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This section is for people who have experienced 'specific' upper cervical chiropractic and would like to share their story with other people around the World. The information you provide will be stored in accordance with our privacy policy. We ask that you provide contact details of yourself and those of your upper cervical chiropractor so that we may verify the information provided and ask the chiropractor if we can display their contact details on our website. Until we have verified this information and have received authorization we will not make the testimonial viewable.

The testimonials displayed on our website are provided by real people who have experienced upper cervical chiropractic first hand. They provide their testimonials in order to let other people know of their experiences. These people will attest first hand to the benefits of 'specific' upper cervical chiropractic. It is however important to understand that you may or may not respond to treatment in the same way, as every person is different and every subluxation is different. No testimonial will guarantee that upper cervical chiropractic will help your condition and these testimonials are provided for your information only. As always it is expected that you will research further and ensure that when the time comes you will make an informed and educated decision as to your own medical care. If you are uncertain or concerned about anything consult with an appropriate medical professional. If you wish to contact any of the testimonial providers you should contact us and we will put your request to that person.


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