You are great people with wonderful skills.


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