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To understand the driving force behind the science of chiropractic one has to make a philosophical leap and realise that the human body is a significant creation, which ‘houses’ its own innate intelligence (innate means “instinctive, inborn, natural, inherent, intrinsic”). Everything required to keep us alive and well is already within us and maybe just outside us. From the time we are born to the day we die, this intelligence is monitoring our body, receiving feedback, which is compared to inbuilt specifications, and sending out commands to make adjustments or corrections to ensure optimum performance and survival. Our own technological discoveries and medical advances pale into insignificance when compared to the wonders that our innate intelligence performs each day. The pathways, which this intelligence uses to communicate to our bodily functions, are complex and multitude, however one of the main pathways is via our own feedback control system – our nervous system, in conjunction with the vascular system (bloodstream), which amongst other things is responsible for nourishing and maintaining everything within our bodies. It is when we get sick that this intelligence takes steps to correct the illness however as we know there are many people who just cannot get well and seem to deteriorate. One reason for this deterioration can be something that happens to our control system. Human intervention in the form of drugs and surgery may be something which cannot be avoided, however unless chiropractic has been given a fair show in the very first instance or done in managed conjunction with these interventions, the very act of administering drugs and/or surgery could be and has been responsible for further complications and even reversal of one’s own natural healing processes. Further, the most critical point in communication between your central processing unit (your brain) and the system under control (your body) is at the junction between your head and neck. It is at this point that all nervous system communications and blood system flow between your brain and body is congregated. It is this junction which is the focus of my attention and the purpose of my website. If there is any compression and/or traction on nerves and blood vessels in this area this will most definitely inhibit your innate intelligence’s ability to maintain your bodily specifications at their optimum. The branch of chiropractic, which addresses this vital area, is known as ‘specific upper cervical chiropractic’. Specific measurement and specific adjustment are the hallmarks of ‘upper cervical chiropractic’ and as B.J. Palmer once said “Chiropractic is specific, or it is nothing.”


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