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Details  (ID=74)
Date: Wednesday, 23 April 2003
Name:  Mr Stephen George
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Multiple Sclerosis
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  Age - 50.
Number of years with M/S - 22 and counting

On the 6th December 1979, at the age of 28, and after a left shoulder injury at work hospitalised me with numbness in my left hand, which moved up my arm and down the left side of my chest within a week, I was diagnosed with M/S (Multiple Sclerosis). 22 year’s and 4 months ago. I was told then that I could end up in a wheelchair.
Me, in a wheelchair. NO WAY.
There was not very much in the way of relative help in those days, only physiotherapy etc. This provided me with little or no benefit as I was employed in a fairly strenuous work environment. I continued to work up to the end of 1984. This was 18 months after another more serious accident on Friday 13th May 1983 involving 280 Kilos of bread tins falling on my back and causing my permanent back injury. Consequently, from then on, my health deteriorated on a very slow but gradual downhill slide.
I have managed to stay on my feet and mobile, but dangerously so, at times causing myself serious damage, and undue heartache to my family, but always with a stubborn determination not to give in to this monster called M/S.
I am too proud to quit.
Then in October 2001 I was introduced to a man who would ultimately change my life forever.
He himself had experienced this treatment with great success and he explained the procedure and benefits, describing his own personal experience after a spear tackle in a game of rugby football rendered him unconscious in 1997. He went to a specialist who was so unsure of the problem that Greg had wrong with him, that he consequently thought of looking toward diagnosing M/S. Greg dismissed the idea as highly improbable and sought other treatment. His health continued to deteriorate but after much research and five years of periodic treatment with *the ‘Atlas’man* who I call ‘God’s Instrument’ he is now 100% fit. Greg is a well read IT Professional / Computer Engineer and his explanation of how and why this treatment worked I agreed with 100% knowing exactly what he was talking about. The Brain is the body’s CPU. (Central Processing Unit)
I made arrangements with him to take me down to *the ‘Atlas’ man* the following week for assessment, and, if applicable to me this treatment would commence immediately. I call Greg, this caring unassuming man ‘Gods Messenger’.
I was indeed the guinea pig as I was the first person with M/S in Australia to undergo this treatment. This treatment however has been used in the USA for some M/S sufferers for many, many years with reported success. Papers have been written reporting the very real and positive findings since before the Second World War, so my question is this, WHY is the information concerning this treatment suppressed? It is in my view a crime against humanity.
Tuesday 6th November 2001. Exactly one month short of 22years with M/S.
Enter the adjustment & my friend’s for life:
Greg, ‘Gods Messenger’, took me down to see *the ‘Atlas’ man*, ‘Gods Instrument’, at his practice South West of Sydney today. A two hour's long drive.
I struggled up the stairs to the rooms of *the ‘Atlas’ man* with great difficulty because of the inability to lift my feet higher than each of the twenty or so steps that I had to climb. I also had lower back pain from my serious work related back injury, further restricting my maneuverability. So the inability to lift my feet was not altogether the fault of M/S as some would have me believe.
*The ‘Atlas’ man* took three x-rays to discover the relationship between my skull and the first cervical vertebra (The Atlas – C1). After discussing the situation with me and explaining the x rays, pointing out the misalignment of the atlas, he asked me my thoughts. I asked him what was he waiting for. With that he positioned me on the adjusting table and did what he had to do.
He shot me with his percussion gun. Absolutely painless and only the joy of re-discovery afterwards.
Within thirty seconds of my Atlas re-positioning I felt a warmth flow through my lower legs and feet as if someone was pouring warm water over them. I had had cold feet for maybe thirty years or more. My neck became straighter and my legs were perfectly aligned with each other, the same length. Before the adjustment the right leg was 15 – 20 mm shorter than the left and my neck was positioned at about a 20 degree angle and to the left on my shoulders (maybe more than that) as if I was going permanently fast around the bend. (May-be I was.) My right shoulder had lifted noticeably too from it’s previous slumped position and the wasted muscle across the collar bone was very noticeable now. I walked out of *the ‘Atlas’ man’s* office with my health moving in reverse.
