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Details  (ID=658)
Date: Sunday, 17 March 2013
Name:  Mr Nicholas Napoli
Date: 3-mar-2013
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Fits
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  I'm a writer so in a sense i consider this a "brief" account. I hope it's intresting enough to read until the end. thanks

A year ago I was miserable, depressed and I couldn’t have cared less if my life ended because honestly I was not using it. I was at my lowest point having allowed my stress to taken over and control my life and soon my confidence began fading away as my stress increased. I went through a terrible time with love, work and friendships and because of all that I assumed my illness was all due to stress. I felt lightheaded all the time, nauseous, exhausted, unable to concentrate… simply put I was a complete mess. I had been having panic attacks for the last few months as well and it was only getting worse as time went on. Light, glare, the sun and everything bright had always bothered me slightly but now it was getting to the point where I was having to wear my sunglasses indoors.

Then last year I became friends with Cristina and soon after she invited me to England to meet her husband. I thought this was all leading me towards the Muppets but I was wrong… this led me to Dr Grant. Whilst on my trip to England I experienced my first “epileptic fit” and had apparently collapsed to the floor and was shaking uncontrollably for a few minutes. When I woke up I had no recollection of this and just remember having all these unknown faces staring at me asking if I was okay. The management had called me an ambulance but having no recollection of what had happened I stupidly believed I did not need to go to hospital. I got up and felt as though I had drowned eleven pints and as I began to puke all over myself I respectably made my way out the door. I eventually managed to get back to my hotel and once there I just collapsed on my bed and passed out until the next day.

I felt like complete shit when I woke up the next morning, worse of all was the fact that I was having a hard time focusing yet it was an important day and I had to find the strength to walk out that door. I still had not realised how ill I actually was and as time went on it soon became more apparent to me. The big coincidence is that the day after my first fit I met Dr Grant at a convention. We started talking and half way into our conversation we both realised we were here thanks to Cristina. Dr Grant and I began talking and she soon informed me of Upper Cervical Care yet honestly I did not understand a word she said. I was very interested in the subject but I just couldn’t wrap my head around what it actually cured and how it actually worked.

When I arrived back home I told my family what had happened and just as me having not seen it they did not believe it. Life continued as normal except now I was researching online what Upper Cervical was all about and honestly my concentration and focus was such a mess by that stage that I could not properly wrap my head around how this all worked. I felt as though I was losing the ability to not only control my thoughts but my body as well. I began sweating uncontrollably every single night, my dreams began to take over when I slept, my body was weak and sometimes at night I’d walk down to the kitchen for a snack and would never make it back up to my bedroom.

A few weeks after arriving home I had my second fit in front of my sister and my nephew and once again I have no recollection of this. According to my sister I fell into a trance and seconds later my mouth began moving from side to side, my body began shaking uncontrollably, my hands crunched up, my body was as hard as a rock and worse of all I bit my tongue to pieces. I was now actually worried as were my family and we all wanted to find a cure, so as anybody would normally do we went to the doctor. They did some x-rays, conducted a few tests, took all my blood and came to the conclusion that I was epileptic. They decided to give me tablets in the hopes that it would stop my fits and until we found the right balance my dosage was only going to get higher and higher.

I am totally against the idea of living your life depending on pills, my grandmother has had to live that way since I was young and as much as I love her that is not the fate I want for myself. I declined the tablets because I believed this wasn’t epilepsy and knew there was a way to stop this without having to rely on tablets for the rest of my life… that is not a cure that is a shortcut. Yet sadly because of my ignorance I felt victim to a third fit and soon after on my birthday I received the gift of a fourth fit. This was all starting to get a little too real for me and the worst part was the pain that came with my broken tongue and the end of each fit.

Then came the worse Christmas ever when I had four fits in a row and had a fifth one come about I’m afraid my heart wouldn’t have been able to handle it. The next two days felt more like two hours for me as I was drugged, unfocused and completely out of it the entire weekend. These last four fits scared me enough to begin taking my tablets and although they’ve stopped the physical fits I still hate taking them. I am drugged for most of the day, I wake up take my tablets and as the affect begins to wear off it is time to take my second tablet and once again I spend my day dancing on clouds. The worse part of it all was that this was supposedly my “cure”, every doctor I saw would just say that they agreed with my previous doctor although that was once they had taken my money.

I’m not saying that epilepsy doesn’t play a part in all this but at the same time I was sure that there was something else wrong with me. The doctors had seen progress when I stopped shaking, biting my tongue, throwing up uncontrollably… basically I was fit free from what they could see. Sadly every time I would throw up and almost lose consciousness the doctors would count it as a win but inside I could still feel those damn fits fucking up every part of my body. The worse news came when my x-rays returned showing I had a scar on my brain… that’s right it got my attention too. This was horrible because it confirmed the fact that my brain had suffered because of this which was something I had known for the last few months, I might not be a doctor but I know when I’m losing my mind.

