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Details  (ID=76)
Date: Tuesday, 29 April 2003
Name:  name supplied
Date: 28-apr-2003
Main Condition
Main Condition:  Urinary tract infection
My Brief Story
Brief Story:  My personal story began this past February:

It started with frequent urination and a burning sensation.

When it didn't clear up with cranberry juice, I decided to see an OB/GYN doctor. She diagnosed the condition as "urge urinary incontinence" and gave me some vaginal cream. That was on 3/8/02. No relief was noticed so I saw her again on 3/15/02.

This time she recommended a different cream and wanted me to see a Urologist and gave me a referral to one.

I didn't feel that this condition justified a specialist so I asked to see another doctor for a second opinion.

This doctor wanted to do a biopsy. When I asked him what the problem was and why he felt it necessary to do a biopsy. He said "I need the biopsy to find out what the problem is and I'll tell you after that is done."

I did not go back for the biopsy because my better judgment told me it was not warranted and I now felt that this office of doctors was pushing me to the operating table. One reason I felt this way was that in all three visits, not once did they ask for a urinalysis specimen. With a urinary problem, it seemed to me that a specimen would be the first thing they needed. When I asked the doctor if he wanted a urinalysis specimen, he said my HMO would not pay for it.
I called my HMO and asked why they were wiling to pay for urologists, biopsies, etc. but would not pay for urinalysis. They said that was not true, so I told them what had been happening to me in that office and how
I felt about the treatment (or lack of). They suggested that I change doctors and referred me to another doctor and told me to have all my records transferred to the new doctor. The first thing this new doctor did was ask for a urine sample. The doctor said I had a urinary infection and gave me a prescription and said that it should clear up within a week.
By this time, my condition had escalated to the point that I would almost scream every time I urinated, sneezed, or coughed. The pain was so extreme that I was not comfortable walking, sitting or standing. The only comfortable position was lying down with my feet up. I was losing my strength and having difficulty sleeping. Every time I coughed or sneezed, causing the urine to leak, I would scream in pain because the entire vaginal area was irritated from urination.
The new prescription did not clear up the problem and when I went back to the doctor, he referred me to a urologist. When I called for an appointment, the earliest open date was December 2nd.
This is when Dad suggested I go to see the new Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor near our home.
She made her initial examination and determined there was head/neck misalignment that could be causing pressure on the nerves that control the urinary tract.
Her three dimension x-rays revealed my head was rotated 4 degrees to the right of the center of the neck.
She placed me on a table on my side and applied a little pressure on the side of my neck to re-position the head back to the center of the top of the neck. She then took an additional x-ray to determine if the correction was made.
The pre and post x-rays were compared to show that the correction had been made.
By the time I got home, which is about a 15-minute drive, I could honestly tell improvement was taking place. I rested for two hours and by then; most of the burning had stopped.
Now, three days later, there is no burning and I am back to normal.
I am convinced that had I continued seeing medical doctors for this condition, I would have ended up on the operating table, because each of them was pushing me in that direction.
This personal experience with Upper Cervical Health Care has prompted me to share this with you in the hope that it will benefit some of you at some time. I have never really been sick and had to experience it for myself to be able to understand what the Upper Cervical doctor does and why it can be so effective.
Chiropractor's Details
Name:  Dr. Sarah Johnson
Practice:  Spine Wellness Center
Has own X-Ray equipment.
Street Address:  3085 East Russell Road
Suburb/City:  Las Vegas
State/Province:  Nevada
Postcode/Zip:  89120
Telephone:  702-433-8333
Fax:  702-433-4632
Email:  thechiro@email.com
Chiropractic Technique:  NUCCA
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