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Category: Newspaper Reports
Date 22-may-2004
Article Title Asthmatics get cracking - A chiropractic solution
Author Zoe Taylor
Main Condition/ Disease  Asthma, eczema
Source The Daily Telegraph - Sat 22nd May 2004, Page 19
Summary This is a story of a toddler Jason, age 2 who suffers from asthma and eczema whose "growth had been stunted by continual steroid treatments". A friend of the family suggested Jason be taken to a chiropractor for treatment (Gary Smith, Cessnock, NSW, Australia).
According to the report "Two weeks after Jason's first treatment, his mum was able to stop using the cortisone cream that treated his eczema" and "his skin has cleared up dramatically and asthma attacks only occur if he goes more than a fortnight without a [chiropractic] session".
The changes in Jason and his younger sibling, who has also been treated are noticeable by friends and family. His Mum reckons, "I tell everyone I meet how good it is. Everyone responds to different degrees, but the improvements in Jason have been amazing".

Well done to chiropractor Gary Smith.
Keywords asthma, eczema, chiropractic

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