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Category: Other Papers
Date 2-may-2003
Title Multiple Sclerosis Service Organization-Letter to Chiropractor
Author Robert A. Lupowitz, D.C.
Main Condition/ Disease  Multiple Sclerosis
Source http://off-the-grid.net/
Abstract Got to the above website and click on 'More Information about'. Then click on 'Correspondence with New Jersey Multiple Sclerosis Society'.
Also you can click DOWNLOAD below.
Summary I thought that it was worthwhile putting this reference on my site. If you go to the source web link you will find a scanned copy of a letter which was sent from the 'Multiple Sclerosis Service Organization Inc.' to a chiropractor practising out of New Mexico, USA. If you read the letter you will note that the Society is interested in finding our more information about Dr. Lupowitz's clinic, as many of their patients have reported inproving after his treatment. Dr. Lupowitz replied to the Society, however, as soon as they found out that he was a chiropractor "they were no longer interested in hearing about his work". Dr. Lupowitz describes in his reply letter his chiropractic technique as "a highly specialized technique of light force adjustments" ... "The adjustment utilizes two to six ounces of pressure sustained over time, gently applied to the body. This is less pressure than you can place on your own eyeball without casuing pain". He goes on to state "I have had documented success with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. Some of them have been diagnosed and degenerating for as long as fifteen years to eighteen years. They have endured the gamut of symptoms you describe in your brochure, including paralysis."
What this highlights further is the lack of interest mainstream medicine has in working with alternative or complementary medical practitioners. This would appear to be common throughout the medical fraternity. One would think they could have sent along a delegation to Dr. Lupowitz to try and understand what he does and how his treatment affects people with multiple sclerosis. But 'no' they are simply not interested. I think this is further proof that we urgently need Government funded, independent research into upper cervical chiropractic. The patients will be the beneficiaries.

Read more about Dr. Lupowitz's work, in the WCA release at http://www.worldchiropracticalliance.org/tcj/1991/mar/mar1991c.htm
Download File download file
Keywords Multiple sclerosis; upper cervical; chiropractic

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