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Category: Scientific Studies
Date 2-mar-2007
Title Atlas vertebra realignment and achievement of arterial pressure goal in hypertensive patients
Author Bakris G, Dickholtz Sr M, Meyer PM, Kravitz G, Avery E, Miller M, Brown J, Woodfield C, Bell B
Main Condition/ Disease  Blood Pressure - Hypertension
Source Journal of Human Hypertension (2007), 1-6
Abstract Anatomical abnormalities of the cervical spine at the level of the atlas vertebra are associated with relative ischaemia of the brainstem circulation & increased blood pressure. Manual correction of this misalignment has been associated with reduced arterial pressure. We conclude that restoration of Atlas misalignment is associated with marked and sustained reductions in blood pressure similar to the use of two-drug therapy.
Summary This was a pilot study to examine the affects of a non-invasive therapy (upper cervical chiropractic) on long term changes in blood pressure & heart rate. The design used a randomized, double blind, with a placebo control group. Patients were computer randomized and 'washed' out of their current medications for 2 weeks. The sham (placebo) intervention was indistinguishable to the patients as this upper cervical procedure (NUCCA) is extremely delicate & gentle. The study findings showed that a sustained blood pressure reduction can be achieved with a procedure to correct the atlas (C1 vertebra) misalignment. This correction achieved results similar to giving two different antihypertensive medications. Reductions of blood pressure in the control group [placebo] were minor Systolic (-3.2) and Diastolic (-1.8) whereas those in the treatment group [atlas correction] were significant, Systolic (-17.2) and Diastolic (-10.3). On average, the before BP of the treatment group was 147/92.5 and after atlas adjustment was 129.8/82.2. There were no adverse effects to reports during this short-term study. More studies are required but my Patient's Perspective and experience tells me that this study is more proof of the power of a well delivered upper cervical, gentle and precise adjustment by qualified upper cervical chiropractors.
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Keywords atlas, vertebra, upper cervical chiropractic, blood pressure, reduction, hypertension

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