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Details  (ID=80)
Date: Sunday, 25 May 2003
Name:  name supplied
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Neck Pain
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  Before I had my adjustment.. I was feeling and hearing my neck when I moved. I hurt when I bent my body over and had a general feeling of being unwell.. this led to my emotional state of being unhappy with my body and not caring about exercising because it hurt.
Also and probably most important… I was taking medication for my heart.
Being…. Tenormin, dyazide and progout. (progout because of the other 2 medications)
I had high blood pressure and snored regularly. My wife didn’t like my snoring so my sleeping was half in our room and half in another room.
I was a little skeptical when told of upper cervical adjustments but had nothing to lose.
After my first adjustment ever - I'm 52 years of age.
After the adjustment I felt more relaxed. My wife commented I slept easily that night and didn’t snore.
That was a biggggg plus.. couldn’t believe after 30 odd years of marriage, suddenly no more snoring.
A miracle she said…
I had to go to the doctors for a check up and he said if I kept going at this rate he would have to take me off my medication as my blood pressure was reduced and I personally felt my movements were more relaxed and made easy no more nosies when my neck moved.
I felt more relaxed in my movements such as stretching and walking.
I had a general feeling of well being and in control…
I found myself wanting to get out and about.
I should have followed it up with the chiropractor, however he was only on a working visit from Canada. The nearest upper cervical chiropractor to me is 5.5 hours drive away.Because of my work the distance is a burden.
I wish we had a local person that could do the upper cervical adjustment needed. Where are these people? Why don't more chiropractors practice this gentle upper cervical adjusting?
I recommend anyone to have a go.. it truly is amazing… you can contact me through Greg at upcspine.com if you wish .....
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Drew Glendinning
Practice:  'Currently travelling the World'
Country:  CANADA
Chiropractic Technique:  Blair Upper Cervical
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