On the outside I seemed fine but on the inside I was only getting worse and everybody I was going to see were simply making me feel as though I should accept what was happening to me. Honestly I was so tired, angry, confused and broken that I was about ready to listen to them. I was losing my mind or rather my mind was taking control of my body and I had no say in the matter. I couldn’t go on like this anymore so with the help of my parents I came to the conclusion that I would have to visit a specialist which meant leaving my Rock behind and flying to England… I was also very eager to meet Cristina who was in London at the time and that only made my decision to go get help and not give up on myself even easier.

I arrived in England just on time because my fits were now coming every few days not even once a month. They were lighter than before because truthfully my tablets were helping with the outside effects of my fits but inside the same damage had been repeating itself for almost a year. I had flown all this way to see another doctor and although I was located so close to Dr Grant’s office I had still not properly considered visiting her. Once again I was led to the right place, at the right time, by the right person, that being Cristina. We were going to meet up either on Wednesday for lunch or Thursday after she went to her own session with Dr Grant. As fate would have it I ended up meeting Cristina for the first time inside Dr Grant’s office… how I ended up there? I really can’t tell you why all I know is for some reason that day I found myself in Dr Grants office.

After reading over a brochure I stood up and made my way to the reception counter and before I had time to open my mouth Dr Grant walks out of her office. “Reunited and I feel like shit” was the song playing in the background as I explained to Dr Grant everything that was happening to me. Dr Grant checked my posture, we spoke about Pepe the King Prawn and then Cristina kicked me towards the reception counter. I made my appointment, told my Mom to change our flights and without realising it I had just started the chain reaction that would soon change my life.

I was so glad I had finally made my appointment for Upper Cervical Care yet I was both excited and nervous for a few different reasons. Firstly I did not know where else to turn to anymore so this felt as though it were my last hope, my last chance to get better. Secondly my fits were getting much worse and because of this my memory, my concentration, my ideas, my hopes, my fears everything was just getting muddled up and out of control. My night no longer belonged to me, they belonged to my mind which did whatever the fuck it pleased to do and let’s just say it wasn’t giving me the dreams I wanted to have.

Finally the day of my appointment came and after taking some x-rays, having a family reunion in Dr Grant’s office, having a little nap on her floor and once again talking about our favourite prawn we finally got to it. I can honestly say I had felt nervous for the last few days as I did not know what to expect but Dr Grant could not have made things clearer for me and after discussing it all with her I was ready for some Upper Cervical magic to heal me. Bippity-Boppity-Boo-I’m Cured… if only it were that easy, I still need to go for further treatment especially considering I have the spine of a sixty year old man but things were starting to look up… most notably my head.

This is going to take a while to fix but unlike my clueless doctors this time the problem wasn’t being covered up, it was actually being fixed. After my first session I felt completely back to normal, I knew I wasn’t completely better yet but this was the right direction, after a year of suffering I finally felt progress within me. My hands have always shaken uncontrollably for as long as I can remember and now for the first time I can take photos which don’t turn out blurry. Lights didn’t bother me anymore, my focus, my concentration, my control was back and although nobody could see it I knew I was much better. Although the big question for me was “are my fits gone?” I still considered myself to be much better. That faintness I had felt all year long had gone, the weakness within my body was being taken over by energy and I could not have been more grateful towards both Heidi and Cristina for helping me recover back to who I originally was.

At first I noticed it had helped me with the smaller problems in my life including my new sweat-less nights, when I slept I actually slept now, my body would shut down with me. Getting up in the morning no longer seemed like a task and I’m happy to inform that since then I have been able to return my membership to Fit4Life as I have been clean of them ever since my session with Dr Grant. I hope to return soon as the whole point of this is to progress and not repeat on the improvement I made last time. After visiting Dr Grant I finally grasped what Upper Cervical Care is all about and now that I know what I’m talking about it is now my turn to guide people towards this. People turn to sticking needles in the back when they don’t know where else to turn too so I hope this task I’ve set upon myself will not be that difficult to carry out.

Imagine an old house which is deteriorating both on the inside and the outside. A Doctor will simply paint the outside, add a nice door, fix the windows and plant some flowers outside. Those looking from the outside will believe that the house has been improved and would believe they could actually even live in it. Yet the truth is it’s still a mess on the inside, it’s inhabitable, it’s falling to bits and soon that beautiful paint job on the outside will also be gone once the house falls apart inside. Then comes the Upper Cervical Team who don’t just look at the plans for this particular house they actually go as far as to study what it is they’re doing. They won’t concentrate on the outside, they’ll make sure the house is livable and will varnish the floor, fix the electricity, sand the walls, tears off the old carpets and replace them with new ones and they even go as far as fixing the plumbing. Now that is a house fit for a person to live within and thanks to Dr Grant I can now go on the market.

Thanks to Dr Grant I might even have a future with the NBA

Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Heidi Grant
Practice:  Cavendish Health Centre
Street Address:  Suite 21, Harcourt House,
19 Cavendish Square
Suburb/City:  London
State/Province:  England
Postcode/Zip:  W1G 0PL
Telephone:  +44 20 7495 2206
Fax:  +44 20 7495 7455
Email:  heidi@nucca.co.uk
Web Site:  www.nucca.co.uk
Chiropractic Technique:  NUCCA
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