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Details  (ID=306)
Date: Tuesday, 6 January 2009
Name:  Mrs Tina Train
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Epileptic Seizures, head trauma
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  A year ago, my husband and i took our 4 year old boy jackson, to see dr john brubaker to see if he could help with the 30-50 seizures a day our little boy had been having since he was two and a half (he would even seizure in his sleep).when he was two, he had fallen and hit his head very badly and that is where the trouble started. there was no escaping it. over a year before meeting with john, we had seen one of the top neurosurgeons in brisbane who diagnosed him with epilepsy and put him on epilum. at first it was a small dose, but after no change in his condition and after some months, jackson was taking 5mls twice a day. in frustration one day i rang the neurosurgeon and told him that after a very long year, i didn't believe the medication was working at all. he told me he'd send me a script for another drug 'lamotrogine'. he wanted me to add that to what jackson was already taking. jackson is a very loving and gentle soul, who would never hurt anyone. but whilst on medication, he often attacked me, punched me, screamed at me and had hysterical episodes...... this was a side effect that we could have coped with, had we been able to see some improvement. we made a very difficult decision one day and that was to gradually get him off the epilum and try something else.... enter dr john - our angel as we call him now.
from the minute we walked in, dr john wanted to know everything we could tell him about jackson and any problems he had. after filling out his information form, he took us to his x-ray room. we waited for him to look at the xrays and read our form before he called us in to say that he was more than confident that he could fix our little jackson within a 6-12 mth period. he informed us that jacksons atlas was out (caused by the fall he'd had some years earlier).
only time would tell... he told us to be patient, that we probably wouldn't see results immediately because his body had a lot of healing to do.
we saw enough improvement in those first few months to feel safe enough to send jackson to kindy which was a huge step for us. he was a lot better but still had a long way to go.
it is now january 2009 and for the past 2 months jackson has had no seizures (apart from the occasional eye flutter which is rare and only there for a split second). jackson starts big school at the end of the month. i can't thank dr john more for what he's done for jackson and our family who have been riddled with worry for him. i only wish i could reach every parent out there who's child has a head trauma/seizures and tell them to look into this.... THERE IS HOPE ! GOODLUCK
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr John Brubaker
Practice:  New Era Chiropractic
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  70-72 Loudon Street
Suburb/City:  Sandgate
State/Province:  QLD
Postcode/Zip:  4017
Telephone:  (07)3869 4930
Fax:  (07)3269 0954
Email:  john@newerachiropractic.com.au
Web Site:  www.newerachiropractic.com.au
Chiropractic Technique:  Atlas Orthogonality
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