*The ‘Atlas’ man* carried my walking frame down the stairs in front of me with Greg and his friend David, who was also undergoing treatment periodically, close behind. At the bottom of the stairs I turned around and told them both to back up five to ten steps.
How much better I felt already. I walked back up those few steps without a problem, lifting my feet with ease.
When we went to get lunch I noticed nothing new about my speech but I would soon find out.
All this after such a short time and only the first adjustment. Wow!! Where was this man twenty years ago?
His wife told me he would have been in Seventh Grade.
When we got back home I was completely stunned by the results that were so apparent in such a short space of time. I felt better than I had felt in over twenty years and I could sense and feel improvement all the time. I made dinner for the family without a problem and afterwards drank a cup of coffee with my wife straight from the cup. No need to use a straw any more as the tremor in my hands was virtually gone and I could now FEEL whether or not the cup of coffee was too hot to drink. Approximately fifty percent of the feeling had returned to my hands. Before the treatment I only had five percent feeling in my hands, virtually non-existent at my finger tips. I had used a straw to drink both hot and cold drinks, due to the lack of feeling in my hands and the uncontrollable tremor, always, for the past fifteen years.
That evening I phoned my parents in the U.K. to tell them of the good news, and was explaining things to Dad when he said that he too fully understood the theory behind the treatment. I told him of the early results I was experiencing and I asked him what he thought. He said that he could tell that I had given up drinking. I asked him what he meant by that and he said, “Well, you don’t slur your words any more. Our prayers have been answered.”
I gave up both drinking and smoking at the same time back in 1988 because;
a) I could no longer afford it.
b) One went with the other eg you drink, you smoke and vice versa.
c) We had just moved into a new house, a good enough reason in itself.
d) I had read that smoking deprived the body of much needed oxygen and this had been proven medically to affect proper bodily function especially in people with M/S.
The stairway up to *the ‘Atlas’ man’s* rooms was for me most certainly, ‘The Stairway to Heaven.’
That night in bed I couldn’t stop running my feet up and down my legs. They were no longer cold but as warm as toast.
The following day I found that I could shave without seeing red and could put my shoes and socks on pain free. I could also tie my shoelaces nearly blindfold.
Greg rang me to ask how I was going and it was then I learned that at lunch yesterday both he and Dave had noticed the difference in my speech but had kept it quiet. I told him of my progress in the last twenty-four hours and although it didn’t amaze him, later that day with his wife beside him, it just made him cry with joy. His assumption has been seemingly proven correct. It is no longer theoretical in my eyes either.
The promise that I made to my wife in November 2001 of us being able to dance together again before the end of the year I kept. It was my 50th Birthday, December 29th. We danced together for the first time in nearly twenty years.
The promise that I made to myself of being M/S symptom free within five years I am working on in earnest and winning.
I have a long road to travel before I am 100 percent. But, with my Wife and Son beside me (love and encouragement). My friends for life behind me (pushing and urging me on) and my parents / brothers, best friend and extended family supporting (pulling) me through this and my own strong will and determination, together we will win this the biggest battle of my life.
Over the course of the last twelve months, and with weekly fitness training, amazing things have happened. I am no longer totally reliant on my walking frame as I had been since 1998. I can walk limited distances on my own, I can pick things up off the floor without falling over, I can carry things now which was impossible before November 01, I can mow and edge my lawns in 1.5hours instead of the four days it used to be. Truly amazing.
My motto through life has been; do not take risks, never give up, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and above all else love life.
You only get one shot at it.
Let the (*Atlas man*) do the shooting.
