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Details  (ID=347)
Date: Sunday, 1 April 2012
Name:  Ms Julie Prevost
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Neck injury
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  On February 16, 2009 I was injured at work. Under workers compensation I had x-rays of my neck. The doctors said that they did not see any injury so it must be a tissue injury. I had physical therapy- only. For a month after I had been released by Workers' Comp. I lived a debilitated life. I lived with pain that would make me see double. I was not able to stand up without falling over. I could not drive my car, read road signs or books. Basically, all of the little things that take you through the day were gone.
Then one day I walked into a wellness fair to be drawn to Dr. Patzer's booth. They were offering an x-ray package for twenty dollars. That day I had found a twenty dollar bill that had blown into my yard. Fate? You betcha!
I had the x-rays done. Dr. Patzer showed me my problem. My C-1 had been dislocated and was, basically, sitting on my right shoulder. The x-ray was very clear. How the other doctor didn't see it makes you wonder.
The first treatment Dr. Patzer gave me was so intense and relieving that it, literally, brought tears to my eyes. All of my senses came back to me in one overwhelming rush. I signed up for a one year treatment program to repair my injury. During that time all of my other injuries that I have had throughout my life had been fixed. Dr. Patzer wound up extending my treatment by four months because of all of the problems I had- at no extra charge. He just didn't want to let me go until I was whole again. Don't believe that if you hurt yourself when you were a child your injuries don't affect you now. They're there. They're just under all of the other layers of injuries that you've accumulated throughout your life.
Dr. Patzer repaired every one. I walk taller, have better balance, don't get dizzy when I stand up too quickly, my sciatic pain no longer exists. I sleep on my back! I sleep!
There is a reason he won the B.J. Palmer award.
I have recommended him to everyone I have met, friends and strangers alike, that talk about injuries. I actually keep a stack of his business cards in my purse so I can hand them out. Everyone should feel the relief that I've experienced from his treatment. The atmosphere in his office is calming and inviting.
Dr. Patzer is thorough, professional, kind, endearing, and his staff reflects the same to all patients.

Chiropractor's Details
Name:  B.J. Patzer
Practice:  Patzer Family Chiropractic
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  2700 West Anderson Lane, Suite 509
Suburb/City:  Austin
State/Province:  Texas
Postcode/Zip:  78757
Telephone:  518-452-7681
Web Site:  www.patzerchiropractic.com
Chiropractic Technique:  Orthospinology
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