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Category: Scientific Studies
Date 9-may-2003
Title Vestibulospinal reflexes in patients with cervical disequilibrium
Author M. Hülse, M. Hölzl
Main Condition/ Disease  Hearing Disorders - Vertigo
Source Springer J. Volume 48 Issue 4 (2000) pp 295-301 - http://link.springer-ny.com/
Abstract As quoted: "A functional cervical spine disorder is often the cause for persistent vertigo, which can last months or several years. The existence of cervical vertigo is not generally recognized, mainly because an objectivation of the cervical nystagmus is not easily understood by many examiners. In this study we examine additional parameters, which underline the diagnosis of cervical imbalance. The anamnestic statement of staggering refers to a disturbance of the vestibulospinal reactions. In 67 patients in which cervical imbalance was suspected the vestibulospinal reactions were monitored directly before and after manual therapie of the cervical spine. The cranio-corpo-graphie (CCG) and the posturography were used to monitor the results. A highly significant improvement of pathological vestibulospinal reactions was seen after chiropractic manipulation of the spine. These results show that a functional disorder of the cervical vertebrae influences the vestibulospinal reactions. The pathological deficit of the vestibulospinal reactions is not solely a phenomenon of peripheric labyrinth malfunction, failure in the brainstem or in the area of the cerebellum ("brain stem staggering"), but can also be viewed nearly regularly by cervical disturbance of the equilibrium. The results of the treatment can be observed within a few hours."
Summary Hülse, in a few papers has noted significant improvements of patient symptoms within hours of chiropractic manipulation of the upper cervical spine. Something which would appear to be quite common in the upper cervical chiropractic world.

Full paper purchaseable and accessible from http://link.springer-ny.com/
Keywords vertigo, cervical spine, chiropractic manipulation

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