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Category: Newspaper Reports
Date 24-aug-1999
Article Title Hearing’s not such a pain in the neck now
Author Louise Turk
Main Condition/ Disease  Hearing disorders – Meniere’s Disease
Source Illawarra Mercury, Tuesday August 24th 1999 - Australia
Summary This is an article about a lady Gladys Jenkins who attended a chiropractor, Robert Cowin (see my database), for treatment for back pain. Mrs Jenkins (70) was also suffering from “hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and pressure in the left ear”. Meniere’s syndrome is a disease, which afflicts many people. According to medical doctors, there is no cure and treatment has involved doing nothing, to drugs through to, in the most serious cases, severing of the vestibular portion of the vestibular cochlear cranial nerve VIII. Following upper cervical chiropractic treatment, including atlas adjustment, Chinese pillow rest sessions, cervical muscle rehabilitation Mrs. Jenkins experienced “dramatic improvement in hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus problems.” One of the results was “complete absence of vertigo”, which prior to treatment Mrs. Jenkins had reported “six attacks in seven months which left her feeling unwell for days or weeks.” Robert Cowin says that the evidence, which links some inner-ear disorders with neck problems, is “abundant”. Whilst, he states, [this evidence] “is not sufficient to prove causal link” between inner ear disorders and the cervical spine, my view is that it only needs to be studied further to prove it beyond any doubt. Cowin’s upper cervical chiropractic adjustment analysis and technique is very ‘specific’ and gentle. His instrument utilises a modified Sweat percussion (atlas orthogonal) tool on a Pettibon base. I know of no other chiropractor that uses Cowin’s approach.
Keywords Back pain; neck pain; Meniere’s; tinnitus; deafness; dizziness; vertigo ; chiropractic

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