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Date 23-nov-2011
Story How I Found My Cure for Meniere's Disease
Author Lee Trask
Main Condition/ Disease  Meniere's Disease
Source http://www.dailystrength.org/health_blogs/lee/article/how-i-found-my-cure-for-menieres-disease
Summary This is one of the happiest follow-up blogs Iíve ever written. I posted a week or so ago about being diagnosed with Meniereís disease. It is an inner ear disturbance, affecting one ear. It is of unknown origin, with no cure. I have a mild form, (only roaring in my ear, partial hearing loss and mild vertigo,) but it can cause severe vertigo, vomiting, and complete hearing loss. I was diagnosed and told by my ENT that my only option was a diuretic to reduce the fluid in my ear, but there was nothing to stop the inevitable decline. Heís a great doc: he did 4 surgeries on my son, starting when he was only 18 months old. I couldnít believe thatís all he had to offer.
Keywords Meniere's Disease, upper cervical, atlas
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