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Details  (ID=712)
Date: Wednesday, 14 January 2015
Name:  Mr Yannis D
Main Condition
Main Condition:  asthma, lower back pain,scoliosis, tinnitus
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  I read the reviews and I also wanted to contribute.

I have also have had severe symptoms since i was 10 years old, after a very strong headlock during a fight. During this headlock and while I was caught on it, I suddenly became very relaxed because I thought I am let go. I tried to speak, and exactly at that moment the other kid squeezed hard and i heard and felt a loud crack on the top of my neck.

Since that day, i became a very sensitive child, I was never the same. Tinnitus, asthma, heat was bothering me, cold was bothering me, my head was not moving to the same extent to one direction as it was moving to the other, panic attacks, difficulty swallowing, forward head posture, upset stomach etc (i am 35 now by the way in 2015). Somehow I managed to brush all the symptoms off since I was very little and was convinced even back then that doctors could not help.

When i first discovered chiropractic (full spine) i couldn't believe that my health can improve by such an unexpected method, In Europe (Greece) this is somewhat unusual and exotic. Even though the improvements were small, they were measurable. I discovered full spine chiropractic when I was 23. At some point though I reached a spot where one visit would make my symptoms better and the next worse. It was very random and not very effective. Nevertheless I was persisting.

It took me 9 years after having been to several full spine chiropractors around Europe (you know the crack and twisting kind), and an incident completely by chance to zero in on upper cervical care. My regular chiropractor was sick and another chiropractor filled in for him. Even though I had bumped to upper cervical care a few times on the internet before, I just ignored it, as a niche that ‘wouldn’t apply to me’/’don’t understand well’. My full spine chiro for the last 5 years had me convinced that my problem is basically in the C-T junction..

After 1 year I managed to understand that Grostic methods are the best.

Now I have been for 1.5 year under the care of an Orthospinologist.

It has been a really profound improvement nothing like full spine. I feel that I broke the plateau I was at, and improving constantly. I have had my misalignment for at least 25 years I suppose so I will need to be patient..
Even though I have to fly and get hotels to reach my orthospinologist chiropractor, it is more than worth it. Each visit costs me around 500 euros so not a small investment. By the way, upper cervical chiropractors are really needed in Europe, so if you guys (upper cervical doctors) out there are reading this, it is a greenfield here!! Same goes for Asia!

I am open to any kind of discussion and exchange of tips, on how to hold an adjustment better, where to get treatment when residing to non-english speaking countries, how does gym affect holding the adjustment etc.

Good luck to all!

Please contact me on email to discuss: dimopoulos.i@gmail.com
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr Patrick Mathis
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  Dinka Šimunovića 4
State/Province:  Split
Postcode/Zip:  21000
Country:  CROATIA
Telephone:  021 462 507
Email:  doctorpat20@gmail.com
Web Site:  www.naturopatija.hr
Chiropractic Technique:  Orthospinology
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