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Category: Anecdotal
Date 10-mar-2003
Story Upper cervical adjustment eliminates migraine within 15 minutes
Author Greg Buchanan
Main Condition/ Disease  Migraine, headaches
Summary Through a friend of mine I was introduced to a lady who suffers regular migraines, which last some 4 days or more from onset. I spoke to her at length and explained why I thought her migraines might be coming from an atlas subluxation. I described to her the anatomy and upper cervical chiropractic in detail. She considered that what I was telling her made a lot of sense so I made arrangements to take her to our nearest upper cervical chiropractor (atlas orthogonist) some 2 hours drive away. On the morning that we were to go down, she telephoned me and told me that a migraine had just started and that she was feeling very ill and vomiting. She asked me if the chiropractor would still see her and if it was OK to travel down in my car. I assured her that the visit would still be OK and that she could bring a bucket and vomit in that if she needed to. I picked her up from her home and we proceeded on our long journey. All the way down this lady was very ill, after all car travel is not the best thing to be doing when you have a migraine! Upon arrival at the chiropractor she could hardly sit up and needed to place her head between her legs. The chiropractor took her into his office where he carried out his usual interview in relation to medical history and current issues. Following that he carried out the typical set of atlas orthogonal upper cervical X-rays, checked leg length and palpated the suboccipital area of her spine. These are standard diagnostic tests for many upper cervical chiropractors. He had trouble with the X-rays because she was so ill. All tests revealed a subluxation of atlas to occiput that indicated a need for her to receive a precision upper cervical adjustment using the Sweat percussion instrument. Following this adjustment she came out of the chiropractor’s office and indicated she needed to lie down for a while. I took her into the other office and had her lie down on a bed. After about 15 minutes this lady appeared in the front reception stating that her migraine was gone. She could not believe how successful this had been, as these migraines are very severe and take days to disappear. All the way home in the car she could not stop talking and asking questions. Whilst this was a complete surprise and huge relief obviously for her, for me it was just another ‘miracle’ that is, upper cervical specific chiropractic. Following her success she has been referring friends with migraines to that same chiropractor. It’s just a pity that there are so few of these types of chiropractors.
Keywords Upper cervical, atlas orthogonal, migraine, headache

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