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State/Province: Emilia-Romagna
Practitioner Type: Upper Cervical Chiropractor ID: 2386
Name: Dr Peter Lawrence
Status of UpC technique Certification: Up to Date 1 May 2015
Please check with technique owner for current status
Practice: Advanced Chiropractic
Address: Via L.Fornaciari 6
Reggio Emilia
Emilia-Romagna, ITALY  42121
Tel: +39 389.535.1151 Fax:
Mob: Other Tel:
Website: www.peterlawrencechiropractic.it
Email: info@peterlawrencechiropractic.it
Upper cervical approach/technique used: Knee Chest Upper Cervical
Takes precision upper cervical x-rays: Pre Upper Cervical Only
Additional Comments: I thought I already applied for this website, but I don't see my name listed so I am doing it again.Thank you for including me.
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