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Up C Spine - Is your Head on Straight?   INTRODUCTION TO UP C

Upper Cervical (UpC) Chiropractors utilise very specific and mainly gentle approaches, techniques, methods and procedures to measure and 'adjust' displacements in the upper cervical vertebrae, in particular displacements of the atlas with respect to the skull. READ MORE...

This section summarises information about a wide variety of upper cervical approaches & techniques including Palmer Specific UPC, Blair upper cervical, NUCCA. READ MORE...
"Cranial Trauma & Head Joints (C1,2) -Many discomforts subsequent to cranial trauma remain latent for a considerable length of time and were unexplainable until now. They are due to subluxations of atlas and axis. They consist of muscular reflectoric, radicular and sympathetic nervous system symptoms. Chiropractic treatment aimed at realigning cervical vertebrae is the recommended course of action and can relieve all symptoms completely. G. Gutmann, MD, (1955) Cranial Trauma and Head Joints (German Medical Weekly), 80, 1503"

My name is Greg Buchanan. Welcome to my website. I have developed this website primarily as an information website for people desperately searching for answers to their medical conditions. READ MORE...

The evidence section is intended to provide you with information found in the form of books, websites, scientific studies, newspaper reports, case studies, testimonials, miscellaneous documents and anecdotal stories. READ MORE...

My blog contains newsletters and rambles about my research and good stories about upper cervical care.  READ BLOG..
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