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Details  (ID=82)
Date: Monday, 15 September 2003
Name:  Sharon Brown
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Fibromyalgia
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  SHARON BROWN'S STORY...Suffering is Optional

Sharon Brown was our Patient Advocate at Brooks Spinal Care. She came to work with us in October 2001. But this description is nearer to the end of the story than the beginning. Sharon has such a remarkable story that she shares with others as the key speaker at all of our community educational seminars for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. She also introduces many other patients who have similar stories to tell.

We love her passion and enthusiasm for reaching those who are currently suffering as she once did.

Sandra Lowry

Sharon usually begins her story by dragging out the following items as she introduces them as some of her FORMER BEST FRIENDS:

Do any of these look familiar??








SHARON'S STORY as told to the recent audience of the Chronic Fatigue/ Beyond Fibromyalgia Seminar:

Oh boy, has my life changed! I have been a patient of Brooks Spinal Care for over two years.

When I came here, that day after last Thanksgiving, November 24, 2000, I was a 30-year veteran of Fibromyalgia.

My life was constant physical, mental and emotional suffering. In addition to the fibromyalgia, I had been diagnosed and treated for bi-polar condition. I don't know which was worse, the conditions, or the treatments for them.

When I came to Brooks Spinal Care, I was taking 23 pills a day: Lithium, a powerful anti-psychotic,
tranquilizers for the panic and anxiety attacks, 3 separate anti-depressants, and sleep medication +
thyroid medication, which I may likely be on for my lifetime because the Lithium damaged my thyroid

I suffered from the embarrassment of irritable bowel syndrome. I had to suddenly walk out of Wal-Mart or not go to church if I felt an attack coming on. I began several years ago to take Imodium AD and that would address the initial problem. Then I would be constipated for several days. I don't know which was worse.

I sometimes would have a very sore throat with no other symptoms of a cold or infection. It would
usually persist for a week or so. Nothing would relieve it.

Most of my pain was on my left side in my neck, at the base of my skull, radiating down into my shoulder. I also suffered with TMJ, migraine headaches, foot pain, knee & hip joint pain, and facial pain. Occasionally, I had those days that it felt like my skin was turned inside out and all my nerves were exposed. You know, my skin hurt... even my hair hurt.

The medications I was given to attempt to correct my conditions left me even more fatigued and
lethargic than I already was. Eventually, I became virtually housebound and ultimately I became agoraphobic. If I did leave the house, usually my husband drove me around. He had to drive me to my first two appointments at Brooks Spinal Care. But things began to change!

After my first spinal alignment, I experienced immediate relief from pain for the first time in 30 years!
I noticed I could breathe better and the whole world looked level all of a sudden. I have never again
suffered from fatigue since that day.

In the early stages during the first year of recovery, I noticed my mind had found its way home ...

I started to drive myself anywhere I wanted to go, anytime day or night. I even drove to Fayetteville to visit my son and his family.

I could chase the grandkids around on the floor and even all over the back yard. I actually could catch the little ones!! And my grandson, Clayton, the seven-year -old and I, had lots of fun pretending to box!

I got to the place where I hardly ever took a nap or even sit down to rest much in the daytime. When I went to bed tired it is because I had been busy all day.

I hadn't worked for ten years because of illness, and by the end of the first year of recovery; I became an employee of Brooks Spinal! Who would have imagined all this!

Looking back over the last year, 2002, in the practice, I made some new notes of my progress. Let me share them:

Prior to November 2000, I knew entirely too much about world events and when the neighbors had company, I knew how long they stayed. When I began dressing up for the weddings on my favorite Soaps, I knew something had to be done!!

Then I saw Dr. Brooks on Channel 6, KOTV, telling how this Fibromyalgia could be treated, and put into recovery. Oh my, that first correction...I was pain free for the first time in 30 years and to this day, I have never experienced fatigue again. I repeat this for emphasis. There is a difference in being tired from a busy day of activity and being fatigued and waking up, first thing in the morning, and it lasting all day long!

Before Brooks Spinal Care

I weighed 220 lbs.
Rarely left the house
Couldn't exercise
Couldn't work
Dieting impossible due to the meds

After Brooks Spinal Care
I lost 50 lbs.
Work in Tulsa and travel wherever I want
Work out 3 to 4 times per week
Work 10 to 12 hour days without suffering
Learned about nutritional needs of my body

I have lost 50 lbs. since that first day, through exercise I can now do, a nutrition plan I can live with and a spinal structure that will carry me through each and every new and exciting day... I have a life, a real life!
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr. Robert Brooks
Practice:  Brooks Spinal Care
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  1722 South Carson, #3100
Suburb/City:  Tulsa
State/Province:  Oklahoma
Postcode/Zip:  74119
Telephone:  918-587-7111
Fax:  918-587-1177
Email:  frontdesk@brooksspinalcare.com
Web Site:  www.brooksspinalcare.com
Chiropractic Technique:  NUCCA
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