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Details  (ID=101)
Date: Monday, 15 September 2003
Name:  The Hottingers
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Neck & shoulder pain --> infertility!
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  Dr. Brooks, you were right…I’m really pregnant!…

I had been told for eight years that I couldn’t have children. I tried fertility testing and finally accepted the professional opinion that I would never be able to conceive a child.

When I came to Brooks Spinal Care I had no idea that my life would change so much. I was coming for neck and shoulder pain and numbness in my fingers. I had been in an auto accident and suffered for about a year. I went through the standard physical therapy routine several times a week and would be in pain again after each treatment.

My sister-in-law, Terry McGuffey, told my husband Tom and me about her care and we saw the change in her life and her husband, Billy’s and in Evelyn,Tom’s mother…, so I was relatively confident that Dr. Brooks could help my spinal pain. What I found a little difficult to imagine was when he warned Tom and I that I might be able to get pregnant after a few months of keeping my spine corrected.

My first correction was great! I got immediate relief and after the second correction I continued to get better after each visit. Then in just a few months…sure enough, Dr. Brooks was right! I couldn’t believe it…I really was pregnant! In about a year after my first spinal correction I delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl, Autumn Elizabeth Hottinger. Her daddy calls her “Miss Priss” and she is the love of our lives. Tom says that God gets the first credit for this miracle, Tom gets second billing and Dr. Brooks comes in third!
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr. Robert Brooks
Practice:  Brooks Spinal Care
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  1722 South Carson, #3100
Suburb/City:  Tulsa
State/Province:  Oklahoma
Postcode/Zip:  74119
Telephone:  918-587-7111
Fax:  918-587-1177
Email:  frontdesk@brooksspinalcare.com
Web Site:  www.brooksspinalcare.com
Chiropractic Technique:  NUCCA
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