All this and more has happened because of one mans own experience and his genuine concern for the wellbeing of others. For this opportunity at regaining my health and the chance at beating M/S with gentle non-invasive treatment and without drugs I am eternally grateful. I never doubted this positive method and *"the Atlas man"* has my undying gratitude. Thankyou Joe. Thank God someone has brains.
I continue to improve, BUT, according to medical science I can only get worse. I say WAKE - UP and join the real world. In many instances The Human Body can Heal Itself given the right drug free, non - invasive help. Maybe you don't have to look too far to find the answers. Maybe this is part of the answer to the baffling mystery of M/S. Maybe this is part of the answer to many different diseases. Maybe your own brains are clouding your thoughts toward the natural powers of the Human Body, of which I must point out your brain is a part. I believe this adjustment warrants further investigation, for the good of mankind. I and many, many other people, doctors included are testament to the very real benefits this adjustment provides.
Thoughts and opinions are all my own. Not influenced by outside interests in any way, shape or form.

Update - May 2004
It has now been 2years 6months since my first visit (November 6th 2001) to Mr Joe Ierano DC (Palmer ((Gods Instrument)) Doctor of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, Camden.
Many of you people have read my amazing story of improvement here on my friend Greg Buchanan’s website. Diagnosed with an “incurable” disease (Multiple Sclerosis) in 1979 I was told that there was no hope of improvement, only a slow, gradual decline in my health. This proved to be very true. The way I was headed, it was, I thought only a matter of 1 year before I would have been permanently dependant on a wheelchair at the time of my first meeting with Joe, which was made possible by Greg.
Having never taken any drugs for this illness/sickness/disease, whatever you want to call it, (except for that one disastrous occasion some years ago, I prefer not to remember exactly when), I have improved beyond the realms of possibility according to Modern Medical Science because of a practice (Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic) frowned upon by Medical Science, the majority of Medical Practitioners and of course the predictable Drug Companies. This upper cervical adjustment alone was responsible for an unreal turn around in my health status but is not the sole reason for my marked improvement. Having seen my body's immediate reaction and continued improvement over a short period, Greg swung phase two of his understanding into action and arranged for my physical training with Nicky Payne and later Becky Myers at Reactivat8 and I can tell you all that the results are Positive, Positive, Positive.
The hard workouts for 1 hour a week, along with periodic upper cervical adjustments have resulted in vastly improved stamina, strength, coordination and overall fitness. I am doing things now that I had only dreamed about before and that would most certainly have never eventuated had it not been for a man with a mission, Greg.
I found it difficult and very tiring to walk much further than twenty meters before all these life changing events took place. Recently my wife and I, with the aid of sticks completed a 1.6 kilometre bush walk and I came out of it with no ill-effects, not even tired.
At one stage late in the last century I made enquiries into having a chair made to enable me to venture onto the beach with my family. It didn't eventuate, but they made the chair anyway as it was perceived to be a good idea. It had large inflatable tyres for traversing the soft sand easily. I now walk on the beach with my wife and sticks after going nowhere near the sand for nearly 20 years. Soft sand is hard enough to walk through for the fit and healthy person, so I head straight for the hard stuff because I am now fitter and getting healthier.
I walked up our very steep driveway without using the hand rail or sticks a matter of hours ago. I also walk down it stick free.
I feel that these are the things a person must have to succeed in the face of adversity, A Strong Will, Tolerance and Determination, Confidence in one's own abilities, Unconditional Love and support, Great Friends and a sense of humour.
Fortunately I am blessed with them all and more thanks to my parents, family and friends.
More great news will follow I'm sure. Till then, keep smiling and never lose hope, always expect the unexpected.

Steve George – May 2004
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Joe Ierano
Practice:  Chiropractic Ierano
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  26 Richardson Rd
Suburb/City:  Narellan
State/Province:  NSW
Postcode/Zip:  2567
Telephone:  (02) 4648-5566
Email:  info@spine.net.au
Web Site:  www.ierano.com
Chiropractic Technique:  Atlas Orthogonality
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