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Details  (ID=89)
Date: Monday, 15 September 2003
Name:  Cody Goza (written Paula D. Hare)
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Stomach Pains
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  “If I would have stopped at Brooks Spinal Care the first trip, I could have saved Cody a lot of pain and myself a lot of money.”

Dr. Bob,

I would like to express my sincere thanks for what you have done for my son, Cody. Cody had been sick for several years but it proceeded to get worse in 1996. He had apparent signs of possible appendicitis, headaches that were sometimes followed by fever, chest pains, leg pains, ankle pains and sometimes vomiting. I took him to our family doctor who at first stated it was just growing pains. After these symptoms did not go away, I began taking him to different doctors and nobody could tell me what was wrong and how I could help him. While in Lakin, KS my husband and I took him to the emergency room because he couldn’t move very well due to the stomach pains he was having and he couldn’t keep anything down. At this time the ER doctor advised us to bring him back if the pains got any worse. We took him back 4 (four) times and then the doctor said, “feed him, we’re not going to do surgery, he’s just fine.” From then on, his symptoms were more frequent.

After returning to Independence, KS, his symptoms increased even more and the first doctor we saw ordered a full body CAT Scan and a MRI for the brain to see if he had some blood clots in his brain, causing these symptoms. After they found nothing, with this , the doctor put him on a medication that was supposed to help his stomach pains, it did nothing. After returning to this doctor three more times, and changing the medication to a stronger dose, Cody still had no relief. The doctor finally advised he did not know what was wrong and all he could think of for treatment, he had already done. He referred Cody to a pediatrician in our city. This pediatrician put him on blood pressure medication. This medication really made him drowsy and it was just about time to begin a new school year and my son advised me that he could not keep taking this medication…he wouldn’t be able to get through school. I then called a couple more doctors and I couldn’t get any two to agree on anything of what this blood pressure medication was supposed to do, so I took him off of it…it wasn’t helping anyway. The pediatrician advised this medication would cause his blood vessels to reduce and therefore reduce the pressure on his brain that was causing the headaches. Other doctors were advising this was not true, that the blood pressure medication would cause the vessels to increase. The truth was nobody had a clue what was wrong with my son, nor how to treat it.

He had missed a day or two out of every week from school due to the illness and I felt helpless as a mother and unable to help my son with the pain he was suffering. I didn’t have the money to take Cody to Dr. Brooks, but one day, my Dad came to me and said, “I have made an appointment for Cody at Dr. Brooks office in Tulsa and he’s going.” Dad was kind enough to pay for this because he had seen Cody suffer enough, was always sick, in pain and missing so much school.

Cody’s spine and hips were very much out of alignment and after Dr. Bob completed his first treatment, Cody felt much better. He was not sick this week, as he had been most of the weeks before. I thank God that Mom and Dad had already had treatment with you and that they were generous enough to pay for his treatment. I had spent, with insurance and everything, probably well over $10,000 trying figure out what was wrong with him and nobody could help. If I would have stopped at Brooks Spinal care the first trip, I could have saved Cody a lot of pain and myself a lot of money.

Cody is doing great now and the only time he misses school is when he has the common flu. Thank you so much Dr. Bob and staff, you are so pleasant to be around.

Paula D. Hare & Cody R. Goza

May God continue blessing you and your staff.
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr. Robert Brooks
Practice:  Brooks Spinal Care
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  1722 South Carson, #3100
Suburb/City:  Tulsa
State/Province:  Oklahoma
Postcode/Zip:  74119
Telephone:  918-587-7111
Fax:  918-587-1177
Email:  frontdesk@brooksspinalcare.com
Web Site:  www.brooksspinalcare.com
Chiropractic Technique:  NUCCA
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