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Category: Newspaper Reports
Date 1-jul-2001
Article Title Head Injury Warning
Author Sunday Telegraph
Main Condition/ Disease  Attention Deficit Disorder
Source Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, AUSTRALIA (July 1st, 2001) pg 27
Summary This is the content of a small piece in a local Sydney paper.

Head injuries could be responsible for some behaviour disorders in children and adolescents, a study has found. As many as 20 per cent of children who have suffered mild head injuries through sport or playground falls may develop symptoms years later. These symptoms, according to Uni of New England lecturer Dr James Donnelly, may be misdiagnosed as ADD or attitude or motivational problems. "Blows to the head that cause changes in the child's ability to think clearly, especially those that cause a loss of consciousness, may have jarred the brain in the skull," Dr Donnelly said.

My comment:
Whilst I concur 100% with Dr Donnelly's conclusion that ADD is in fact the result of a head injury my view is that he may be slightly off the mark in concluding that a jarred brain is the cause. I think that if one looks closely at the craniocervical junction one will find that the skull has shifted slightly on C1 and compromising at the least carotid and vertebral arteries and even probably the vagus, spinal accessory and glossopharyngeal cranial nerves. I think if one studied it one would find also that many people walking around today have similar injuries and this problem (upper cervical subluxation) is a contributing factor in the majority of human conditions and diseases.
Keywords Attention deficit; head injury

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