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The evidence section is intended to provide you with information found in the form of books, websites, scientific studies, newspaper reports, case studies, testimonials, miscellaneous documents and anecdotal stories. This information either directly attributes upper cervical subluxations to medical conditions and symptoms or it can be hypothesized that they directly contribute. Every reference that I come across which I think points to upper cervical subluxations being involved in sickness I will place in this section. I will give you my own interpretation of the information and reasons why I think it’s important. You can then interpret the information for yourself and make your own conclusions. This section has been designed to enable information to be posted fairly quickly once located; therefore you should see this section grow within a reasonable timeframe.

This section contains anatomy information relating to Up C Chiropractic. CONTINUE...
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On this page I will provide information about books, as I come across them, which may be of interest to chiropractic patients, chiropractors and other physicians. CONTINUE...
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