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Category: Case Studies
Date 19-dec-2003
Case Title Visual Recovery Following Chiropractic Intervention
Author Greg Gilman, O.D. John Bergstrand , D.C.
Main Condition/ Disease  Visual Disturbance - blindness
Source Journal of Behavioral Optometry; Volume 1/1990/Number 3/Page 73-74
Abstract As quoted: An elderly man experienced a complete loss of vision following head trauma. It was determined that optometric and ophthalmological treatments were not indicated. The patient was referred to a chiropractor and after a series of chiropractic adjustments the patient's vision returned. Possible neurological explanations are addressed.
Summary This is a single case study of an elderly gentleman who reported neck pain following an incident in which he fell between two logs and was hit on both sides of the head. Immediate symptoms were head pain and dizziness, however the next day he woke to find he had lost all vision. Diagnostic procedures by an ophthalmologist resulted in a conclusion "that no treatment was indicated and the vision loss was permanent." The patient was then referred for chiropractic assessment, since according to the paper "both authors of this case history have seen several patients who had experienced vision changes after receiving chiropractic adjustments." Subsequently the chiropractor diagnosed "cervical subluxation complex with autonomic nervous system involvement."
The treatment regime involved upper cervical adjustments to the atlas vertebra, a total of 11 adjustments over three months. The patient noted visual improvements following the third chiropractic adjustment, which consisted of initial gray flashes to color recovery. In conclusion the paper states, "the vision findings had been confirmed medically approximately three months after the initial optometric examination and were stable. The authors' and patient's opinions are that the chiropractic adjustments helped the patient to regain the vision he had traumatically lost."
Keywords trauma;blindness;chiropractic adjustment;retinoscopic reflex;visual acuity

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