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Category: Book Reviews
Date 8-nov-2005
Title What TIME Tuesday?
Author James Tomasi
Main Condition/ Disease  Trigeminal Neuralgia
Publisher International Christian Servants, Inc. ©2005; Press Group, 7498 E. 46th Place, Tulsa, OK
Review This story encapsulates James Tomasi’s testimony of enduring Trigeminal Neuralgia, or TN, better known as the "Suicide Disease". The preface to the book, written by James’s son Rod is particularly poignant. He summarizes the miracle of upper cervical chiropractic eloquently. In his book James takes us through his fight with “The Beast”, trigeminal neuralgia, and his attempts to rid himself of the pain, which he describes “felt like I had an exposed nerve in every tooth in the right side of my mouth and a mouth full of ice.” He is close to suicide when his wife, Rhonda hears a radio broadcast. God has spoken! For those of us who understand upper cervical chiropractic (UCC) and its power, James’s return to health is just more evidence that UCC needs to be available to every human being. It is our right, God gave it to us.
Keywords Trigeminal neuralgia, upper cervical subluxation, atlas, chiropractic

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