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Pictures and copyright with permission.
The Green Books; Compiled Rob Sinnott, D.C.

I have selected an interesting case from the Green Books which demonstrates correction of a scoliotic curve by manipulation of the upper cervical spine in a patient suffering from low back pain and sciactic trouble. In this Case #1131[1] B.J. Palmer uses spinographs (X-rays) and the neurocalograph (NC), an instrument for the measurement of nerve interference, to manage the patient.

The re-drawing of the X-ray and NC output are shown in this diagram opposite. In those days they didn't have scanners, therefore I assume Dr Palmer traced over the X-rays to obtain the drawings. The NC shows definite nerve interference to be in the lower back, which corresponds with the patient's pain. Further the upper cervical NC shows some nerve interference in the upper cervical region. Palmer focussed on the upper cervical spine as the area of adjustment. Specific cervical pictures revealed axis (C2) subluxated posterior and right.

Throughout this case Palmer gathers feedback from the patient and with the spinographs and NC is able to show marked improvement in both scoliotic curve and nerve interference.

The glow feelings are common amongst patients I have been involved with. Many of my friends as well as my wife and I experienced a warm feeling down to our feet immediately following our very first upper cervical adjustment. Following are some of the chronological events described by the patient and Palmer during the treatment process. The point of this is that changes to the body, especially one which has been racked with pain for years takes time. However, the body is a wonderful piece of engineering and if in the right state can keep itself well maintained.

The patient continued to improve with Palmer using the NC to monitor changes in both the upper cervical spine and lower spine. The final spinographs (left diagram) reveal improved scoliotic curve and the final NC (above left) reveals complete reduction in signal and nerve interference. Remember the only chiropractic adjustment being done by Palmer was the upper cervical adjustment to axis (C2). Upper cervical subluxations can and do cause scoliosis. Toftness www.toftness.org has one of the largest collections of pre and post scoliosis correction X-rays available today. I refer you to the book "Chiropractic Spinal Correction", I.N. Toftness, D.C.

Also I refer you to Appendix D of Kirk Eriksen's recently published book [2] "Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex: A Review of the Chiropractic and Medical Literature" for some excellent pre and post adjustment X-rays of scoliosis.




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