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Details  (ID=305)
Date: Sunday, 14 December 2008
Name:  Myrna Jacobs
Date: 7-jan-1942
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  I was diagnosed with glossopharyngeal neuralgia in about Feb. of 2008. Affected the ear and throat. I was put on the usual drugs and couldn't take, so got it stopped taking herbs. Then in Sept. of 2008 it was back. So bad I couldn't even normally swallow, let alone drink or eat. I went back on the herbs and got it stopped again, but knew it would be back, just didn't know when. I looked for my thirty eight all year and couldn't find it. Then right before I found out this upper cervical doctor I found my gun and called my daughter-in-law and asked her to tell my son I wanted him to keep it till I got rid of the neuralgia as wasn't sure I wouldn't use it if it came back. What was really scary it wouldn't be hard to do as the pain was unbearable.
I had carpal tunnel surgery in Dec of 2007. Couldn't get it dead and went ahead and operated. Pain was bad but nothing I could do but lay their and take it. The trauma from that is what started my neuralgia. Then before the second time it came back I had to have a tooth pulled and the same thing. Couldn't deaden it and went ahead and pulled it. Trauma again and the neuralgia was back.
My son-in-law heard about the book "What time tuesday" and sent for it and that is how I found about the upper cervical chiropractor. He has gotten rid of the neuralgia and also all the other pain I was in.
Literally saved my life.
Myrna in Oklahoma
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr. J L Rowe
Practice:  Practice of Chiropractic
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  13838 Quail Pointe Dr.
Suburb/City:  Oklahoma City
State/Province:  Oklahoma
Postcode/Zip:  73160
Telephone:  405 748 8220
Fax:  405 748 4209
Email:  drjlrowe@cox.net.com
Chiropractic Technique:  NUCCA
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