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Category: Case Studies
Date 20-oct-2001
Case Title Hypertensive emergency returns to pre-crisis within Minutes of an Upper Cervical Spinal Adjustment
Author Paul Mullin, D.C. and Robert Sinnott, D.C. L.C.P. (Hon.)
Main Condition/ Disease  Blood Pressure - Hypertension - 300/204
Source Streams from the Fountainhead ; pages 17-19, 24
Abstract A 71 y.o. man presents to ER with hypertensive emergency (300/204 mm Hg) and signs of encephelopathy. An upper cervical chiropractic adjustment is administered and resolution of hypertension is immediate. Previous four days of hospitlization and pharmacuetical measures had failed. The authors cite pblished hypothese to explain the possible upper cervical link.
Summary This is a case report of a 71 y.o. man who had been monitoring his blood pressure regularly and found it to be rising beyond his typical 156/96. His previous diagnosis was hypertension and he was taking a regimen of pharmaceuticals for hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, acid reflux and depression. He had reported angina and has a pacemaker to maintain heart rhythm.
He found his blood pressure to be rising and after retiring awoke with dizziness. He called 911 and when checked into the emergency room his blood pressure was measured at 300/204.
He was unsuccessfully treated with antihypertensive drugs over a 4 day period and after becoming frustrated discharged himself.
He presented at the clinic of Dr. Sinnott who examined him utilizing upper cervical protocol (Palmer Upper Cervical Specific) and the Tyron 3000 paraspinal scanner.
Findings were consistent with upper cervical subluxation with atlas (C1) misaligned anterior and superior to the left. The patient was adjusted on a toggle table with drop head piece as per the Palmer specific approach, toggle recoil.
Relief of dizziness was immediate. Blood pressre had returned to pre-crisis levels. Follow-up on a couple of occasions required further adjustments however the patient is now free of dizziness and blood pressure remains non-elevated.
Keywords Hypertensive, blood pressure, upper cervical, chiropractic

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