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Date 9-may-2006
Story WCA demands removal of anti-chiropractic ads from buses...
Author Dr Terry A Rondberg
Main Condition/ Disease  neck911usa.com
Source www.worldchiropracticalliance.org

2950 N. Dobson Rd. Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85224


Contact for Reporters: For information, call World Chiropractic Alliance, 800-347-1011 or e-mail comments@worldchiropracticalliance.org.

Chiropractic group demands removal of anti-chiropractic ads from Bridgeport buses ...

Chandler, Ariz. -- After several buses in Bridgeport and Waterbury, Conn., began displaying side panel ads suggesting chiropractic treatment could lead to injury and/or strokes, attorneys for the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA), issued a cease and desist warning letter demanding the signs be immediately removed.

The offending ads depict a doctor in a white coat about to give a cervical adjustment to a patient. The ad states:

Injured by a chiropractic adjustment?

Call 860-529-8826.


Chiropractic Stroke Victims Awareness Group

In the letter to the Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority (GBTA), the WCA stated that it would refer the matter to state and federal authorities for investigation and seek legal actions in state and/or federal court if the ads were not removed.

WCA legal counsel Carlos F. Negrete accused the GBTA of promoting "shameless and legally libelous messages on its buses" and warned that a "full investigation" is being launched to determine who paid for placing the ads, which contain only a reference to "Chiropractic Stroke Victims Awareness Group." Its website merely identifies the group as "an international volunteer group of individuals who provide consultations on complications due to neck manipulation." The names of its founders and/or leaders are not disclosed.

Terry A. Rondberg, DC, founder and president of the WCA, stated his conviction that the ads are part of a "continuing and vicious attack on the chiropractic profession by certain extremist elements who oppose any kind of non-medical health care. It has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the public."

He also noted that the ads were "part of a well orchestrated and financed campaign to circulate misinformation about health care approaches that have been scientifically established and recognized throughout the world."

In countering the claims on the bus ads, Dr. Rondberg explained that "there is no evidence that chiropractic care causes strokes or injury. In fact, almost every scientific study has proven that chiropractic is extremely safe ... far safer than medical treatments."

The WCA announced that it is committed to taking swift and immediate action against the individuals and entities responsible for the bus ads. "We will go to the courts to stop the public transport agency from promoting this campaign against Connecticut chiropractors and their colleagues around the country."

Retaining Negrete is part of an overall strategy to stop such attacks on chiropractic. Negrete, an attorney in private practice in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., is known for his defense of chiropractors, physicians, dentists, clinics and natural heath therapists who practice complimentary and alternative medicine. He has scored major victories against such opponents as "Quackwatch" founder Stephen Barrett, MD, as well as HMOs in California.

In the past, the World Chiropractic Alliance has mobilized to protest attacks in the media and to lobby against anti-chiropractic legislation on the state and federal levels. "The WCA serves as chiropractic's Emergency Response Team," Dr. Rondberg commented. "When these attacks occur, we can't wait around for some committee to meet and study the situation. Since the WCA has eliminated the bureaucracy that so often impedes action, it can respond swiftly and decisively. We're not afraid to confront our enemies or those who are being used as pawns in this battle. We will use every avenue open to us -- from public relations to lawsuits -- to hold those responsible for the attacks accountable for their actions."

A copy of the letter sent to the Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority may be viewed on the WCA website at www.worldchiropracticalliance.org

The World Chiropractic Alliance -- an international organization representing doctors of chiropractic -- promotes traditional, drug-free and non-invasive chiropractic to correct vertebral subluxations. The WCA is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information and publishes the peer-reviewed chiropractic research journal, Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. For more information, contact the WCA at 800-347-1011 or www.worldchiropracticalliance.org
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