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Some research organizations carrying out chiropractic research are listed below. Listing of an organization at this site does not mean that we endorse any particular research organization or chiropractic technique. We simply provide the list so that if you feel compelled to contribute to chiropractic research, you can contact the relevant people at the sites listed. Chiropractic research organizations, just like many other medical research institutions require ongoing funds to finance their research with the aim of helping us patients.

Other chiropractic research organizations that wish to have their research sites listed (free of charge) on this website, please contact us.

Upper Cervical Research Foundation
Contribute to Research - contact the Blair Chiropractic Society JUCCR
Journal of Upper Cervical
Chiropractic Research
Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex - Kirk Eriksen Contribute to Research - contact the Australian Spinal Research Foundation
Contribute to Research - contact Dr Sweat at the Atlas Orthogonal Clinic To contribute to upper cervical research contact the Orthospinology Society Contribute to Research - contact Pacific Chiropractic Research
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