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Details  (ID=340)
Date: Thursday, 20 January 2011
Name:  Mrs Denise Shealy
Date: 10-jan-2011
Main Condition
Main Condition:  numbness in fingers, headaches, painful neck
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  i phoned my general Dr. when my fingers began to become numb. The pinkey and the two beside it, on both hands. This was in december of 2010. My Dr. had me to get an xray which showed degenerative disc disease. Then i was asked to get an MRI, which revealed degeneration, two bulging discs and spurs.
I was then refereed to a neurologist. they looked at my MRI and said i had no other choice but surgery. I was shocked. I didn't want surgery. My Nephew (Dr. Leldon Bradshaw, who is an upper cervical Dr.) took a look at my MRI. He begged me not to get the surgery and said i was a candidate for upper cervical care.
The first thing i thought about was "why didn't the neurologist tell me about this option?".
So, i reluctantly made an appt with Dr. Holiday in Seneca, SC. I was skeptical. first day he took a lot of info about past accidents, falls, and medical problems, which i have plenty. Accident, bad fall, depression, high blood pressure, diabetic, thyroid under active, headaches, terrible neck pain, shoulder pain, middle back pain, hip pain... just to name a few.
He then examined me and sure enough my head was off center and my leg was short.
On the next visit two days later he showed me the xrays and how i was 5% off rotation. He proceeded to do an adjustment using an Atlas Orthogonal Instrument. Here is a video that explains it

He told me to rest for a few minutes. He returned, had me sit up, and he re-examined my neck. I WAS AMAZED! I had no neck pain!! My hip pain went away. That was just after one adjustment. I was shocked. He re-examined my neck for the next two days and I held the adjustment. I am so excited to see what else is going to happen to my body. This is only my second week of treatment!!
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr. Holiday
Practice:  Upper Cervical Health Centers of America
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  110 Nimmons Ct
Hwy 123
Suburb/City:  Seneca
State/Province:  SC
Postcode/Zip:  29678
Telephone:  8648884399
Fax:  8648884368
Web Site:  http://www.uppercervicalcare.com
Chiropractic Technique:  Atlas Orthogonality
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